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  1. First rule of pernts game is don't start a thread
  2. I called once, the Registry person (Mollie Davis) is at SDCC..... I had emailed her a couple of months ago, should have asked at what time... Did you consider calling SDCC and having her paged?
  3. you and @G G need help I can't give sir... 's
  4. You aren't going to get the CGC Persistence Award with that attitude.
  5. Call them what? any adjectives spring to mind? On any given day, I have no loss of adjectives when it comes to this board and many of its members. I shant give voice to them though
  6. Maybe you should call them again and keep calling them until you get satisfaction
  7. No. Electric Eraser. Wasn't that a 60s psychadelic rock band?
  8. Looks more like a 3.0 to me AND we can't see the back cover
  9. Certain Chalrtons from this era can be very tough. Charltons are weird. One issue of a title may have several copies available on ebay or a site like mycomicshop and the issues around show up much less frequently for sale.
  10. Have you considered asking CGC to do it free of charge and also pay for your shipping so that you can help them promote their new money grabbing label? Especially since it is starting to be seen for what it is and as a big joke by many of the longer term collectors, and even moreso with some of the newly minted pedigrees which they have just announced. Since when is "Murphy Anderson File Copy" a pedigree? I like the look of the new label but yeah, this is just a cash grab and there are plenty of sheep who will enthusiastically baaaaa their way to their package carrier of choice to resubmit.
  11. Maybe the easiest way to defeat Thanos would have been to give him a Hostess Fruit Pie. Even the Infinity Gauntlet could not stand before the almighty fruit pie!
  12. Why? Because people did silly things like that for reasons known only to themselves. I've seen comics with tape all up and down the spine for no apparent reason. And I'm not talking new tape, I'm talking tape that's been there for decades, applied to the comic when it was new. I went to show one time back in the 80s or early 90s and a dealer had an original owner collection for sale. The OO had written a code on the cover of every comic, as some sort of cataloging system. Another time, I saw a collection in which every comic had been two-hole punched at the top of bottom. In some cases, it was only the cover but in other cases it was through the entire book, but not the cover. There was even a nutjob on this very board several years ago who wondered why laminating your comics was bad. There is a current boardie who openly talks about taping his own comics. People are weird.