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  1. I don't understand why miscuts/miswraps wouldn't affect grade in a negative way. They certainly decrease the aesthetic appeal and thus the overall desirability of the comic.
  2. Love this thread! May it live long and prosper!
  3. Sorry fellows. I really hate the superhero grey tone covers including the Wonder Woman, Detective Comics, Mystery in Space and Green Lantern ones. Many of the war ones are excellent though!
  4. Cowboy and the rest of the posse are well. And Spaceman is a splendid being if I do say so myself!
  5. So cool! I love those old Harveys. While I was willing to pick up various Harvey titles way back in the 1990's, these did not include the Blondie and Dagwood ones. Now I wish I had a bunch of these.
  6. Great glass! I have one as well but I'll not bother to post my photos since yours are a lot better.
  7. So has this thread succeeded in its noble objective? While we ponder the question, here's a pic for all:
  8. Gil Kane was another who'd gaily recycle covers from the past. This one he did in 1959: And then this one in 1962: This one from 1961: And then this one from 1967: And what's wrong with multi-purposing anyway? Incidentally the bottom three comics are from my own collection.
  9. Same here. I used a rifle shot approach to pick up a few horror and war titles, but I should have cleaned out my bank account and backed up a truck to get as many of the humour titles as I could. Oh well....
  10. Which one then don't you like? Those early Flashes from 1959 have always been brutally tough to find in decent grade, and now of course they're super expensive as well.
  11. Here are my earlier Flashes that I missed out on posting over the last few weeks: