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  1. I have to laugh at this. On an antique radio board I belong to, the feeling among the majority of the members is that eBay favors buyers exclusively. So I guess that between the two boards, it pretty well evens out. eBay favors buyers 99% of the time................I would think if you had nothing to prove you returned the item or seller says he never got it back there is your 1%. I could understand if I had a history of negative feedback, but I don't. I would have contacted the seller directly before disputing through ebay, but he was literally sending me emails harassing for payment from within 3 mins of winning auction (typically a big red flag). Not sure what Ebay or seller thinks they stand to gain as they I have already been credited through AMEX. Guess the message is, stay away from Ebay, and if you absolutely must, make sure to use AMEX as back up against fraud. Thanks for all the input.
  2. Have no idea. Below was message I received: We've removed the feedback you left Hi bodheenyc, Recently, you opened an eBay Buyer Protection case for Invasion Of The Saucer Men (American International 1957) Half Sheet 22x28 . We also received the feedback you left for the transaction, but it's been removed from the seller's feedback profile because of a recent decision on the eBay Buyer Protection case. You can always view the case details in the Resolution Center or learn more about eBay feedback policies.
  3. Apologies. Seller is "Imax4" Not "Imax" I attempted contacting Ebay customer support and was transferred FOUR times to four different departments. Clear to me that Ebay favors sellers, and preferably sellers that have had as many transactions as this guy has had. As I said, Negative removed, award in seller favor despite me having proof of return. With not even an attempt to contact me. Will just dispute through AMEX and not even bother with Ebay.
  4. I always try to deal with Ebay disputes amicably but this seller has been a horror to deal with. Started harassing me for payment literally 3 minutes after auction was done, then 3 times a day afterwards. instant red flag.. Item was very clearly labeled unrestored but arrived with major resto. I returned it and he filed a non return (despite me having tracking proof of return). Odd to me because his feedback is not bad, but seeing as he was able to remive my negative immediately, I think ebay ratings are not good indicators of seller integrity.. I'll end up fine through AMEX (Ebay resolution is terrible and clearly favors sellers), but why should i need to escalate that far? I don't like to call people out in general, but feel strongly enough about this terrible transaction to forewarn potential buyers. Anyone have any experience with this seller?