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  1. Nice book but your tracking bid was $7200? As a famous man once said, I do not think that word means what you think it means
  2. I dunno either. At least they are trying. I do know that doing the same old, same old in the face of change doesn't work. Just ask Blockbuster, or Sears and so many others that didn't embrace the change that technology and a new generation brought.
  3. Everyone on this board people_without_enough_empathy and whines about how kids aren't reading new books anymore and now when Marvel tries to do something that is geared towards kids, you person_without_enough_empathy and whine about that too. You can't eat your cake and have it too. This (clearly) isn't meant for the 40+ year olds that inhabit this board. Either they will try to remain relevant with kids by changing or die out along with us if they just keep doing the same old, same old that they were doing in the bronze/copper age. Yeah, I would hate the comic if I bought it. The whole idea is foreign and dumb to me but I realize that I don't think like kids today and maybe, just maybe this will resonate with them. So NO, not a dumb idea.
  4. What is the age of the book we're talking about? If Copper or Modern, try finding a 9.8 that DOESN'T have white pages. For Bronze and Silver, I try to stay away from Cream/OW but anything better than that is fine.
  5. Well someone has to wrong because the first 5 results in a google search have 3 different numbers. If I were to bet on who is wrong, the government would be my first choice.
  6. Also, your numbers from financial samurai would seem to be "flexible" based on which website you believe. Some are saying 53% of Americans have no money in the stock market including retirement accounts. Given how much of this country lives on credit and paycheck to paycheck, I'm more inclined to believe the lower numbers than the higher ones.
  7. I never said they weren't invested. What I said was if you are not heavily invested or not invested at all. So really, you are talking about 10% of the country being heavily invested. Which tracks perfectly with the fact that high priced books, that are only affordable to the wealthy, are the ones that would get hit.
  8. You think so? The median 401K average for the country is $16,500. You think people can't afford to put more than that in a tax advantaged retirement account but are somehow dropping tons of after tax money into the market?
  9. I mentioned this previously as well. The higher the price, the smaller the bidding pool. At 6 figures, you probably don't have more than 3-4 people bidding on any given book. At those levels, all it takes is 1 guy sitting out to see a big drop in price. That doesn't happen when we're talking about a Spidey 129 or NYX 3. 1 person sitting out an auction on those wouldn't even register because you have a deeper pool of buyers. The average Joe doesn't have a whole lot of money in the stock market. If you aren't heavily invested or not invested at all, how much do you really care that the Dow is down 25%?
  10. Hang on a sec. Who said page quality doesn't matter? I sure didn't. What I said is that early SA with white pages doesn't command anything even close to a 40% premium.
  11. The comic market is not only made up of keys. When I say keys, I'm talking about the major keys... stuff that goes for 6 figures in high grade type stuff.
  12. You're talking about completely different markets but yes for BA and CA, a lot of people only buy white pages. Of course, for CA, it's harder to find a book with something less than white pages than it is a white pager.
  13. No one said that. As a matter of fact, if anything is going to take a hit it will be keys. In the Heritage auction that just ended, the 6 figure books were soft. The stuff in the few hundred to a few thousand range sold strong. The higher the price point, the smaller the bidding pool. Especially true after you pass the 6 figure mark.
  14. Zero panic. Yes, page quality matters. It just doesn't matter nearly 40% worth.
  15. Of course. Everyone would. But not enough to pay that big of a premium. Honestly I doubt the premium is more than 5% on early SA assuming everything else is equal, which is hardly ever the case. A better presenting 8.0 with c/ow will most likely sell for more than a lesser presenting 8.0 with white pages. The "look" of the book for the grade matters more than the page quality, at least as far as what I usually track and bid on.