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    I've been waiting for an ARCH special for some time.

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  1. Sandman 9. Love it. Once more I will offer my love to you, once more, and that is all. If you refuse me a third time, I will condemn your soul to eternal pain. So I ask you, sweet love, for the last time, will you be my queen? Patrick
  2. If you run into questions, message me. I'll do my best to help. Patrick
  3. Selling. And likely very soon. I have WAY too much for my wife to do anything with. Would have posted it a couple weeks ago, but it was taking forever to catalogue and I'm packing my toy collection to move. Patrick
  4. That poor Whale has been stripped of virtually every part possible. Hopefully some in that red bag. Patrick
  5. I would have been thrilled to get that box for $20. Obviously they have to be in nice shape. Last issue and it's sold well a number of times over the years. Just dips frequently too. But can't hurt to sit on them for awhile until the bump comes again (like now). Patrick
  6. These should, but probably won't #16 - Angstrom Levy #61 - Conquest (oh hell yeah) #26 - Oliver Grayson #19 - Battle Beast (underrated character) #68 - Dinosaurus Returns #1 - Grand Regent Thragg #113 - Terra Grayson (his daughter) Patrick
  7. Invincible 44 for sure - 1st appearance of Anissa. Awesome cover and makes 110 more important. Patrick
  8. 0% chance this is legit. But pretty fun to see and wonder. Patrick
  9. Depends on what you are getting and how much. For a few expensive books, top loaders are great. Even a solid bump isn't going to do much. For moderns/coppers in quantity, short boxes can work well. Patrick
  10. #120 thru 137 have to be super tough. It's not easy finding the books in high grade sans newstand. Patrick
  11. Flipping thru this, I nearly didn't buy it. But it was a pretty decent read. Definitely will give #2 a try. Patrick
  12. I've started packing for a long move. Realizing that comics are infinitely easier than toys. Any recommendations from past experience? Patrick
  13. Looks like the dark faced Grizzlor. Hard to tell from the pic. Patrick