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  1. It'll be nice not having to bum a free trial from youtube and rush through all of the show since I at least have a Netflix subscription. Very neat!
  2. Both consoles boast some pretty impressive specs, excited to see in the next two years which one is going to triumph so I can buy a slim version! Also if that rumor of the new GTA taking place in the seventies or eighties is even remotely true after what I saw in Red Dead II, yeah!!!!
  3. A minor trifle of news, but still, certain people get to lose out on a cinematic masterpiece because of others' moral failures...
  4. Also would like to throw in Michael Netzer. Some of his work on Batman was superb!
  5. Visited Pennsylvania as a teenager to see my parents on holiday and I visited a few shops there, seeing these strange comics encased in "plastic" and noticed it said "CGC" on there. Googled their name, wanting to see what they were all about, noticed they had a chat section, lurked for a few months, and lo and behold, I joined about six months later!
  6. yes, he took a few brief hiatuses in the past, but now he's back to drawing covers and continuing the story.
  7. Yeah, Spawn #1 through the first fifty issues were really hit or miss because he'd hardly written much story prose before then, but it managed to really pick up afterward!
  8. Iron Man Black Panther Doctor Strange The Incredible Hulk Guardians of the Galaxy
  9. oh god yes. Let's hope they're an improvement over the Nick Cage installments
  10. I'd probably say Batman #450, as the cover conveys more to the Joker than "Ahahahaha, I'm a psychotic madman!" and more of the monster that lurks underneath the skin of the man that's ready to burst at the seams when no one is looking:
  11. Not too bad, have some Magic cards from back in the day when I used to play that could use some grading. Sadly I guess my signed card from Cassius Marsh when he was running back for the Seahawks isn't signature series material due to being late by an estimated four years