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  1. Could be from a game. Can't be sure but Transogram did produce games
  2. Well, it must be one or the other since you've done it multiple times now. Ever seen a mirror? You are the embodiment of exactly what is wrong with the hobby and market right now. You not only believe any stupid thing claimed by any random clown, you also spread it without making sure it's accurate.
  3. Oh, we don't have those on this board. Seriously though, comic collectors want the first appearance in a comic book or comic magazine. It makes no difference that Harley Quinn first appeared outside of comics or that Scooby Doo did as well. Comic collectors want the first comic appearance thus the higher value of the comic.
  4. You presume a lot, and you have an attitude. You'll do well here.
  5. I just reported about ten of his fakes as counterfeit. I wonder what Marvel and DC would think about it. I just sent Marvel an email >> you are aware or,claim can be investigated properly. Still looking for a way to inform DC.
  6. That's so lazy! I grade in my underwear every day. Unfortunately, my YouTube grading tutorials don't seem to be very popular for some reason. I can't figure it out. ELAINE: Oh my! KRAMER: What? ELAINE: I'm not sure but... I think I see your...
  7. But seriously, there's a Yellow Hulk? How many designer colors does the Hulk come in these days?