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  1. Get it pressed. I think this could grade higher than anyone's said so far, with a press.
  2. Me too... also, agree with getting it pressed.
  3. I based my tiers on the lowest possible grade I thought a book could get, and what the corresponding Overstreet guide price was for that grade. It's your choice, though.
  4. I would only use Voldemort if I had an unverified signature. And even then, reluctantly.
  5. Man... that is a nice bump... and Joey is the best. A while back, I posted like you did about two books (JIM 85 and ASM 129), which folks here graded 6.5 and 7.5 pre-slabbing. Sent them to Joey, he sent them to CGC, and they came back a 7.5 and 9.4. Ka-ching! Congrats again... always nice to more than double your value on a book when (re) slabbing.
  6. Want to add more to your collection? If you don't care about the third-tier keys so much, then start either upgrading, or just buy additional copies of books you really like. Before I sold my stash, I had 3 X-Men #1's, 4 GSXM #1's, 2 Daredevil #1's, 2 TTA #27's, 4 ASM #121's, 3 ASM #15's, 3 ASM #50's, yadda yadda yadda. Now, I was really an investor, not a collector. So as a collector, you might wanna do the upgrades instead.
  7. I'll chip in on the AF15 experiences: In 2002, I bought a gorgeous restored copy for about $2200. To me, this book looked 8.0 or better. Last fall, I sent it to CGC. It came back a 6.0 (PLOD of course). What?!?! Then I realized there was a massive crease on the back cover, very hard to notice. (That said, it was still a beautiful book, and I was thrilled to own it for when I did.) EVEN UNDER THOSE circumstances, (restored, condition overestimated by me) I sold it this year for 6 times what I paid. Thanks, Stan!
  8. Without discounts for subscriptions, the CGC grading fee for a book between $1000 and $3000 is $100 (express: five days). Over $3000, it's 3% with a $150 minimum (walk-through: same day). If they were my books, I'd do the $100 express level for each. I've never had CGC bump up my fee, and they once turned a $5000 book of mine (paid $150) into a $30,000 book.
  9. Nice sale... and maybe it's me... but your grading might be off a touch on this.
  10. 1. Yes, under the right circumstances. I had a Hulk 1 with professional color touch that went from a 7.5 purple to a 6.5 blue. I also had a Tales To Astonish 27 (raw) that had amateur color touch. It was removed, creating a hole... but the book was only a mid-grader, so it was worthwhile doing... wound up a 4.5 blue. I've submitted other restored books on which CCS/CGC declined to remove color touch, presumably because the damage caused would hurt the book's grade too much. 2. Yes... with CT removed, it will then get a blue label. Seems crazy... since it's actually been TWICE doctored... but that's the case. 3. I don't know for sure... but there are some on this board who probably can answer that question.
  11. Maybe you should change your handle.. ...to Ironing Man.