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  1. Please name a company that is perfect, has no issues and all of their customers are perfectly content with no complaints.
  2. Do they? People complaining hasn't bothered them up to this point, why would it start now? The only way they will fix it is if it starts costing them business. So far, given the increasing TAT's, that doesn't seem to be the case. More people need to stop submitting but given that there is no viable alternative, I don't see that happening anytime soon. So CGC will keep on keeping on with the NR's and we will all continue to impotently moan and complain and continue to submit.
  3. Everybody needs to just chill on the TAT's. Everyone is quoting 6 months and more. That is ONLY ONE service tier. And most books being submitted don't fall into that tier. There are much bigger issues like quality control that CGC needs to address instead of worrying about (again) ONE TIER that is taking a long time.
  4. While I'm sure that's part of it, I think it's more that we as a society are so used to instant gratification these days that waiting patiently (for anything) just seems to be a thing of the past.
  5. They are having system issues, not an intentional change.
  6. I feel bad for RMA, he shouldn't be getting screwed out of $650 because of the ClusterF that is the USPS. I mean they royally screwed up here... TWICE. But I'm not seeing the scam from the buyer angle. I'm assuming you mean he sent an empty box intentionally to Warner Brothers knowing that it wouldn't get to RMA and eBay would consider it "delivered" so they would force the refund. I suppose that could work, assuming RMA isn't able to get WB to give him his package back. But that case is obliterated. The sig series is invalidated so they can't just get it reholdered as a sig series again. Not to mention that there is a very real possibility that the book itself is damaged given how badly the case is damaged. The buyer would be going through a whole lot of trouble to get a blue label 9.8 (maybe) worth a couple hundred out of this.
  7. That does not look like it happened in shipping. I don't see how that would crack so badly with no damage to the box.
  8. This is what I suspected. Sad to see I was right. Oh well
  9. Always seems to have high grade keys and doesn't slab. Anyone have any dealings and if so, how was his grading?
  10. Yes but if we're talking about fees for selling your book, that has always been part of the equation. It's not new. The only new part is the sales tax, so the net change is 16.5% with the Texas sales tax.
  11. While I do think that sales tax will have some impact on any comic buying, your calculation is still way off. First off, where is that 15% coming from. There is literally only 1 major auction house that charges that kind of buyers premium, that being Heritage. Easy enough to avoid that as I haven't bought from them in years and there are lots of other choices like CL and CC that don't charge any buyers premium. So throw the 15% out the window. Also, 10% sales tax? Where do you live? I'm in CA, which is a high tax state and I only pay 8%. So I'd be looking at 8%+8%=16%. Far cry from the 35% you are talking about.