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  1. Need your advice: got my hands on a Wyatt Earp 29 in very nice shape (solid VF candidate especially after a clean & press) Apparently this comic is scarce. Is it worth slabbing?
  2. Sure don't see this kinda book at my LCS ! That's a super sharp 7.5
  3. Hi fellow Montrealer, Last year Heritage was quoting me $50 for one raw comic book (!!!) and $53 for one CGC graded comic book using USPS Global Priority Mail (take note that you need to fill a form for shipping preference and that they only allow USPS shipping of graded books for items lower than $200... for raw I don't know if there is a limit in value) If not, it's $76 for one CGC book with Fedex. That's why I refrain from buying from Heritage (and Comic Link) unless I can grab a book at a great price... which ultimately evens out given the hefty shipping charges... I never had any issue with USPS, so I don't get why they don't offer it to Canadian customers.
  4. I never accept Fedex or UPS for shipping to Canada. Not only shipping is expensive, but I have been hit too many times by their crazy custom brokerage fees (who likes to pay a multiple over and above the actual custom taxes!) So for CGC submission... I submit through @joeypost... I get better customer service with him!
  5. Hi all, Just listed a pair of raw French & Belgium Edition copy for each of Spirou 1072 (Smurfs second appearance & first cover - 1958), 1460 (First Full appearance of Smurfette - 1966) & 1468 (First Blonde Smurfette - 1966) Both Spirou 1460 & 1468 are hard to find in grade with their mini-story centerfold. Please take a look!
  6. Just saw this book on eBay, as expected CGC is aware of the mini story centerfold (in absence of it the page numbering is broken):