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  1. Don't make me older than i already am. It's closer to 35 years!
  2. I'm glad you're here. This is my friend and the seller I mentioned who sold me all the early Peps and Archie 1 that I've posted. Without him, my collection wouldn't be near what it is today. Thank you Thurston, you've been great to me.
  3. I've had this since the mid to late 80's. I'm not sure exactly when I bought this. I had it graded in 2003. For a long time it was the second highest graded copy but no longer as a few others have surfaced.
  4. Thanks Shield. I agree and it's not going anywhere anytime soon!
  5. Lots of neat comics being posted. Here is my Pep 28. This was the first early Pep that I bought from the seller in California I found in either Comics Buyers Guide (I miss that paper) or Comic Collector magazine back in the mid 80's. It had a little work done by someone before I bought it. I never even thought back then of people restoring comics and didn't think it was something people did other than some tape to fix a tear. I think it's still a nice book though.
  6. Congratulations on your purchases. Those prices were pretty impressive. I bid on 13 and 87 and unfortunately didn't win either. I was surprised by how much they went for and how much over guide.
  7. Great copy! The Jughead monster covers are really fun and hard to find. I've been looking for a nice 79 for years and can't find one.