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  1. From (cover dated) February 1971 comics...
  2. Fantastic Four #250 letters page. I was reading most Marvels at this time and recall FF being the title I most looked forward to reading.
  3. Distribution in UK until 1974 was all over the place. I started collecting in 1973 with a pick up of twelve "brand new/mint" Marvels all dated 1969. The disadvantage was it was impossible to read anything in continuity, my first Daredevil pick up was #97 the next was #60. I bought FF #111 and #129 in a shop, both new, together. The advantage was you could find the odd gem. In 1974, in a corner shop in Swindon I picked up "brand new/mint" FF#48 for 8p (regular distributed Marvels were 7p at the time, 20c cover price ). A few weeks later at the same shop I picked up Spider-man #129 again "brand new/mint" for 8p despite the fact it wasn't officially distributed in UK.
  4. Hi Steve, Sorry I can't help, my #104 is a cents copy. My # 72 and 80 are pence but all other copies are cents. Do you own the #104? A quick search of ebay shows #72 and 80 readily available in pence but not #104, this must be exceedingly rare or a mock up - in which case it's well done, can't see the joins. Was there a set number of titles distributed in UK each month? If so perhaps your records could calculate if this issue makes up that number (which would support it being genuine) of exceeds it (which would support it being a fraud). (I tried to post a reply yesterday but it appears to have vanished in the ether, or its landed on some other thread).
  5. My Alan Austin price guides. The colour one is my original from 1983 which explains why it’s falling apart. 1975 - amazing fantasy #15 mint £15 1979 - amazing fantasy #15 mint £120 Green lantern #76 mint £18 1983 amazing fantasy #15 mint £300
  6. and here's the UK reprinting of ASM#10 to make triplets. Note the art is slightly different with spacing between Ox and Fancy Dan. I think the yellow background works better also.
  7. $22.38 BARGAIN! I suppose it's the insurance but still......
  8. jayhawker is showing the correct page layout. From what is shown I believe the page ripped from your copy is this one; However it is the third wrap (4th if you include cover) and comes between story pages 4 and 5 not after story page 20 as shown on your copy. All four pages of this wrap are non-story - the reverse is an ad for grit, and the other side of the wrap is the karate ad seen in your copy backed by Stan's soap box editorial page. Looks like your copy has this wrap tucked back in on itself I see tape there which would support this.
  9. Marvelmania - now you are talking really cool. I’m constantly looking for more Marvelmania stuff, it costs a fortune to get it in UK with shipping and taxes but it really is great stuff
  10. I still remember my dad buying me Pow #1, although I could hardly be old enough to read, and the impact the Spider-man and SHIELD stories had on me - I’d never read anything like them before.
  11. Stars Wars Weekly had a free cut out x wing fighter. 2000AD also had free gifts, Judge Dredd started in issue 2, I don’t think the early issues had any Dredd gifts but not sure if there were any later in series.
  12. This is the extent of my UK gifts, although I am on the look out for Avengers Weekly #1 which had a set of transfers (the type you could put on your skin) and #2 which had a gun similar to the Spider-man one in POW#1. There are plenty of gifts in later UK Marvels but after Avengers Weekly they tended to be a centrefold glossy poster or some stickers, if there's any interest perhaps others could post their comic free gifts, I recall Secret Wars had a cool rub-down transfer set.
  13. Mighty World Of Marvel was a big hit in the UK and after 19 issues Spider-man was replaced by Daredevil and Spider-man got his own comic. Initially Spider-man Comics Weekly comprised Spider-man and Thor reprints but later also included Iron-man. Included free in #1 was a real life Spider-man mask. In reality this was a paper bag with a spider web pattern and two eye holes cut out. I can remember having this as a kid and I believe in was in tatters within a day; Spiderman Comics Weekly #2 came with a Spider-man tracer plane which was a cardboard plane which could be projected by means of an elastic band.
  14. In 1972 Marvel decided to publish comics specifically for the UK in-house (by what became to be known as Marvel UK). First up was The Mighty World of Marvelwhich reprinted The Hulk, Spider-man and Fantastic Four with some new editorial along the lines of Stan's Soapbox and letters pages; Previous transfers must have been popular (or cheap) as MWOM #1 came with a free Green-skinned monster iron-on transfer. Presumably Marvel thought the Hulk would not be a house-hold name in the UK hence the transfer being touted as "Green-skinned monster" but it was in fact the Hulk; MWOM sold well (print run 325,000) so these transfers are not uncommon still in the UK and pop up for sale fairly regularly despite a lot ending up on t-shirts and being very fragile. #2 came with a Spider-man iron on transfer; After great transfers of two of it's features MWOM #3 free gift wasn't a fantastic Four transfer but a set of stickers, the art isn't great and we can only wonder what a Fantastic Four transfer would have been like;
  15. Terrific, similar to Fantastic, was also virtually all Marvel reprints - Sub-mariner, The Avengers and Doctor Strange; #1 included a free gift of an Iron-man transfer again to be ironed onto fabric (I need to get a better example but I did pay less than £1 for it);