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  1. I know I'm a little late to the party, but want to follow up on this part of the answer... "Your signed comics, if graded, would get our green Qualified label with a notation of "Name written on cover in marker" with no assertion of who may have signed the comic. By giving your comic our Qualified label, we are ignoring the signature for purposes of the grade. " Is there no way to mention on the label the name of the signatory? It wouldn't have to say the person specifically signed it, ie, "Signed by Todd McFarlane", but say something along the line, "Signature: Todd McFarlane" leaving a little wiggle room for those of us who would like the comics themselves graded, but at least have a mention of who's names are signed on them, but without actually saying the person themselves signed it. Or maybe doing " Signature: Todd Mcfarlane, not SS authenticated"