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  1. I've been searching for a copy like this for decades. Just spectacular.
  2. Great taste in comics, but evidently used them to line her hamster cage.
  3. The seller of the 6th Street books posted these scans here on the boards around Feb., 2014, and I took the liberty of saving them. At the time, most of these had yet to be graded. It was a 'glimpse of things to come', supposedly. But soon after, all sales activity stopped. So, this group will likely include many of the issues that have never been offered for sale, to this day.
  4. Glad to hear it. I still have the Circle 8 Cinderella Love 15 (9.0, with a 2nd gen label, and the ped is noted).
  5. Hey... I thought CGC had stopped regarding Circle 8 as a legit pedigree? They changed their minds again, or what?
  6. Found a scan I didn't know I had of my Wild Boy 15. I forget who advanced the idea that Baker did a masculine and a feminine version of the underwater-fight-to-the-death scenario; WB 15 being the male and Seven Seas 4, the female. I liked that, as I have an identical notion pertaining to Wood's Weird Science 13 and 14. (Speak up- whose idea was that?) There's a lower grade WB 15 auction ending tonight on Clink, btw...
  7. Not really. Many of the books from that collection had tiny black spots here and there from the coal storage room where they were kept. You can see one on my PR 21, just above and right of the issue number. (Many times it's very nearly caused me to break the book out of the slab, just to scrape off that speck.) But this is hardly a reliable method of identification as many books will have been cleaned and pressed since they were purchased... and not all had coal specks on the covers to begin with.
  8. The GCD reports that Girl's Love Stories #31 has a six page Baker story. Is there a boardie who owns a copy and can confirm this? https://www.comics.org/issue/206894/
  9. ...and a big part of why I initially passed on the 6th St. PR 19: It was first offered along with the PR 21, 23, and 24, and at that time my comic budget only allowed me one of those books... and that was a no-brainer:
  10. I've always liked the PR 19 cover. For years it killed me that I passed up the 6th St. copy, a gorgeous CGC 6.5 for $750. BIN. It sat there on eBay for weeks, too, and I came so close many times, but ultimately decided I could eventually find an equally nice looking copy for less. And years later, I did. But I still regret passing up that TR 33...
  11. Even a below average Baker is still the work of a master.
  12. PR 9 or 13 will most likely be my last issues to come in, and for that exact same reason. (For a book titled, "Pictorial Romances", why are so many covers little more than three or four figures, evenly sized and spaced, just standing there stiffly, with dialogue balloons added? Issue 9 is the epitome of this trend.)
  13. Also finally picked up this issue, on eBay, for about $200. less than a lower grade copy recently sold for here on the boards...