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  1. The Eels and Torpedo look amazing on the stands. Takes displaying to a whole new level.
  2. Very nice condition on that R2-D2. Tough to find vintage white toys. Patrick
  3. This is SUPER awesome. Box is so killer. Patrick
  4. I'm jealous. If a co-worker hadn't of gone to France for 3 weeks, I'd be at the Con too. Someone randomly approached me today with a HUUUUGGGGGE Joe collection today. This one is going to take some serious time to work a deal out. Some very rare pieces that I've never seen in person. Hoping it works, but too many unknowns at this point. Patrick
  5. followtheleader

    Moderns that are heating up on ebay!

    Middleton's Aquaman Jabberjaw #1 cover with the shark is awesome. His COMX stuff piqued my interest when they came out. But the COMX books were so sparsely ordered that I missed a lot of it. Patrick
  6. I like that little Shogun. Cool and heavy. I should have been buying those. Only have a few of the huge ones. Some day after I finish the 30 other toylines I can't complete. Patrick
  7. I've wanted a Rattler for a loooong time. Found a complete nice one in a recent trip. Includes the box, instructions, and figures. About 1 week later, added the Tiger Force version. It's also complete minus one half of a missile. Should have a couple other Joe items in the near future to post. Deal hasn't been completed yet though. Patrick
  8. followtheleader

    Isola Thread

    #3 was pretty good. Definitely liking the direction. Patrick
  9. followtheleader

    PUNISHER appreciation thread

    Agreed. The white background makes it pop. Patrick
  10. Not sure yet, I've only looking at 10% of the collection. Based on the rarity of those figures, probably not. But a number appear to be the later releases, so it's could happen. Found a Bebop Warriors of the Forgotten Sewer. Pretty nice figure. Condition on the figures so far are pretty flawless. Don't look like they were played with. Patrick
  11. Been working on buying a large TMNT collection. And it finally happened tonight! So nice when months of trying finally happens. Figures fall in the series between 1988 and 1994. The toy line is so polarizing with the 80s toy collectors. Some enjoy it, but many avoid it. The wait really paid off as they were able to find nearly all of the accessories for the figures. So far, my favorite is the Leo/Creature from the Black Lagoon. Very well done. Patrick
  12. followtheleader

    Moderns that are heating up on ebay!

    Dang, never thought I'd see the day. I was just talking about the Frog on here a bit ago. Loved that book. Patrick
  13. I'll post one of my Sky Patrol carded figures in the next couple days. Totally jacked. Bummer too because I really like those figures. And that was a later release (1990). Patrick
  14. followtheleader

    Copper's Heating/Selling Well on Ebay

    ASM 654 and 654.1 still seem to do pretty well. Patrick
  15. With O-rings, it feels inevitable. It's a piece of rubber under strain (which kept the legs/waist tight to the torso). The O-ring is actually the best case scenario if something has to give. I've actually seen personally, on multiple occasions, that the hook breaks off. The hook can be replaced, but definitely tougher. Patrick