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  1. Wait!!! The Action is graded higher than the Superman? Good luck to those remaining!
  2. 6.0 for me. Even if you move that huge vertical crease from the front cover to the apex of the spine, you are then going to have a huge vertical crease on the back cover from the current fold of the spine. Transverse creases aren't going anywhere but they might be "hidden" a bit by moving the main crease. The rest of the book is really nice but I'm still thinking nothing higher than a 6.0
  3. I've gotten books come back rejected from grading because there was too big of an overhang and it would be damaged if slabbed. That definitely qualifies as too much overhang and I don't think they will slab it. If they aren't slabbing it, they will not grade it. You can't have one without the other.
  4. Actually used to be 6 levels. Received Verified SFG Now it's 3... and it SUCKS!!!
  5. No doubt in my mind that it's him or a shill for him. I still have one of these Eastern "file copies", a TTA 57 that I bought for $50 back in the day. I knew it was restored when I bought it but didn't find out about the connection to Dupcak until later.
  6. My modern slow track that was verified on 2/20 went to graded/qc today. And they always charge your CC when they verify them (unless they are pre-screened). I know that now that step has been done away with and it just goes straight to scheduled for grading but your submission is from when they still had the verified/scheduled for grading distinction. If they charged you on the 22nd, that means that even though they were received on the 8th, they didn't process them until the 22nd. My guess is they will go to graded/qc in the next 2 days. The problem is why they sat so long between being received and verified.
  7. They have been brutal on copper and moderns. Or perhaps I should say they seem to have changed their criteria and are now downgrading things that were previously not downgraded, production related flaws like printers creases and bent staples. Silver and bronze seem to be graded the same and I wouldn't say they are in a particularly strict period for those.
  8. I'll donate a set of Crisis on Infinite Earths 1-12 in somewhere around 9.0 average condition. Some will be a bit better, some a little lower but nothing below VF. Shipped anywhere in the U.S. on me.
  9. That was the Hake’s copy of 40. The 48 was CC.
  10. Overpaid for both of these but they look so nice relative to grade that I thought it was worth it.
  11. That's not what it's saying at all. It would appear to only be in relation to a PP Business Debit Mastercard. No one else is getting this email because most of us probably don't have that and you do.
  12. Two pickups tonight that I thought looked really good for their respective grades.