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  1. Love those Tastee-Freeze premium comics. So cool!
  2. I still love those Harveys! I'm going to have to have to scan through this thread though to determine which of my Harvey comics I've not yet posted.
  3. You're correct in thinking that Hostess Fruit Pies (in fact any Hostess snack cakes) weren't generally sold in Canada back in the 1970's. Twasn't the Hulk though that I remember as being the top pitchman for Hostess in the Bronze Age. Aquaman and Mera were the ones that had me considering driving to Port Huron or even Detroit for American confections or whatever:
  4. The serious issues with my Photobucket account that weren't resolved until earlier this month acted to keep me away from here. Potentially even more serious employment (or retirement) problems have also been an issue for me in the last month. My decision though is "Screw the bastiches! No, I won't be retiring either from this board or in the real world despite the far reaching conspiracies to make my life difficult. My plan is to keep fighting!"
  5. I just love DC funny animal comics including of course all the ones that are being posted in this thread!
  6. Random House released this Xmas themed Dr. Seuss book in 1957: It's become an all-time classic and was turned into an animated movie for TV in 1966: Here's the trailer: All I can add is "Merry Xmas to one and all!"
  7. I now suspect that Photobucket is trying to meet profitability targets for 2019 by reducing bandwidth expense in December. That's why I'm being denied the bandwidth usage for which I've already paid.
  8. Iphone? What is this iphone thingy of which you speak?
  9. Here's a good write-up on Al Fago: https://www.lambiek.net/artists/f/fago_al.htm How/why some prefer Jim Lee and Rob Liefeld is beyond me.
  10. That's what most annoys me about CGC. The company's existence has made the comics I want the most even more difficult to find.
  11. A noble quest to be sure! I'm wondering though whether Flash 128 is special for you in some way? Myself I remember looking upon the half-page house ad for #128 as a kid with wonder and longing:
  12. Yes, I would think that being mentioned as a culprit in a thread on the topic should be embarrassing. In any event, what's your stand on the question? Mine of course is that the whole thing is a non-issue.