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  1. Wow, you really took the ball and ran with it!
  2. Could be the way the blue ink has aged. My first copy of Weird Science #11, typically navy blue behind the logo, had become a light grayish lavender. (For years I didn't know the true color was supposed to be much darker!) Extended exposure to light will turn those early EC blues to various shades of purple or violet, even grey.
  3. One of the hottest hot babe covers of the golden age.
  4. Baker female underwater to Baker male underwater...
  5. Ace Double Novels to Ace of the Newsreels...
  6. Another stick and carrot I like to avoid.
  7. Another couple of OO names you might see on various romance issues are Helen Horak (see below) and Doreen Baggs (an example of which I don't have handy, but I've seen her name on more than a few books over the years).
  8. My CL 28 is the only book I own with this particular signature. I wonder if it's even the same "Ruth" as your TR 45 (the last name is mostly rubbed out). Let's compare:
  9. Last issues of a few of the longer running St. John titles. For some reason, these books are extremely difficult to find, especially TR 45.
  10. My only Gaines copy of an ISF issue...
  11. Heckuva way to start! Old label goodness to boot.