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  1. davet75

    PGM FF king size special 6

    agreed. looks like an apparent VF, but the interior tear will knock it down. I think 7.0 is the worst case scenario
  2. davet75

    PGM Showcase #14

    don't press it, will likely damage this already fragile book. 2.0 blue label. it's not terrible
  3. davet75

    PGM Avengers #22

    The stains keep this from a higher grade.
  4. davet75

    PGM Avengers #10

    The fairly extensive stains on the back cover upper and lower corners, and the stain and soiling on front cover will knock down this otherwise structurally VG/F book quite a bit. CGC 3.5. if there are interior water stains then it will be lower.
  5. davet75

    PGM Marvel Preview #7

    strong colors, glossy, flat except for slight spine roll. major defects are the corners with color breaks and color loss, and the multiple interior pages with bug chewed / torn corners. front and back covers present like an 8.0, but the interior page defects will knock this down. CGC 7.0, possible 7.5 depending on how harshly the interior paper loss is graded.
  6. davet75

    PGM: Planet Comics #12

    this looks to be a touch nicer than your #14, so CGC 3.5 note: thanks to @Point Five for the info regarding his own CGC Planet #14. I'd be very curious to see how this grades out as we don't have a lot of data on spine split size, and it will demonstrate the degree to which CGC deviates from Overstreet standards regarding spine splits.
  7. davet75

    PGM: Planet Comics #14

    that spine split looks to be about 2" which Overstreet would put no higher than 2.0. However, CGC appears to be more forgiving on spine splits, so: CGC 3.0, and a great presenting book with strong colors!
  8. davet75

    Doctor Strange #1. 1974

    actually this exact copy has popped up here for sale
  9. davet75

    PGM: X-MEN 15

    accumulation of defects but nothing terrible. no long color breaking creases or small pieces missing as are typical of the VG range 4.5 / 5.0
  10. davet75

    PGM FF20

    agreed. The book is in excellent shape structurally, but that large color break keeps the grade to Fine at best. I scanned thorough a bunch of CGC 6.5s and found none with this large a crease. Here's a comparable 6.0 with worse creasing though:https://www.ebay.com/itm/Marvel-Super-Heroes-1-CGC-6-0-FN-1st-Marvel-one-shot-STAN-LEE-Captain-America/292894998898?hash=item4431e70172:g:UAAAAOSwoZlcJ9qR:rk:7:pf:0
  11. davet75

    PGM ASM 101

    I see 4 small color breaking spine tics, a couple non-color breaking spine tics, some upper and lower spine corner wear with color loss and mild rounding, right lower corner cover color-breaking diagonal crease about 1/4", back cover lower spine corner bend 3/4". very nice book. CGC 8.0 (strong) with a decent shot at 8.5
  12. once in the sub 4.0 range, it seems like relatively extensive marking is acceptable. There was an FF48 CGC 4.5 sold on the boards recently that looked like a typical 4.5 condition book, plus had a name written in HUGE letters in marker across the entire back cover. This book looks like a 4.0 without markings, so i'm guessing: CGC 3.5
  13. davet75

    PGM Showcase #55

    no surprises, just accumulation of defects CGC 6.5
  14. davet75

    PGM Batman #234

    This is a bit tough to grade. Initially appears very nice. The approx 1" crease through the entire book and the extensive staining/soiling (always harshly graded) on the back cover and light stains on the front cover near robin's cape and "two face" will likely knock this down quite a bit. I'm guessing: CGC 6.0, possibly 6.5 as is Would definitely benefit from a clean and press. If you can press out the entire book crease and that soiling cleans off then you're in the VF range
  15. davet75

    razes kudos thread

    Bought a few GA crime books from Dan. Great communication, accurate grading, secure packing and fast shipping! Looking forward to the next sales thread. Thank you!