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  1. I appreciate this. However, I’m only after a handful of books to compliment my collection. As much as I would love to explore this rabbit hole, my collecting days are coming to an end.
  2. Looking to snag a copy at around the $200 mark. Right now I’m only going off eBay, still trying to find other info to pull from.
  3. Haven’t seen that pic before, but that looks like them, minus the Iron Man label. Personally, I like them. Will be getting a Spidey and Cap for sure.
  4. My email says they’ll be offered through 2019.
  5. I got the email just before sending in a handful of books for reholders, so I’m holding off to see what they look like. If they’re nice, I’ll probably snag a couple. Hopefully DC does something like this as well.
  6. Looking for the "green" edition (no barcode, just Spidey head in lower left corner) signed by McFarlane only, CGC 9.8. Willing to pay good price.
  7. Looking for the regular version of Adi Granov’s cover for Star Wars 1. Only interested in a 9.8. Will pay fair price. Thanks.
  8. First off, I apologize for bumping an old thread. As you can see, I'm brand new to the forum and have only been into the comic book scene for about the last 5 years or so. I grew up with them just like most of you, I just didn't collect them. As someone who is relatively new to this hobby, I found this entire thread to be very helpful. When I first started, I had not a clue what the 1:25, 1:100 numbers meant, so thank you for helping me to understand that. While I was reading this thread, I couldn't help but notice that something was repeated several times and it went in the face of something I noticed the last couple of years. Several posters said that actual print numbers would rarely, if ever, be divulged. I am a Star Wars fan and wanted several of the variants when Star Wars was re-launched by Marvel a few years back. It seemed common that most (not all) regular variants were 3000 and the sketch variants were 1500. Again, not all of them. Then when Action Comics hit their 1000 milestone, they did the same thing and announced edition sizes for the regular, virgins and sketch variants. I don't recall the numbers, but they are easily accessible. Another one is the Dark Nights: Metal #3 Finch variant as many places state that at only 975 (I point this one out because I have it). I respect everyone's expertise in this thread and I'm curious of your take on this. Are these numbers made up by the retailers that get the exclusives or are they from the publisher like Marvel and/or DC. Please don't be too hard on the new guy and excuse my noobi-ness. Thanks.
  9. Just found this thread - hoping to snag his Captain Marvel Binary look. I think that's just a great cover.