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  1. Which one then don't you like? Those early Flashes from 1959 have always been brutally tough to find in decent grade, and now of course they're super expensive as well.
  2. Here are my earlier Flashes that I missed out on posting over the last few weeks:
  3. Mmmmmm, very strong! Captain Boomerang himself would be proud to have such a copy.
  4. Not so. The bottle city of Kandor was introduced in Action Comics 242 cover dated July 1958 and thus preceded Flash 116 by over two years.
  5. I wouldn't say that I deserve credit for helping to start this thread but I've posted almost all of my Silver Age Flash comics at least twice in this thread alone. Here's my #116:
  6. Thank you! Sadly I'm more of a words and numbers guy. My bag of tricks doesn't include illustration.
  7. Issue #115 is super tough to find in decent grade.
  8. A gathering of Flash's Rogues Gallery in the dining room of the Central City Jail circa 1965: Weather Wizard: "You Piper are so pathetic. A whopping 32 issues four years and four months apart before you got a return appearance in The Flash! Pied Piper: "Yeah, but I was in Justice League 14 in the interim though!" Weather Wizard: "Fffffttttt!!!! You had nothing but a bit part so that hardly counts as a proper appearance. Worse yet you were just a lackey of Mister Memory, who himself turned out to be the mind wiped stooge of Professor Amos Fortune!" Heat Wave: "Yeah, heeeee, heeee! Just the lackey of a mindless stooge!" Pied Piper: "Actually, speaking of reappearances, I just looked through my collection of Flash comics and you didn't get a return engagement with the scarlet boy scout for a colossal 35 issues spanning four years and five months!" Weather Wizard: "Did too! I had a whole story in Flash 130!" Pied Piper: "Hah! You didn't even go up against the Flash though! You were beaten by a little kid and some two-bit superhero with stretching powers who wasn't even good enough to be a member of the Justice League." Weather Wizard: "See! It was two against one!" Pied Piper: "What did the Elongated Man have to stretch to put you down? His nose, his ear?" Trickster: "Giggle! There be only one body part I'm willing to stretch!" Top: "Me I wouldn't need no secret elixirs either! That Sue babe of Dibny's could do it for me." Weather Wizard: "I tell you, it wasn't fair! I was double teamed." Pied Piper: "You couldn't even beat Aquaman or even Batman let alone the Flash. You're more pathetic than I could ever be." Weather Wizard: "Am not!" Heat Wave: "Well you're both beyond pathetic in my book." Pied Piper: "Look who's talking! The johnny-come-lately who didn't even appear on the scene until I had three appearances under my belt!" Captain Cold: "Yeah, the kids who were buying my first appearance in Showcase 8 in 1957 had all graduated to Playboy before hot head here arrived on the scene." Weather Wizard: "Yeah, junior here wasn't even around when DC comics were still a dime." Heat Wave: "You should talk! I still beat you onto a cover by five issues." Weather Wizard: "Not true! I was there on the cover of #110. You just couldn't see me for the flood I was stirring up, that's all." Captain Cold: "It was my appearance on the cover of The Flash 140 that made it an item on newsstands anyway." Heat Wave: "Yeah sure, pops." Captain Cold: "Speaking of which everybody knows I'm the greatest Flash villain of them all! I've been around since the Flash's second newsstand appearance way back in 1957 and I've plagued him ever since." Mirror Master: "Well you got the plague part right anyway. I'm the one who got the first cover though, and it was for issue #105 the one that relaunched the series! None of you can come close to matching that." Captain Cold: "Fffffttttt! You play with mirrors like a woman!" Mirror Master: "Yeah well I still had two cover appearances under my belt before you got your first!" Albert Desmond: "Can anybody tell me who I am today?" Grodd: "All nonsense! Everybody knows that I'm the greatest Flash villain of them all!" Mirror Master: "Hah! Your waistline may be the greatest, but you're nothing but a big hairy ape! You're so ugly that Julius didn't put you on a cover until your fifth appearance in issue #127." Grodd: "Lies! I was on the cover of #115." Mirror Master: "Doesn't count. You weren't your fat hairy self on that cover. Like I say, you were too ugly to get a cover yet." Trickster: "Hey, who ate all the bananas?" Abra Kadabra: "It was the overgrown ape again." Top: "You're all pathetic. Except for the hairy ape and he doesn't count, all any of you losers ever did was rob banks and jewellery stores. I was going to blow up half the world in issue #122 until that meddlesome do-gooder interfered." Trickster: "Could have, would have, should have!" Top: "Huh?" Trickster: "The world's all still here, isn't it? The point is you didn't get it done. The only thing you got done was a fast trip to the hoosegow." Heat Wave: "Yeah! What a loser." Albert Desmond: "But why am I here?" Captain Boomerang: "It's elementary my dear Doctor. You've been a very nasty boy starting way back in your Showcase 13 and 14 appearances before the Flash even got his own title, so nasty in fact that most people haven't forgotten." Abra Kadabra: "I'm #1 though! My collection of The Flash ranks above any of yours in the CGC data base." Heat Wave: "Huh? CGC? What's that?" Abra Kadabra: "You wouldn't know. That's in the future. I've had the top ranked Flash collection at CGC since 6349." Captain Boomerang: "Well that won't be for a few years anyway and I'll match my issues #117, 124 and 148 up against anybody's in the right here and now!" Trickster: "Hmmmppphhfff! Nothing but your own appearances, if you can even call them that. Talk about pathetic. I don't know what's more pathetic, you or your comic collection." Professor Zoom: "Well I'm going to be badder than any of you saps, just you wait and see!" Abra Kadabra: "Yeah, sure. What do you want from us? Applause?" Professor Zoom: "Just wait I say. I'll show you dastardly!" Top: "Is that true, Kadabra?" Abra Kadabra: "I don't know.. My comics are all sealed in plastic slabs so I've not been able to read any of them." Captain Boomerang: "But that doesn't make any sense. Why would you or anybody want comics you can't read?" Abra Kadabra: "You'll have to wait 35 years before you understand." Albert Desmond: "But I just wish I knew who I was this week." Top: "Somebody here could certainly use some more electro-shock therapy." Captain Boomerang: "Look who's talking! Hey, who farted?" Professor Zoom: "I think it was the hairy ape again." Trickster: "Well then that's my cue. I'm gonna run. Hey! Which one of you crooks stole my shoes?"
  9. Basically just sentiment. But sentiment to me is big time. Why aren't you treasuring these as mementoes of your father?
  10. I posted my only 3-D Harveys including Funny 3-D on page four of this thread.
  11. Fabulous ads and a great collection! I'll be getting a pack of Hostess cakes for dessert after lunch today!