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  1. The origin may not be cool, but the memories associated with said books as well as the people you bridge a communicative gap with and share ideas makes an origin story not even worth dwelling on. Fandom, as much as it can destroy, also creates and nurtures. Heck, I'm in my early twenties and the first ever comic I read was a newsstand Superior Spider-Man 8 at a Barnes and Noble, but I eventually discovered greats like the Dark Knight Returns, Spawn, as well as the Spider-Man costume saga and MUCH MUCH more, and sadly I have no real life counter parts to rejoice in these discoveries with, but that's what makes the boards such a great place.
  2. Welp, on the bright side they said the same thing about James Bond and we got Indiana Jones as a result of that declination, still a bummer though.
  3. Hi, I stopped buying new comics a couple of years ago, but my interest in the latest Spawn run has gotten the better of me, and since Image Direct shut down, I was wondering what other subscription service I could use now that is the most reliable? Thanks in advance!
  4. Hey guys, after a recent replay of the Darkness video games as well as the recent emergence of Witchblade's 25th anniversary Kickstarter I thought it'd be nice to do a small reminiscence for the series since it's turning a quarter of a century year old and the mythos was incredibly well done that it deserves a mention. Anybody watch the Witchblade series either or play the Darkness games, etc? What'd you enjoy about most out of this collective IP, guys?
  5. further news in the BBC's constant bid for diversity:
  6. 1.) Thor - Now don't get me wrong, the one in actual Norse mythology is quite epic, but comic book Thor was always a bit of a bore and in the movies he felt quite useless and hokey as a laughing stock(pre Ragnarok). 2.) Deadpool - the costume is unique and all but the first movie was kind majorly cringe and although 2 was better it wasn't by much. 1997 and 2003 series were pretty as well 3.) Batman - this isn't to say he's a terrible character, I think his runs even in the limited series' were quite great, just his character never seemed all that dynamic to me. Long story short he just seems overhyped. 4.) Captain America - with the exception of some of his Red Skull stories it really just felt like he should have stayed in the 1940s. Another case of just terrible and bland writing that I just couldn't care for. 5.) Aquaman - Can't say what's not already been said
  7. 1.) Spawn 2.) V (from V for Vendetta) 3.) Wolverine 4.) Spider-Man 5.) Dream (Sandman comics)
  8. Some guy asked on that tweet if Lucas-San would direct and episode and considering the wide array of talent like Favreau and Taika Waititi I wouldn't mind seeing a bit of the "old Lucas magic", prequel trilogy opinions aside. Also I wonder if we'll get an explanation for what happened to Mando and Baby Yoda shortly before and during the times of Force Awakens-Rise of Skywalker...
  9. While I can't say I necessarily hate Leto's castings in movies, I prefer that other actors had gotten the parts on more serious merit. ...That being said, I can't help but feel that it's the stigma for male vampires to just look effeminate now. Could that be stopped, please?
  10. BIg bucket of win for this show. Soothed every ache I'd had since Force Awakens came out! The terse dialogues and atmosphere were by far superb, with some of the post Empire planets reminding me of post Soviet Russia in some ways, even. It was also nice to see Carl Weathers, Richard Ayoade, and Clancy Brown for the first time in a long while! I am intrigued to see what part Baby Yoda plays in the future of the Jedi order...if he does at all. Also what the canon is going to be for the Mandalorians in the Disney Star Wars 'verse. Hopefully we'll see a physical release soon, as I know the 4K masters of the Star Wars movies are coming out sometime early this year.