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  1. Two additions: Never realized the Falcon didn't fly before that issue... and that his wings were "Made in Wakanda" T To complement my MOKF 51... just need a #50 now.
  2. Just grabbed this one... very happy. Paul Gulacy's best cover IMHO on Master of Kung Fu (and maybe his last work on the title)
  3. Looking for a nicely centered Strange Tales 120 in CGC 8.5 (maybe 9.0) with at least OWW pages. Please PM me if you have any!
  4. Yes, but given that unsold newsstand could be returned to the distributor this lowers the proportion of available books vs direct edition. Coupled with the fact that comic book dealers typically bag & board some copies right upon reception, its no wonder that there's more high grade direct editions available vs newsstand.... But as I stated above, I personally hate seeing that Spider-Man face on direct edition copies...that's my main driver in choosing between the two.
  5. Great list of books, here are my picks: 1. Thor 337 2. GI Joe 21 (Canadian Price Variant) 3. Avengers Annual 10 5. Usagi Yojimbo 1 12. She Hulk 1 13. Marvel Spotlight 28 14. Avengers 196 15. Secret Wars 8 (origin black Spidey costume) 18. X-Men 129 19. X-Men 130 From the big boys category: 1. ASM Annual 1 2. ASM 129 4. Fantastic Four 6
  6. True... personally I just hate that Spider-man face at the lower left corner (too distracting from the cover image).
  7. From what I have seen, yes. But others could chime in...
  8. Latest catch... at a very nice price for a newsstand copy
  9. I got them from a collector in Belgium. He was selling other Spirou from the 50s, I asked if he had those... and got lucky (did cost a pretty penny because he knew what he was selling!)
  10. Super happy with this pair of Spirou 1071 (First Smurfs appearance) & 1072 (First Smurfs cover) from 1958 ! Certainly the best copies I have found in the last four years... and I used to own a CGC 9.2 copy of Spirou 1071. Hope the CGC gods will be in a good mood when they grade these
  11. Giant-size X-Men 1... German version from the early 80s