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    I've been waiting for an ARCH special for some time.

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  1. What's the robot in the background? A mini Shogun? Patrick
  2. What is the background? From a game? It's coolio. Patrick
  3. Invincible Appreciation Thread

    I'm surprised to hear that. Is it the standard key issues in the 1st 20 that are pulling cash? Thought the Anissa 1st might hold some value. Patrick
  4. Books you just cant find in the Wild

    I'd guess it will come down at some time. But I think it's going to hang around for a bit. I like the stories' who-gives-a-dizzle attitude (TM Pending). Patrick
  5. Invincible Appreciation Thread

    I was really disappointed by the final issues. When the last issue came out, the beginning felt so formulaic. As it moved on, it felt like a re-tread of the series with his kid. But by the time the issue ended, I was truly impressed. A respectable ending for a great book. Patrick
  6. Books you just cant find in the Wild

    No joke, the book is super hot. It was sold out everywhere here either same or next day. I got lucky yesterday and found one that was in a person's hold box that was closed. The next issue is supposed to be well bought also. Patrick
  7. I'd never heard of Defenders of the Earth or run across them. With how long I've been doing this, always amazes me to come across the unknown. Buying a Turtles collection in the next couple weeks. Not great, but a few tougher pieces. Patrick
  8. Love the orange on the Rachel Rising 1. Patrick
  9. I hate to see a bunch of dungholio on your hands, I'll reluctantly take them. Patrick
  10. G.I. JOE THREAD YO JOE!!!!!!

    That's not some of the later issues, pretty much all! Love that Es Special #1. Patrick
  11. Sell them to me and then I post what a great find I came across. Patrick
  12. Moderns that are heating up on ebay!

    Couldn't believe that my shop was out of Thanos 16 already. One of the hotter books on a month-by-month basis. Patrick
  13. Eric Powell Goon Page

    Man, I've looked thru the 1st 3 Avatar, 4 Albatross, and 33 Dark Horse. Didn't find it yet. Patrick
  14. Motor Girl

    I love Moore, but this title just didn't for me. Huge fan of Echo and Rachel Rising though. Patrick
  15. G.I. JOE THREAD YO JOE!!!!!!

    Thought for sure there would be a response like "That's the dumbest guess I've ever heard". Patrick