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  1. You're gonna need to show license and registration Rick, for all these big GUNS you brought to the show.
  2. This is an interesting one. As is, I agree with the crowd that the book is a 1.8. I think the grade for a reattached large corner piece(s) creates 2 possible (and interesting) scenarios: 1. At this low grade, the reattached piece will be considered taped on and therefore actually still detached, regardless of whether you use archival, removable or scotch tape. Thus remaining a CGC 1.8 blue label with a notation "large corner piece reattached with tape" 2. The reattached piece (with archival tape. i'm assuming you're not sending for professional resto), will receive a conserved grade of 2.5 (i'm imagining a nearly complete bottom right corner with a well-done inside cover tape job with barely visible tear seams) If this book were for my personal collection, my opinion is the same as @Point Five, I would reattach the corner piece(s) with removable tape. I've done this with a few of my GA books. You keep the option to remove the tape with minimal damage. The eye appeal of a complete looking cover would be a massive improvement from the current state. (Random thought: does removable tape degrade, yellow and become acidic like scotch tape? ) However, if the book is slated for re-sale, then the time, effort and risk of restoring that large corner piece and submitting for grading would yield minimal benefit. I'm thinking the sale price for a conserved 2.5 would be about the same as a blue label 1.8. Interesting discussion as I have a few fragile key GA books that I'd love to mend without destroying the value or longevity of the books.
  3. take FF 50 and 53 per PM
  4. several color breaking spine creases front cover, top edge color breaking dent with a small tear, bend on right edge of cover near comic code box, some rounding of corners, back cover with many spine creases and corner dents / bends CGC 6.5 (Q) qualified with "Jack Kirby and Mike Royer" written on inside 1st page.
  5. The book-length reading crease is only partially color breaking., not a complete color break along the spine edge The rest of the book looks to be in nice shape. CGC 5.0
  6. Fine range barring any unseen defects. As previously stated, we'd really need better res images to give you a more specific numeric grade.
  7. A beautiful looking book with a great Brundage cover! The inks still look fresh. I always found pulp collectors' obsessions with spine condition to be a bit quirky. A lot of hard core pulp collectors will eschew an attractively presenting book with a moderately damaged spine. I realize that fragile spines and poor paper quality are characteristic of pulps, and a premium is paid on books without those defects, but I feel like a lot of pulp collectors take it to the extreme.
  8. +1 with a 1/4" front cover tear, the grade will probably not press up any higher than 6.5 with the existing defects (decent amount of color breaking edge wear, rounded corners)
  9. the books looks like a 4.0, but the tanning interior covers and pages, and popped staple will knock it down. CGC 3.0
  10. general wear characteristic for the VG range including spine, corner, edge and cover wear. there are no long color breaking cover creases, tears or pieces missing. there should be no penalty for a missing staple manufacturing defect. CGC 4.0 see other 4.0's for comparison: ff 48 (looks worse than yours) ff 48 (also looks worse than yours)