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  1. I know it's been posted before but just picked up this one on E-Bay UK for the grand sum of £6.71 including postage. For that tidy sum I also got Archie #111 (pence copy) and the remnants of A Date With Millie #4 (Cents, split spine, two pages missing, brittle, tape etc etc)
  2. Whilst Creepy Worlds is a UK reprint the alternative cover wasn't done in the UK, look at these covers from the Fireside "Origins Of Marvel Comics" only three people on sidewalk (although in UK we call it a pavement) No vent in Banner's lab coat …… how many Stonemen? Compared to the published comic versions we all know;
  3. Whilst I don't actively collect these Alan Class comics I pick up the Marvel super-hero reprints when I see them cheap (£1 - £5). In the last few years those reprinting key issues - AF#15, TOS#39 and your FF#1 - have soured in price mirroring the key issue focus on the originals. As to value I agree with Lazyboy and I'd be surprised if you didn't get around £200 for it. Try Wiki for some useful info on these Alan Class comics, I know wiki isn't always reliable but I think most here is. Also 30th Century Comics site although info is dated;
  4. From my reading the MMMS club was run in house and was run in a professional manner. However the later Marvelmania International Fan Club was out sourced and it was this club where the booking was "sloppy". Cash and cheques were being pocketed and many fans did not get what they paid for. I also read that the Marvelmania guys didn't fully pay Jack Kirby for all of the art he supplied them which furthered soured his deteriorating relationship with Marvel and Stan Lee (although not strictly Marvel's fault).
  5. If you can locate a copy this book tells the history of the club, all the memorabillia with plenty of pictures and the ads which appeared in the comics. Research for the book from contemporary fanzines and a 2008 interview with Stan Lee he estimates membership to be 50,000 upwards. Membership cards are numbered but not straight forward to gauge membership numbers; My first issue card (white) issued with the 1964-1967 kit is numbered 15593 whilst my second issue card (yellow) issued 1967-1969 is numbered 277. The second issue card pictured in the book is numbered 21014. So perhaps the numbers were completely random or they started again with the second set - if the latter is true then there were at least (15,593 + 21,014) 36,607 members. (J Ballmann has also published an equally informative book on early bronze age memorabilia)
  6. Have they lived with you long in Canada? Perhaps it is a UK climate effect on poor quality staples, either that or you have a really good eye for spotting nice examples. My copy of Terrific #1 has nice white pages and nasty rusty staples. (Early MWOM and Spider-man Comics Weekly were glued so don't suffer from this problem).
  7. Fantastic effort, I'm interested and I wasn't even a member. I started collecting comics as a young kid in the mid 70's and every time I came across an old Marvel issue I longed of getting the Marvelmania and MMMS goodies being advertised. Of course these were completely out of reach not only because the adds were 5 - 10 years old but living in UK I had no access to them anyway. I signed up to e-bay in 2000 with the specific intention of hunting down the Marvelmania and MMMS stuff denied me as a kid. Here's scan of the two MMMS membership cards I have - first and second sets. Dale Meyler (from Texas, I have the mailing envelope) and Greg McAninch being the original members.
  8. I can't comment about all of them because I only have a few issues but I can say that all of the issues I do have have rusty staples. I have a very nice Pow #1 which has rusty staples and even the otherwise near mint "spider-matic" gun has a rusty pin. It must be our UK climate.
  9. Here's an oddity I recently noticed whilst looking at my DD issues; #12 pence copy has utilised the 12c price to become the issue number and has the price where the cents copy has the issue number. This wasn't continued into #13 as UK issues started including the month and would only have worked if the price had been 13c.
  10. I know this one has been posted previously but there is another My Girl Pearl #7 pence copy for sale on eBay UK. Despite considering myself a Marvel "completist" I haven't got a single issue of this title, cents or pence, but with half a page cut out I'll have to give this one a miss. Shame.
  11. Hi, this Marvel superheroes and the Occult is a UK reprint one-off special. There are a couple for sale on e-bay UK at present but not common even here.
  12. Have you guys noticed this one on sale in ebay? (It's not mine)
  13. My MMMS membership kits, first and second versions. I too would recommend J Ballman’s collectibles guides ( there is an updated 2nd edition of the silver age book) but they will cost you a fortune as you’ll want everything in them.
  14. My mistake, still gave me an excuse to go looking through some old comics I don’t usually look at.
  15. hi Steve, here's scan of Kid Colt 96 indicia you sought in earlier post. Well done looks like your long journey (into mystery) may soon be completed.