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  1. some great reads and cool uncommon items: Elric Dreaming City very nice copy except for bottom corner ding signed on interior by P Craig Russell $6 DC & Marvel First Day issue stamps set of two - both for $10 Daredevil End of Days lot 1-7 plus doubles of 2, 6 $5 Swamp Thing 38 2nd Constantine $2
  2. davet75


    Wow, what an amazing thread. Darn work is really interfering with my comic buying...
  3. sent you PM question about a book.
  4. davet75

    PGM Strange Tales 110

    Tons of cover wear, bends, small tears, creases, moderate color breaks. Definitely in the GD range as is. However there is no major defect that is characteristic of the GD grade, just a large accumulation of lesser defects. This is a structurally very solid book. The colors are bright with nice gloss, there are no significant pieces missing, no large spine split, cover is attached, there is mild to moderate soiling but nothing major, complete, with nice page quality. 2.5 with a decent chance at a 3.0 with a skilled clean and press (possibly even a 3.5 after seeing the magic a good press and realignment did to an FF #5). There are a ton of non-color breaking small bends, creases and bumps that could be pressed out to make this a very nice presenting book with a decent grade bump.
  5. davet75

    Readcomix' Kudos Thread

    I purchased a stack of assorted Classics Illustrated and other nice GA books from Gene's recent thread. The books were accurately graded, very securely packed, and shipped quickly. Also shared some great conversation with him as well. Great guy and great seller. Looking forward to the next sales thread. Thank you!
  6. davet75

    Omaha-CGC-Comics Feedback Thread

    I purchased a slabbed book from Greg. It arrived well packed and in perfect condition. Thank you
  7. Copy A: 4.0, I think 4.5 is too generous due to accumulation of defects though not an impossible CGC grade Copy B: 3.5, presents as a 4.0 but the tear through entire book knocks it down.
  8. davet75

    PCH - 20 NEW BOOKS 10% OFF

    Johnny545, any thoughts on the difference between the Canadian vs Standard US? editions? We were having this discussion on another thread, as it appears all Superior comics were printed in Canada and then distributed. CGC has noted some of these comics as the Canadian edition. What are the distinguishing characteristics of the Canadian editions? I have a Strange Mysteries 3 that was sold as Canadian ed. but I can't tell the difference. Thanks, and sorry for the minor (but thread relevant) hijacking.
  9. davet75

    Recent Pre-Code Purchases

    In this recent Superior comics PCH sales thread CGC does recognize Canadian edition vs standard US? edition. Would be curious what the identifying feature of the Canadian editions are. I saw you just purchased a book, but it wasn't a Canadian edition. You could always purchase one of the Canadian editions, crack the case and let us know
  10. lots of color breaking spine wear, significant bottom cover edge wear and moderate cover wear, and a small stain on the back cover spine edge. I'm at a 6.0/6.5
  11. nice book there. major defects are the partial color breaking spine tics, the wear on bottom edge, color breaking crease bottom cover and right bottom corner, and interior writing. 7.0 easily, decent shot at 7.5
  12. davet75

    PGM Flash 123

    Another Overstreet grade vs possible CGC grade conundrum. By overstreet criteria a cover detached at one staple puts you into the GD 3.0/3.5 range at best. However, we've seen clear examples of CGC grades of up to 6.5 with covers detached at one staple (popped staple). Overall nice looking front and back covers for lower grade. So... Overstreet grade 3.5 CGC grade 4.0/4.5
  13. davet75

    Nikelspot Feedback Thread

    Bought a nice silver age key book from Nik. Fast and secure shipping, good price, nice book as described and pictured. Friendly and a pleasure to do business with. Would definitely buy from Nik again. Thank you!
  14. davet75

    I come to the best.. PGM Xmen 1

    spot on with the 3.0. I'm certainly not an expert on resto, but the page edges on the right upper corner look a little too evenly cut. Pages / wraps closer to the middle of the book are generally longer due to the assembly process. Hard to tell due to the viewing angle, so i could be completely off. Anyone with more experience on resto want to comment?
  15. davet75

    Eternals #1 stated it is a 9.2

    Still waiting to see the back cover bottom right corner. Is it a mark, crease, stain, or something else? Otherwise that is a very nice book!