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    I've been waiting for an ARCH special for some time.

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  1. followtheleader

    Moderns that are heating up on ebay!

    Glad to see the book has some movement. I enjoy Kate Bishop and most of the YA team. Patrick
  2. Man, you should spend a little of that toy money on your cars. Patrick
  3. followtheleader

    Destined to be the best Comics General post of all time...

    When are you going to post it? Patrick
  4. Though I have a number of carded items, I also enjoy collecting loose more now too. My MOTU collection is virtually all carded. But my Joes are overwhelmingly loose. Patrick
  5. Really awesome pieces. Patrick
  6. Who is the white character in the bag on the shelf? I want a bunch of those (especially on the top). Looks like you are a big Dreadnok fan. Patrick
  7. Predaking is still very desirable. Pretty stoked to hear what you'll get. G1s always bring a smile to my face, even if I'm not getting them. Patrick
  8. In some cases, prices have been affected. Others, no. Definitely look them up. Fortress Maximus took a good hit when it came out. But it's still holding a solid price. Patrick
  9. Uhm, what are these? Patrick
  10. followtheleader

    PUNISHER appreciation thread

    Read the new #1. It was good enough. Not great, not bad. Patrick
  11. followtheleader

    Moderns that are heating up on ebay!

    Though I typically agree and I like both Cates and Ellis, I thought this was one of Ellis' weaker pieces of work. It's true, this book is really only hot due to speculation/timing. It went for years and years with little to no care. On the flip side, Cates may make what appears to be a temporary speculation into a longer term desirable book. Patrick
  12. Yeah, the Night Force version of the APC is super awesome. One of two Night Force vehicles that I really want. Patrick
  13. Loved that series. I need to re-read. Patrick
  14. Here's a pic of a built one with a broken down tire. They look pretty hard to find. Patrick
  15. Is this new to the boards = "affiliatelinksnotallowed "? Not seen that before. Patrick