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  1. Thanks, appreciated. Saw another Buy It Now today that looked higher so figured there had to be something. Patrick
  2. Any reason Kanan 1 might have seen a bump today? $91 raw is pretty darn good. Patrick
  3. A few smaller pickups. After nearly 4 decades, the husband and wife are reunited. Found a Ms Pacman to go with the Mr. Also, a couple of Garbage Pail Kids packs sealed. Dying to break them open. Patrick
  4. There was a character from Bishops feature with the last name was Lebeau. Which is why he assumed it was Gambit. But that was n unrelated coincidence or red herring. Patrick
  5. Onslaught junk. But they tried to come back to it being Bishop when they did that terrible Hope/Cable story not too long ago. Patrick
  6. Damn, if only there were some tidbits about moderns, we may have seen interest about this. Patrick
  7. Thoughts on Frost Giant's Daughter? It's by Ablaze Comics. The thought of Conan w/ Marvel is insanely boring to me. Conan and that universe need to be super raw. I enjoyed FGD #1 more than I thought I would. Looking forward to tackling #2 soon. Some of the covers are killer. Peach M cover for those that enjoy her work (it was one of my least favorite covers). Posting 2 covers I picked up. Really like them. Some of the interior splash pages are stunning. Just cool scenery, lighting, etc. Patrick
  8. Wow, saw the price for some Walgreens Exclusive Star Wars POPs. Like Jango Fett and Grievious going for over $100 consistently. I'd sell those so fast. Good cash. Patrick
  9. I'm a sucker for Sky Patrol. Chrome and working parachutes = zang! Consistency between the figures is a big plus too. Bags never opened. Sharc sure doesn't make sense on this team though. Patrick
  10. I honestly thought they were a little on the soft side. Granted, I'm basing that on the non-variants. Definitely not complaining and it's early. Just hope people remain interested (very solid book). Patrick
  11. Good catch on this one. Selling pretty nicely. Still can't believe what Ice Cream Man sells for. Our shop had tons of copies. Seems like the blank Pink cover is not very desirable, at this point. On a side note, is the ASM 55 interest solely because people like the Gleason cover? Patrick
  12. Funny you said that. Exactly what I was thinking. Have enough to wall paper a small room. Guess it will depend on how much 2 cost to get framed. Doesn't have to be too nice. Patrick
  13. Dude hooked me up with a fat stack of these. Good sized. Think I'm going to get one framed. Patrick
  14. Found this plastic set today. The box artwork instantly grabbed me. I'm a big domino proponent anyway, so a no brainer. Surprised myself to find that the WW side art was my favorite part. Patrick