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  1. If your book is already in a CGC case with a blue label and indicates the mask is included and intact, then it should stay that way barring some massive disaster in transit to CGC. Is the case so badly damaged that the book and mask could actually be removed from the case? The safest way to to ensure the label stays the same (assuming it's a blue label) while getting the book deslabbed, pressed and resubmitted would be to go through CCS for a press with direct submission to CGC for grading. CCS should be able to press the book without damaging or detaching the mask and then it goes straight to CGC for regrading the pressed book while retaining the universal blue label.
  2. Here is the Captain Aero 25 blue label slab with missing centerfold, and my raw copy with the centerfold detached. In your opinion, what label and grade would you give the blue slab book married to the detached centerfold? Thanks!
  3. 5.0 if that bottom right corner piece would otherwise be completely detached. 5.5 if it's still hanging on even without the tape
  4. Agree with the 5.5 on the grade, primarily due to general wear and back cover spine split
  5. The color breaking crease in right lower corner and top edge, and the chip out of the back cover lower spine corner keep this out of the VF grade CGC 7.0
  6. Perhaps i'm being Captain Obvious here, but you realize this is not Avengers annual 2 right?
  7. I'll have books in hand shortly and will post pictures of the books. I think you're right Bob, i'm asking a hypothetical question that's difficult to answer without some pictures.
  8. Thanks, it is a spectacular piece. Steve @Golden Memories picked up the entire collection from the Frohman estate and still has a few left. They've been selling briskly unsurprisingly. I'll probably pick up another piece from the collection if he hasn't completely sold out by then. Rob @moving pictures comics also has a couple of the Frohman books, and i was told that Heritage bought a large part of the collection from Steve. I think both Steve and Rob will be at Baltimore Comic-Con and Boston.
  9. I went to the Sunday session of ECCC and had a great time. It was a mid sized show with a decent turnout of dealers. Logistically, the Meadowlands expo center was right off the highway, parking was plentiful, and the morning line to enter was not long. Since it was Sunday I think the excitement and energy had settled down a bit and it was a pretty low-key atmosphere, not too crowded, and dealers were relaxed, engaging and friendly. There was a relatively small cosplay crowd (or I just wasn't paying any attention to them) for the contest at the end of the day. There was quite a lot of space dedicated to artists, special guests, and exhibit booths, but not much action going on there on Sunday. Again, I think most of that action happened Friday and Saturday. That was fine with me, as I went primarily to hunt for GA books on my list, pick up some reasonably-priced (hopefully) silver age keys, and look for good reading material for a deal. I was not disappointed. I picked up a unique item that i'm absolutely thrilled with: The Hand of Fate #8 (in an alien slab) with the designation "From the Burt Frohman Collection" that included the original writers manuscript for the story. Burt Frohman was the writer for many HOF issues and kept a copy of each comic with his original manuscript (which was quite detailed)! The manuscript was fascinating to read as it described in great detail the illustrations that the artist was to render for each panel, as well as the dialogue and background narrative text. This collection is truly one-of-a-kind and i'm happy to own a piece. I also picked up a couple books from my GA want list, as well as some great affordable readers. Big shout out to Steve @Golden Memories , Rob @Moving Pictures Comics (not on the boards?) , and Joe @Qua-Brot for the great conversation and camaraderie, and the awesome books at very reasonable prices. Looking forward to hopefully seeing you guys at Baltimore ComicCom and TeriffiCon!
  10. nice book 8.0 as is. Agree that it could press / clean up to an 8.5. tiny color breaks on the top and bottom edges of the cover keep this from going higher
  11. Hi Boardies, Please bear with me as i've never submitted a married book, nor have I ever cracked out a slab with a married centerfold and inspected the book. If you were to submit a book with a married centerfold, do you just stick the married and detached centerfold into the book and submit. If so, shouldn't the qualified label note "married and detached centerfold"? I've never seen a "married and detached centerfold" notation, only "married centerfold." However, an original but detached centerfold will often be noted as "detached centerfold" on a qualified or blue label. On the other hand, if you were to re-attach a married centerfold by opening up staples and punching new staple holes through the centerfold in order to improve the appearance of the book, isn't that considered resto? Would appreciate the insight of more experienced submitters. TLDR version: If you insert a married centerfold into a comic without trying to reattach it and submit that book, will you receive a Green label with a "married centerfold" designation, or a "married and detached centerfold" designation? Thanks
  12. here are a couple comps: your copy is better than both 3.0s in my opinion, and difficult to compare to the 3.5 due to the large stain CGC 3.0: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Marvel-Spotlight-5-CGC-3-0-O-W-pages-Origin-1st-app-Ghost-Rider-c-22756-/233151331966?hash=item3648e6fe7e%3Ag%3AJSQAAOSwJj9ceU7N&nma=true&si=CZ3IgbV9suD6a6qjLI04KfXDmJ8%3D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557 another 3.0: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Marvel-Spotlight-5-CGC-3-0-SS-2x-Stan-Lee-Roy-Thomas-Few-Copies-w-both-Sigs/123769367607?hash=item1cd13aac37:g:GUMAAOSwQDVc3H8T 3.5: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Marvel-Spotlight-1971-1st-Series-5-CGC-3-5-SS-Stan-Lee-1315680009/312543616708?hash=item48c50d1ec4:g:L7kAAOSwrJRcmgVk:sc:USPSPriority!06606!US!-1