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  1. Cool story but I'm moving on with my life. It seems you can't see reason even when it slaps you in the face.
  2. This isn't my experience. They do not ship to CA, not just redirect within CA. From their website when I submit a book and am on the shipping page "CGC has temporarily suspended shipments via FedEx to CA. An alternate shipping carrier must be selected". I also have my own account with FedEx and have called them trying to use it, they did not allow it. If you are able to get shipments via FedEx, I'd love to know who you talked to and what you told them in order to allow this.
  3. Yeah two completely different scenarios there. One, you're the seller and CGC isn't and second you're talking about an ebay policy, not something that would be enforceable in court. I'm not a lawyer but I can't imagine CGC could be held liable after the books have been proven to be handed off to a shipper.
  4. Problem is there really isn't a better option. FedEx is so bad CGC refuses to ship with them. UPS isn't any better. Collectibles Insurance Services only covers up to 2500 if you ship UPS which isn't much. I had them leave a 5 figure book on my doorstep without getting a signature even though one was required, and that was when I still lived in an apartment building. Luckily it didn't get stolen but that was by the grace of God and not because UPS was doing their job.
  5. What would CGC be on the hook for? Their job ended when the package made its way into the hands of USPS. FedEx insurance isn't any better, they will do anything in their power to not pay out. Private insurance is the way to go but if you have too many claims, they'll dump you.
  6. Hang on, I missed that there was a $1200 sale for ASM 300 in 9.8. So that is now a range of $1200-2800 in 3 months time. What is FMV again @Gatsby77? Just a ludicrous argument that there is a set FMV for any book.
  7. Is that right? I don't know if you are just arguing to argue or if you don't know what you're talking about but assume that you do. This is the last 3 months of sales of ASM 300 in 9.8. You tell me, what is FMV? $1900 or $2800? By the way that is approximately a 40% difference in price. $2760 2063560003 Jul-17 $2850 1402415001 Jul-12 $2425 1295155003 Jul-12 $2750 1226022002 Jul-10 $2450 2104290002 Jul-10 $2500 1989805004 Jul-09 $2500 1228314005 Jul-02 $1246 1329433004 Jun-30 $2082 2108937007 Jun-29 $2295 2051768002 Jun-23 $2500 0006544003 Jun-13 $2500 0790595013 Jun-06 $2163 0074705001 May-20 $1925 0006544003 May-17 $2350 2104291001 May-13 $2250 2028789004 May-13 $2200 0214506016 May-03 $1860 2100656004
  8. Nothing? I have no real interest in the concept so I couldn't care less about the ins and outs of it. I was commenting on one specific thing, FMV and how it is determined. I've said it multiple times on this board, there is no one specific FMV price for any book in any grade. All books sell within a range of prices and that range usually moves up and down by 20-30% on a regular basis. It's really difficult to say something is overpriced by 20% when that 20% is within the normal and expected range of outcomes for a book.
  9. I'm not sure why you are answering my post with what appears to be an argument against what I'm saying when your post completely agrees with me if you read what I wrote. Your assertion that "The reality is, 98% of comics out there don't have the sales volume to judge a truly accurate value." = "There is no one fixed price for ANY book in any grade." (my original post) From your post "so every single sale price matters". I agree and that is exactly what I'm saying in my post. My whole point is that using ONLY the last sale isn't an accurate depiction of FMV and the sales prior to that should figure into it as well. Of course there are price trends with books, not sure where in my post you see anything to the contrary. The more I type this out, the more I think you didn't really read what I wrote and you were responding to what you projected as being my meaning.
  10. Why would only the last sale matter? Do you price YOUR books solely on the last sale price achieved? Of course you don't. Just because the last sale for TMNT 1 was $52K does not mean that is the FMV of the book. Just like when it sold for $95K or whatever that crazy price was last year, that didn't mean that was its FMV either. There is no one fixed price for ANY book in any grade. So it's difficult to say that they are marking it up by 20%.
  11. You are correct that the buyer in OR would have a major advantage however I'm not sure how big of a difference it makes in the grand scheme of things. The population of all of those states combined is less than the population of just NYC.
  12. Glad it's being worked out to your satisfaction. I have had similar experiences and CGC is usually able to take care of problems however.... it's unfortunate that you had to email Brittany and needed to post about it in order to be "in the know" of who to email to get the situation resolved. It SHOULD have been resolved through their normal customer service team who apparently failed miserably here. People shouldn't have to know who Brittany is in order to have problems taken care of. Do better CGC.