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  1. Few toy questions: A) Do you personally care/desire unpunched MOCs over those that are punched? B) Do you see an appreciable increase in price for selling unpunched? C) Does a partially dislodged punch affect the value? D) I don't recall seeing this, but is punched/unpunched reflected in professional grades or labeling? Patrick
  2. Saw the following two figures in a collection of Joes for sale. Definitely intrigued me. Personally, I like them. Definitely cheesy, but fits well with the Joe line. US Forces / American Defense is the line. The names are the best/worst. Most of the weapons are rubbery. White guy is Ice Wonder or Yeti. Silver Robot is Safety Zone or Claw. Patrick
  3. Thanks for the info. Found it in a new comic shop near Boulder CO. Unfortunately the last copy (though the guy owns a comic shop in St Louis too). Anyone know if Matt is Matt Tracker? I would have preferred it titled as "Tracker" than Matt. Would have loved to see Croc Master and Shockwave. But I'm sure every single person wishes to have another person or three. Though the lower vehicles are pretty blah, they look cool. Terror Drome and the Defiant would have been great replacements. Patrick
  4. Oh damn, this made me laugh. WHY?!?!?! Do I need it? Patrick
  5. Very much enjoy the old vibe of this. Only a few that bug me. Matt is the best thwy could come up with? Supposed to be MASK? Love me some Nightraven and Crusader. Patrick
  6. Guess I can flip to some common cheapies. Splinter - Odd, I didn't know his cane is also a hidden knife for killing! Pretty cool idea. Metalhead - Such an underutilized and cool character. Chrome on this specimen is very nice. Feet tend to be a paint wear problem too. Rat King - Kind of sad when a king has to use their own subjects as projectile weapons. Wait, that's what all kings/leaders do. Patrick
  7. Item #5 Yellow Sideswipe Now this is rare. One of my favorite pieces in my collection. Again, someone has discussed this well: Beautiful condition. Thought I took pics of it out of the box, I'll do that i anyone cares. Only bummer is no diaclone driver. 3rd pic is the order card. Still attached and in great shape (intentionally perforated to be poked out). 4th pic is a diaclone pamphlet. Can see a bench of the early diaclone toys. Unlike my earlier Bluestreak Takara #08, this box isn't intended to have a box flap. Patrick
  8. Love those stickers. Saw an old Mile High Comics mag that had Mario on the cover. Was thinking it's the next Malibu/Spawn. Patrick
  9. $35 consistently. One just sold for $50 though. Looks like condition is a problem with this issue. I've personally only seen 1 copy of the book. Patrick
  10. Not posting until it's in-hand is not irrational. I concur with that perspective. Patrick
  11. Item #4 Early Takara Bluestreak Transformer (#08). This person described it so much better than I: Condition is really nice. Car is notorious for the hood being broken. Again, some accessories but not all. The box flap was removed (bit is remaining on the top). Kind of like it as a box. Not sure why, but I really enjoy the sideways rubsign. Patrick
  12. I was going to skip the episode because I disliked the show that much. But I was VERY impressed with that episode. From Stan, to Leo, to Godaikin, and on, and on. Though PRs will not be a toy interest for my collection, very curious what are considered the desirable pieces (excluding variant related things). Patrick
  13. Never was a fan of the Power Rangers. But sure am finding the episode on the Toys That Made Us interesting. Crazy how Leopaldon/Leopardon and Spider-man were the earlier precursors. I totally lucked in that amazing toy for a song. Same with the Godaikin line. Forgot that I never posted about some of those purchases. Anyone here a Power Ranger toy collector? Anything cool to show/enlighten us with? Patrick