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  1. great cover, but this one always confused me. That's clearly a werewolf on the cover and not a vampire. Am I missing something?
  2. She actually wearing spandex running shorts under her cheetah spotted mini-skirt. Pay attention
  3. I think I see Rick's name on that book...
  4. It's a single staple book, so detached staple would result in a completely detached cover and a much lower grade, so i'm guessing staple is intact. If there are stains (difficult to see from pics and lighting), then those would be relatively harshly graded by CGC, although I see no obvious staining here. Unseen Interior defects could of course contribute to a lower grade, but i'm guessing that would have been in the description since he was the original submitter. From what i can see of the exterior presentation, i would estimate a 6.5 even with the chip. I think we just hijacked the thread into the PGM forum
  5. Woah Mama, still some smoking deals here. Love that Ghost set, the 2 best covers in the run at a great price! I'm just gonna stare at them wistfully for a while until someone with deeper pockets swipes them for a steal.
  6. Thanks for the Fireworks show Joshua! Super entertaining and excited to get my hands on the Strange Worlds!
  7. woah, from the pics (albeit not super clear through the case) it looks like a 7.0 Took a 2nd look: the back cover chip probably knocks it down to a 6.5... on a horrible day a 6.0 at the worst
  8. Great info Joshua, learned something new tonight! Who says hanging out in comic book sales threads is a waste of time?
  9. awesome grab , so much Silver goodness in that lot... Thanks for removing the temptation!
  10. that's a very nicely priced FF lot. lots of meat on the bone there for anyone willing to put in the work... man, I could fill in a lot of holes in my FF collection... but you know, Gold
  11. well, the man was waiting for you to speak up
  12. I suspect you have a pretty hardcore Gold crowd tonight
  13. Sales threads like this make me seriously consider selling off my Silver age superhero keys so I can buy more Gold
  14. ...because I don't have the cash at the moment to buy everything I want from your thread
  15. Baker sweater puppies and legs for the win! nice grabs