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  1. LOL Don't do it! The day I would give Mrs. Rover my critique of her home decor... would be my last. Hell hath no fury... like an angry ginger.
  2. 3.0 for the book. 5.5 for the upholstery.
  3. That photo takes me back. As a kid I bought comics from that Robert Bell guy.
  4. Hadn't seen this until today, but as I looked at the scans, my first thought was... man... it's rare that you can hope for too much in a clean... but this is one of those times. Congrats!
  5. I got back an Avengers 4 with a cracked case. Contacted C/S... they paid for reholdering and shipping both ways. FWIW.
  6. A press would address that spine roll. I'd say 3.0, maybe 3.5, after a press.
  7. Well, he does need the dough, after shelling out $30 billion to the Mesothelioma Trust Fund.
  8. Another recent example on eBay: an ASM 1 Conserved 5.5 sold for $9750... a 5.5 blue label sold for $14,000. Definitely a better ratio than a purple would get.
  9. My recollection, based on GPA review (and experience), is that conserved books will sell for about 60-70% of Universal books, and that purple will sell for around 30-35%. Of course, it greatly depends on the grade, and the book. I had an Avengers 4 CGC 9.4, conserved (from the Nicolas Cage collection... don't know if that helps or hurts LOL). I believe the most recent sale on that book at the time (two years ago) was around $13,500. IIRC. My book sold for about $8500, again, IIRC.
  10. That happened to me, twice, on the same shipment, with ASM 20. Didn't realize the poster was gone. But check this out: On one book, they gave me a blue 0.5. On the other, they gave me a green 4.0. Same flaw. (I cracked the 0.5 and sold it raw)
  11. Reminds me, for some reason, of one of my all time favorite New Yorker cartoons: