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  1. Just whip out those X-Ray glasses and help a brother out!
  2. The very x-ray vision glasses you could order from the back of the comic? Mind BLOWN!
  3. Stop offering flat out bad and misleading advice then. It ain't hard. If you don't know the answer, don't say anything. You have no idea how many questions from boardies I ignore because I don't know the answer. I don't do a cursory skim of wikipedia articles (like some people here do) and then pretend I'm an expert.
  4. How on earth can you make a call looking at a single pic of the front cover? Agreed. Misinformation and bad advice continues.
  5. I posted a picture of a comic book on page 1 Jeffro Page 1. I took pictures of books to post on this thread Jeffro! Congrats! One relevant post
  6. Says the person who has been carpet bombing the forum with drivel since he got here. I'm coming around to TwoPiece's opinion of you and that saddens me and makes me feel dirty but I think he's right. Comics General RIP 2002-2019
  7. A creepy doll that will try to kill me in my sleep?
  8. Those have to be labeling errors. If not, then CGC has completely jumped the shark.
  9. Groovy! She's almost got a Frank Robbins jimmy legs thing going on.
  10. It's an X-Men 7 signed and sketched by Ryan Kincaid You're welcome