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  1. Who designed/programmed the Search function on this board? Why doesn't the Search function work as do ordinary everyday Search functions everywhere else? For example, if my Search term is "Fantasy" and I type "Hepcat" in as the Author, I should get every post in which Hepcat has used the word "Fantasy". But no. I get every use of Fantasy. And I don't need to be told that the Search function doesn't work that way on this board. I KNOW it doesn't work that way on this board - which is what drives me up the wall! I'm saying "Fix it!" so it works like a rational, sensible Search engine!
  2. Yes. Uncle Scrooge was the second funny animal title I took up collecting after The Fox and the Crow.
  3. I have a fair number of cool funny animal comics. I wish I had loads more. Since I seem to be very close to the point where the superhero comics I most want are nearly impossible to find in higher grades or are completely unaffordable in those grades, I may very well devote more of my collecting efforts in future to other genres such as funny animal.
  4. Speaking of Flash artists, I didn't much like Irv Novick's artwork on Capt. Storm: But I really liked his artwork in The Flash when he took over as the regular artist with issue #200 in 1970. Here for example are a few panels:
  5. While I don't remember when and where I discovered the Li'l Abner or Terry and the Pirates strips, I clearly remember discovering the Scamp strip in the Weekend Toronto Star on a visit in 1961(?): The Scamp strip first appeared on 31 October 1955 with 15 January 1956 being the date of the first "Sunday" colour strip. It ran until 25 June 1988. Scamp was also the title feature of Dell Four Color Comics #703, 777, 806 and 833 in 1956 and 1957 before graduating to his own Dell title #5-16 which ran from May 1958 to February 1961 followed by Four Color 1204 later in 1961. Sadly I st
  6. Not much change in 2021 so far. Here though is a comic that might cheer Jimmers up a bit:
  7. This one: I hate the way Green Lantern looks on this cover. I don't think wash-tone covers work for Green Lantern.
  8. I agree! That cover is yet another reminder of how many cool funny animal titles were published in the early 1950's.
  9. So are you implying that the Atlas pre-pre-hero Marvel titles (such as Two-Gun Kid, Lorna, the Jungle Girl and Battle) aren't welcome in this thread?
  10. A poster might be tough given the size of the paper needed, but you can easily get that ad printed on a T-shirt in one of those custom T-shirt shops. I have a t-shirt with the house ad for The Flash 106 on the front and a scan of the cover of my copy of The Flash 106 on the back: I have a total of seven(?) custom T-shirts with imagery from my collections including this one for Sea Devils 2: Just make sure you don't give away or even lend the resultant T-shirt to anybody else. That would constitute distribution of reproduced copyrighted material which is a felony u
  11. A couple of Bantam paperbacks with cover art by the incomparable James Bama: The Frankenstein that Bama painted for that Bantam cover is the best I've ever seen. It's even better than this one that he painted which eventually became box art on the Aurora Gigantic Frankenstein kit:
  12. Absolutely true! And it was even tougher to be a DC comic collector prior to CGC arriving on the scene circa the turn of the millennium. I used to look at the prices listed for DC comics in the Overstreet Guide and think "Yeah, I'd buy those comics at that grade in an instant but who's got them for sale?" Truth! Comic collectors born after about 1952 who are first and foremost DC fans are a rare breed.
  13. I would, I would! I'd do it better though. I'd have the Flash going up against Captain Cold and Heat Wave or maybe the Weather Wizard.
  14. I've now beefed up the Flash's Rogues Gallery skit I wrote up a few years ago: A gathering of Flash's Rogues Gallery in the dining room of the Central City Jail circa 1965: Weather Wizard: "You Piper are so pathetic. A whopping 32 issues four years and four months apart before you got a return appearance in The Flash! Pied Piper: "Yeah, but I was in Justice League 14 in the interim though!" Weather Wizard: "Fffffttttt!!!! You had nothing but a bit part so that hardly counts as a proper appearance. Worse yet you were just a lackey of Mister Memory, who himself turned out t