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  1. Hope it's good. I'm glad Discovery eased back on all the SJW stuff during the second season but the whole affair feels terribly bland, like DS9 bland...though as for the notion of seeing the future of the Star Trek universe, all I can is it's about freakin' time, lol.
  2. Just watched the first season. Absolutely great (Zabka with the beard made him look a lot like Pete Townsend as well as a lot wiser, shame he shaved it off) acting from Zabka and Macchio, and the intersecting plotlines with "the next generation" was absolutely superb as well (and not diving into classic tropes or cliches, which is even better!).
  3. The trailer does look pretty good. It'd definitely be nice to see this as one man's transition into madness due to life collapsing upon him and pushing him to a crazier side. Though I wouldn't even consider this a DC movie upon viewing it, though. More like a separate entity upon itself.
  4. yeah, sorry, I thought you were talking about the Netflix series for some reason, haha.
  5. Some other recommended ones are (WAY more up to date) and (releases new comics on the days they come out).
  6. Looks good! Can't wait to see how the characters have matured since then
  7. hmph, all I could think of was this when I saw the title.
  8. Man, those wrinkles on Jay's face just show how hard those drugs and alcohol went on him, lol. Also yeah, a thin Silent Bob is going to be really out of this world. Also I really hope this film does as well as the original. Ever since Clerks II Kev's track record hasn't been so great
  9. Yeah, I tend to read mine online though just so I can keep the physical copy intact.
  10. Spawn #39. Kind of highlighted the plight of humanity and being a kid and such. Really hit home for me.