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    I've been waiting for an ARCH special for some time.

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  1. followtheleader

    Best modern covers ever

    Great Skeletor cover. Never seen it. Just watched the documentary on Netflix. Makes this even cooler. Patrick
  2. One of my fav purchases. Black Lagoon is one of my all-time favorite figures. That alone would have pleased me. Clash of the Titans with the tail is great times. Lastly, I'd not seen the lion in my travels. Since learned it's from the 70s Flash Gordon series. Absolutely love it. Wish I found more with this odd assortment. Patrick
  3. followtheleader

    Best modern covers ever

    Wow, that East of West cover is amazing. Patrick
  4. I know, it's not Plastic crack. Really nice condition throughout. Appears to be a 4th edition. The dice are so poor quality compared to how they are made today. Probably shouldn't complain because it sounded like dice became a luxury shortly after this was made. Patrick
  5. followtheleader

    Best modern covers ever

  6. followtheleader

    Best modern covers ever

  7. X-Ray from Stretch Armstrong line. Also came with the box. Surprisingly heavy. No leaks. But definitely has hardened. Patrick
  8. Picked this up recently. A whole $20. Came with some missiles (not pictured). 24"er's are so much harder to find locally than the recent past. The fist can pack a great punch to the grill when they shoot. Patrick
  9. What's up with the Supergirl? Another country? Patrick
  10. Went to a toy show this weekend. Got a number of cool pieces. Will post this holiday weekend. One toy I kept hearing people ask about were Shogun Warriors. Over and over and over. Thinking it was coincidence, but wondering if there was some associated news. Patrick
  11. I would have bought all of those. Patrick
  12. The Battle Beasts are pretty tight. One of the last toylines for me to expand. Patrick
  13. It's this way with Joes in many cases now too. Some loose figures are damn near the same prices as a MOC. That makes zero sense. This comes from someone who has both, but actually likes the loose Joe figures over carded. But if i'm paying similar prices and chose between MOC/loose, I'm buying MOC every time. Patrick
  14. Not a modern figure person, but I like it. Always enjoyed Archangel. The interchangeable faces makes it like 4 different figures. If they made a cracked out huge Cameron Hodges, you could re-create the X-tinction Agenda series. Patrick