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  1. That Funny Picture Stories is just awesome. Colors are super bright
  2. some awesome BWS work in here, his previously unpublished Tales of Hyperborea . Thanks!
  3. agree with the 1.0 camp. that's a lot of paper loss around the edges, as well as a 1/2 to 2/3 length spine split.
  4. major defects are a nearly book-length vertical partial color breaking readers crease near the spine, dirty covers, and general surface wear with loss of gloss. 4.5 as is. could use a good clean and may hit a 5.5 with a skilled hand
  5. major defects: small chip 1/8" square out of upper spine corner, vertical book-length color breaking creases near spine (reading crease), minor chipping on edges, mild discoloration /foxing/dust shadow back cover, general cover wear with mild loss of gloss. still pretty strong colors, lies flat, no writing or defacement, no glaring defects. The front-skewed staples seem to be a relatively common printing error on these GA romance books ( I have a couple Bakers and Cole Romances with the same), although those on the OP book are a touch more forward than usual, and a casual observer might think the back cover is actually detached. CGC 3.5 for comparison, here are links to comparable CGC 3.0s. This OP book is a step above these: Teen-Age Romances #34 CGC 3.0 TAT #9 3.0
  6. 3.0 the piece out is about 1/2" square, so that puts it in the G/VG range, although CGC is more generous than overstreet on missing pieces so this may not hold it back entirely. the rusty and fragile staple is another defect that could hold back the grade. otherwise cover wear is typical of the grade, and colors are strong with nice eye appeal.
  7. a rare "running w/ scissors" cover. Along with other things your mother told you to never do, like getting incarcerated and gassed by the cops. Seriously, awesome book that i've never seen before!