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  1. Well, I moved earlier in the year and had to leave my old comic room behind. It was hard... until I started to make plans for the new one!!! This is my comic lounge... I call it "Johnny G's Spot" Here we have the view from the doorway coming into the room. The framed portfolios on the wall are an autographed Writson Aparitions set and a few selected Starlin pieces. The 3 5x7's are some cool laser thingamajigs I purchased at last years ECCC. Next we have a shot of the comics themselves. There are multiple HC Books on artists as well as collected works. I have tons of other stuff to sort through and make adjustments where needed. This is my "lounge" the bulk of my books are in 2 5x10 storage lockers locked up tight! I also have an "overflow" room downstairs.... ahhhh the joys of being single again! Here we have a view from my reading position. The 2 sketches are Neal Adams' Black Canary and Deadman. I recently purchased the AF15 3-d cover (quite cool). Lastly, the closet... if I showed you what was in it, I'd have to snuff you out!!! I've got Tony Montana watching over things up above it... "So, you wanna play rough eh? OK... just not in here" And that folks is my little piece of heaven I am debating hanging McFarlane figures around the ceiling.... I think it may be overkill. I have 2 great Frazetta pieces that are currently being framed... they are going into the guest/overflow room. My good friend CrowsQB (boardie) will be the first to hang with me in it tomorrow. We plan on having a comic themed movie day I am sure he is also planning on harassing me to sell some books to him! Do you have a set-up? Show us what you've got! I know there have beem threads on this in the past... but who cares! I think we have all heard enough about CA #25... if there can be 20 threads on that, why not a few on this? John