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  1. Yikes, I knew something was off with my post. Reader copy, please. Thank you!
  2. Been slowly winding down my comic collecting over the past year and diverting my attention finally to omnibuses and reading the stories I've enjoyed so much, so here are what I decided to be my inaugurals! Missing is my Witchblade Vol 1 from the Kickstarter earlier this year. Also ideal storage tips are definitely welcome...
  3. primarily for deck research and stuff, yeah. for playing games with other people (preferably friends as one gets tired of Izzet burn decks in continuous succession) has proven rather useful.
  4. Relatively alright documentary. "The Devil You Know" was a bit better though, to be honest. Not really missing out on much if you've seen him in previous interviews from the past thirty years alongside his facebook vids.
  5. Admittedly I did, lol, but I don't think I have enough binder space unfortunately.