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  1. Space Usagi! Space Usagi! Space Usagi!!!!!! Have you heard about Space Usagi?
  2. I always thought that John inking his own work was fine but man did Tom Palmer really do a fantastic job on his stuff. John Buscema/Tom Palmer is one of my all time favorite penciler/inker combos. I never liked Ernie Chan over John. Too heavy and took too much away. Definitely not an enhancement of John's pencils.
  3. Loved those shows at the East Hartford Elks (it was the Elks hall, wasn't it?)
  4. Marvel does have a way of taking a popular character and completely running it into the ground with extreme gusto. I guess people keep buying Venom related comics though.
  5. Venom, and all it's iterations, are played............
  6. Everybody would probably understand what the OP is talking about if he asked his question in a coherent manner and not in a cryptic sentence fragment.
  7. I'm voting no but just because Man Thing has really no chance of creating a stir in movies or in modern comics (reboot). I'd say a book like Adventures Into Fear 19 or Vampirella 1 would be a safer bets since Howard the Duck could see a reboot or a show and Vampirella is always in the mix for a tv show or movie. You know, in an age where marginal characters like Groot and Rocket Raccoon and WTF? characters like Squirrel Girl can become hot commodities, anything is possible. To declare otherwise is ignoring what has happened in the recent past. Does that mean that Man Thing will become hot? (a hot Man Thing??? ) I have no idea but I surely can't rule it out, given the wackiness we've seen. Remember, books like She-hulk 1 and Ms Marvel 1 and Black Panther 1 and Eternals 1 and Nova 1 were considered garbage books for years. Now look where they are.
  8. He sets up at the MA/NH area shows. He sells books in my interest wheelhouse so I certainly check out his booths when I see them. Obviously this thread has been a bummer. I can't see myself buying raw books from him, at the very least, since his opinion on restoration appears to be, um, misaligned from generally accepted industry standards. I wonder if he sets up at any of the CT shows. I wouldn't know what he looks like
  9. If he digs the hole any deeper he's going to need the Enterprise to beam him out of it
  10. Hey, this could be a news article headline. Florida Man encapsulates comic book upside down. But I have trouble picturing anyone who works for CGC looking like a wrung out crack whore
  11. I'm certain it isn't. How many times have we seen situations like this play out on the boards? I was a little too tall could've used a few pounds Tight pants points hardly renowned She was a black haired beauty with big dark eyes And points all her own sitting way up high Way up firm and high
  12. I have a detective comics 353 1966 7.5 white pages what do you think it’s worth? tree fitty?