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  1. I thought I'd stick around. Seems like there is a lot less traffic here these days? Where did everybody go? This place is a pale shadow of what it used to be.
  2. Not without demand. Rarity without demand isn't worth much. There are plenty of examples in the collectibles field of something being rare but with no or little demand, it doesn't sell or if it does, it's not for very much.
  3. Okay, fair point. That actually looks pretty good although I have to wonder if some of that is the inker.
  4. Jëffrö...

    I dig the fatties

    Volstagg Vs The Blob Who wins?
  5. what is it I was just about to google it as well.. The common phrase is 'too many cooks spoil the broth' but I decided to turn it up to 11
  6. Won't work. Too many cooks spoil the vichyssoise.
  7. Frank Robbins art in MP#28 has the same effect on me. And with The Champions, it gets even worse because after the couple of Heck issues, we're treated to Tuska inked by Colletta. Thank goodness for Byrne at the end of the run.
  8. Early Don Heck is very sought after, especially when he worked for Comic Media and did some of the most graphic pre-code out there... Oh yeah, his GA work is fine but by the time it was the 70s and he was drawing for Marvel, it was pretty crappy.