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  1. The answer is found within those 200+ pages. So, start readin'...
  2. But that's what I have to keep telling myself about TAR9. I can't be doing that for all of my Bakers.... can I? I never thought I'd find an affordable All-True All-Picture Police Cases #2, but it happened last summer. Point is, miracles can happen (despite what I've been saying about the lottery.)
  3. So, you're saying there's a chance? Which one are you- dumb or dumber?
  4. But ... but ... "If you don't play, you can't win!" Odds are, you can't win even if you played once a day for tens of millions of years.
  5. I've heard it said, and I'm inclined to agree... "The lottery is a tax on people who can't do basic math."
  6. I enjoy her begging Eroll Flynn for a kiss in Against All Flags. Me too. She's too adorable as the clueless and romantically inexperienced Indian princess, Patma. "Against All Flags" is far and away the best film she appeared in.
  7. I have an extensive collection of scans of Alice Kelley covers. As for the books, I just pick up the issues I like the most. Yes, there was another model who closely resembled Alice. They both appeared on numerous comic covers, and on even more romance magazine covers, right around the same time. Alice's cover appearances seem especially prolific during the years 1949 thru 1952.
  8. What comic is this from? Lovers' Lane #2, Dec., 1949
  9. Yes, in fact this is the only comic we know of so far that gives the cover model credit by name. This is the book that finally allowed us to ID Miss Kelley, a few years back, before we comic geeks knew who she was.
  10. You've seen mine, I'm pretty sure... it ain't bad.
  11. I once owned a CL 15 (in about 5.0) with the same guy's name on the cover. (Now I just have this ratty old 9.0...)
  12. Snow bunny, and fan favorite, Alice Kelley
  13. There's been talk of this one, recently, but nobody's posted a scan... (and I've been dyin' to see it again. So...) Behold, the orange guy and his harem.