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  1. I don't know about the rest of the peanut gallery here, but I just got smoked on all my heritage auctions except for one (luckily the one I wanted most). So I'm here to chew gum, talk smack, and buy some comics. And I'm all out of gum.
  2. Yep, no complaints from me. Although I gave most away over the next decade as gifts to my closest friends and my brother. Kept a copy of each for myself. My point was the comic market was already long established, comic conventions were regular events, and Overstreet had published about a dozen guides when I started collecting. The formula was already there, I just followed it. The early collectors spent an enormous amount of time, effort and money on a hobby of questionable long-term value (at the time). They did it for love of the medium, to make money, to satisfy their hording OCD, an
  3. This is the reason why these Boards need to remain forever untarnished by d-bags, shills and con artists. This is why I have no urge to rush over to IG or other hot platforms. The guys who made and fostered our hobby are here, posting their stories and having conversations on these boards. I thought I was so smart as a teenager when I saved my money working at Blockbuster to buy several copies of Hulk 181, GS Xmen 1, and FF 48 in the early 90's. But this thread is truly OG and shows how that trail was blazed decades earlier by old school visionary collectors. Thanks for sharing guys!
  4. Ah, there's the connection. This Black Knight had all his limbs cut off and lived, thus revealing his Eternal lineage. Monty is closer to Toby than Marvel in spelling, thus establishing the Eternal connection to the Toby Black Knight. I stand corrected. The book is clearly undervalued and should be selling for multiples of the eBay price in a few month. $10k it is. I can't wait for the movie sequel: Black Knight 2: Attack of the Knights who say "Ni!"