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  1. Watched it earlier this morning and am still trying to figure out whether I think this film is pure genius or just half baked. Gonna have to rewatch it a couple of times when it comes out on DVD. Like many though, I really enjoyed the Joker being dragged out of the police car in an almost revered way and him dancing on the hood of the car (kind of reminded me in Pink Floyd's the Wall), alongside at the end when he shoots Murray. That was probably the most emotional point of the film, I felt, especially when he makes the "joke" of crossing a mentally ill loner with a late night host and such. Also when he times out in the refrigerator after being at the hospital was also kind of another emotional chord that really spoke out alongside his interactions with Sophie being a delusion. Probably the only constant complaint that I felt was that Arthur's laugh was kind of jarring and just felt forced into the story. Kind of made it a nuisance to watch the movie after a bit.
  2. This seems pretty sweet, albeit not for a Disney Plus sub, mind, but hopefully we can watch pre New Hope Obi-Wan's life as an exile/guardian on Tatooine! Marc Bernardin on the Fatman Beyond podcast with Kevin Smith also said it'd be pretty nice to see a Lone Wolf and Cub take on it as well, which I'd kind of have to concur with as well. The comic books for him Disney did back in 2015 were decent enough, kind of sucks that they can't tap into any of that sweet Legends canon.
  3. Good to see Keanu and Moss returning to the big screen, if not a bit disconcerting considering the Wachowski's recent track record. I wonder what more story they could milk out of this, but excited, nonetheless!
  4. 22, unfortunately. Missed out on too much.
  5. Finally got off my lazy butt and took the free trial on DC Universe also I wanted to watch the FULL run of the new Swamp Thing and I must say the show was quite refreshing to watch. Kind of brings to mind a grungy X-Men coupled with Addams Family tropes, lol. The nursing home episode with the "original Doom Patrol" by far took the cake for me in the writing department as well as seeing some of Grant Morrison's signature goofiness that makes his works iconic in a way. I'm glad to hear that a second season is on its way!
  6. one Spawn 298 virgin variant and the Conan 241 newsstand, please!
  7. Indeed. Just saw it yesterday and it was a rather pleasant Tarantino flick that ticked along steadily. As for calling this Joaquin's "career best", you have my attention, lol. I personally thought it couldn't get better than his work in "Her" from 2013 but in these cases I love to be proven wrong.
  8. Indeed, kinda felt the same, but then again Kevin Smith trailers have been deceiving. Original Jay and Bob as well the second Clerks are some noted examples.
  9. New Top Gun looks kinda neat-o, for sure. As for the new Walking Dead film, I hope it really captures that essence of the first three or so seasons! Just hearing the music and the announcement of Rick Grimes returning is metal as !
  10. Chances are Spiner might also play a descendant of Soong kind of like in Star Trek Enterprise (and TNG as well, I think? It's been a while...)
  11. Both the Ghost Rider movies (makes you sad when it's one your top three characters and not only do they put those movies out but then try to replace him with some crappy knock off name Robbie Reyes) Justice League Suicide Squad Batman v. Superman
  12. If we're talking valuable books then yeah, for sure you want a Detective #27 or Action #1 etc. other debut issues on a fast track to CGC or whatever grading service you'd like. From my personal collection though I definitely have to get my Spawn #1 (original and Director's Cut), Witchblade 185, Spawn 231, and Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers Green Variant all taken care of, but budgeting and inherent laziness have prevented that from becoming a completed goal... Then books that you're asking to get graded should obviously be ones that make you glow with pride and joy in a totally non radioactive way
  13. Not borrowing from the comics is definitely a nice touch, and a good chunk of Scrosese's films touch on crime and the human psyche. Pretty exciting stuff! Plus DC has been on a good streak since the disaster that was the Justice League movie with hits like the new Swamp Thing, Titans, Doom Patrol, and Shazam, so.
  14. Indeed, this season is definitely best stomached slowly anyway as the story kind of goes off on a bit of a slower pace comparably.