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  1. Great grades! Congratulations! Can't wait to send my Spirou(s) later this Summer,
  2. No Smurfs but picked up a nice pair of Spirou from 1952 : 1st appearance & 1st full appearance of Marsupilami.
  3. Cool little book! I am trying to hunt down a 1107 with the uncut Schtroumpfs Noirs supplement. I am surprised that CGC graded this since these Spirou supplements are typically hand cut & stapled by the reader... which opens the door wide open to trimming. Nice pick up with Robbedoes !
  4. Just joined the club! This copy is obviously going to the pressing shop before being CGCed...
  5. Any idea on the valuation of those? Don't have a BDM price guide handy... Thanks!
  6. After stopping collecting for more than ten years, I am slowly back at it...
  7. In an attempt to lure those mysterious Strange Tales collectors, I decided to start this thread! If some of them post scans of some of their high grade ST, this should be a blast! I'll start with some of my favorites from my modest collection... ST 103 CGC 8.0 White Mass. Copy ST 104 CGC 8.5 OW ST 106 CGC 8.5 OWW ST 109 CGC 9.0 OWW ST 116 CGC 8.0 OWW ST 120 CGC 8.5 OWW It's your turn now!