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  1. Damn, the shipping box for the MASK toy is trashed. I would have thought the toy/toy box would have been trashed too. Patrick
  2. Sorry, that was my poor terminology. By stolen, I meant they borrowed the same molds and tweaked (didn't develop their own). Patrick
  3. Walked up to a booth. Vendor was on the ground with a buyer looking at something sizeable. I was both elated and terrified to see the item was the Dark Tower. Ive been searching for one for many, many years. I know weve all had that moment. Where you are waiting for the other to buy or not. It took every fiber to not yell out. This guy was clearly very interested and i was sure it was gone. But after an eternity, the guy gets up and leaves. I hear him say he may come back but expects it to be gone. I swoop in and the seller is a little caught off guard. Shows me the contents, that its virtually complete, and that the electronics still work. I say virtually as i believe some of the red score keeping pegs are not present (think battle ship). Couldnt have been happier with the purchase. The board feels like it was hardly used. Still that old tight newness when unfolding. The figures make me think of Stranger Things. Almost want a variant set of the different color versions, but thats just overboard. Wanting to post this and some other finds for awhile. Shout out to my nephew for graduating Marine boot camp laast week. Patrick
  4. Was just reading about these from a late 90s book on collecting toys. Said that some of the figures were stolen/altered molds from the DC Super Powers line. Like Mr Freeze vs Lex Luthor. Robin, both figure and packaging, were super rip-offs. Why of interest? It was 2 different companies and I don't recall a lawsuit. Patrick
  5. Fletch is in my top 5 favorite movies. So good. Patrick
  6. Such a true statement. The whole time, my thoughts were around concern for a store's shelf space. But why the hell should I care about that! AHAHAHAH. Patrick
  7. So a random old movie came on the other day. I was in a weird frame of mind where I was down with checking it out. Why? Because the main character was in Fletch. Anyway, part way thru, I realize it's feeling real damn familiar. Guy comes back to town, finds out things are corrupt, tries to dispense some justice, gets whooped, then decides he's taking that justice to the streets. And what does he use to dispense this justice. A big ole' bad stick. Hmmmmm. Movie is called Walking Tall. In full disclosure, it was late so I only made it halfway thru. Has Aaron ever discussed this as an influence? Patrick
  8. I just can't believe how big the box is. Though it looks awesome, it seems like a huge waste of space. Probably should have been sold in robot mode. I know, they didn't sell that way. Might have looked better than the gun mode within the box (with the window display). Patrick
  9. Finally picked one up. This figure has so many problem spots that i thought id never get one. Lights and sound work, chrome is great, etc. Glad to finally get one. Patrick
  10. Sir, I am right down the road in the magical town called Firestone. A suffer the plight of a Bronco fan. If you tell me your a Rams fan, I may ask you to marry me. Only part we differ on is the drink, but you can hit the coffee and I'll drink New Belgium. Patrick
  11. Thank god it's re-opened. I was a tad b-hurt with it locked. Patrick
  12. Funny you mentioned CoIE. I'd been thinking that he may move on to alternate universe versions of the characters. Wish they'd really delve into why the characters are so tied to Anti-God. Did Anti-God go to an alternate universe instead of just died? You can tell that I don't read much of the internet news. Had I, I'd have seen things like this: A) Skulldigger and Skeleton Boy - Jeff Lemire said that this book would be the first title in "Phase II" of the Black Hammer universe. B) "Hammer of Justice!" is not "a throwaway ‘imaginary story’" either, and will have lasting repercussions in future Black Hammer stories. Patrick