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  1. 100% agree with wiz. Dont grade. Turning the question around, why would you want to? Sliding acrylic are super protective and massively cheaper than grading. Other than a professional grade and a potential to sell, i dont see what you gain. Patrick
  2. Invincible was a prolonged ending, many plotlines addressed over numerous issues, people had a ton of notice, and frankly there wasn't a fraction of the fanfare. WD was shockingly sudden, 1 issue, no one knew, and it was huge fanfare. Just so different in how it was philosophically handled. Patrick
  3. I still believe he handled the end of WD in that manner because of Invincible. I agree, I enjoyed the end of Invincible sooooo much more. Patrick
  4. I'm thinking of using vintage board games. Cool, colorful, stout, and pretty cheap. Patrick
  5. Last one from this round. Ghostbusters Proton Pack To be clear, I'm legally the sixth Ghostbuster per the box. A lady was helping at the sale. She shows up out of nowhere holding this and asked if I'd be interested. How much? Huge $20 bill. Dude thinks it is still sealed. Uhhh, I don't recall things sealed with two pieces of scotch tape. Got it home and pulled the tape. Hey, one side was still factory sealed. Not only is the pack and blaster present, but someone stuffed the ghost trap in!! Yahoo Missing the ID card and foam. Seems like those are always missing. Does have the red armband. I'm surprised how many people still have the armband though. I may try to fat man in a little coat this bad boy during Halloween. Patrick
  6. Whats up with the 75 in the corner? Number in the corgi line? 75 cents/pence, year of release? Patrick
  7. Couple clarifications. I was more asking if any older Joker moderns were picking up. Batman 563 used to interest people, but not really now. I also meant my fatigue portion to be a question, not a statement. Patrick
  8. Has there been a price increase for any Joker books? Thought we'd see higher interest with Joker War and the 3 Jokers out. Seeing Joker fatigue. Patrick
  9. Awesome! Just found this: "Pinwheel Perforator - A wheel-shaped object with sharp points often placed close to the film rack to insert small holes into shrink film. The small holes allow air to escape the sealed package when the heat is applied." Patrick
  10. Only to a few of us suckers. Kind of like Spawn syndrome, everyone stopped buying at a certain point. So people have the early stuff, get bored, and buy the remainder that are shorter in supply. Patrick
  11. Very interesting. What does the punch hole imply? A commercial shrink wrapper? These weird things always interest me. Patrick
  12. Round 5 - Uncanny X-men Alert Adventure Game by Pressman Heard it's somewhat popular. Could not believe it was sealed. Cost a whopping $10. May have been my favorite thing to bring home from the group. Has extra fondness to me. My brother was given it in 1992 for his birthday. Can't express how jealous I was as a monster X-men fan. Never will forget when he opened it and there was a friggin Silver X-men 11!!!!! Obviously had no idea about the 4 different issue potentials at that time. I'm noticing a lot of people paint the figures. That's pretty sweet and would make playing the game a bit more fun. I'm aching to open this, but I just can't do it. Patrick
  13. Congrats. I'm not aware of any media news. A number of people watch for them and buy. Guess it doesn't take too many more for things to go up. I should have mentioned the Ashcans too. Those do quite well. Patrick