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  1. If that back cover can't be cleaned up, then I'd say 4.5 or so. Nice book... especially considering the price.
  2. This factor is why I built most of my silver/bronze collection with raw books in the 8.0 range and under. Those I felt reasonably confident about my grading... a book like this I wouldn't trust my grading. Heck, I recall last year sending a Marvel Special Edition #15 for a joeypost press and CGC grade, thinking it would come back a 7.0. It came back a 9.0. (edit: not that I'm complaining )
  3. This looks waaaaay better than my 4.5. I'll say 5.5. Nice book!
  4. One of my fave Spideys... this looks 6.0-6.5. Great book!
  5. Not off eBay... but my BIL attorney had an estate to sell that included 2 long boxes of comics. He had an offer of $700... asked me if I'd pay more... sight unseen I said, sure, and paid $800. He thought it was mostly monster mags. Included were the following complete runs: ASM 15-67, FF 31-80 with 2 FF49's, XMen 9-50, JIM/Thor 113-150, and other assorted Marvels. Plus a ton of other Gold Key stuff: runs from Tarzan, Twilight Zone, a complete run of Magnus Robot Fighter 4000AD, which I'd never heard of, but which is apparently quite popular. And.... the monster mags did a lot better than I thought. Nice haul.
  6. Again, I don't know exactly. But here's a thread that gives you current times...
  7. The grading tier you signed up for has a time range associated with it. They've been running pretty quick lately from what I hear. Here are a few photos... edit: not my best... took me a while to get the hang of photoing slabs. LOL
  8. Nah, it’s just a web photo I grabbed. But I remember all the books from my first grading: ASM 5, 10, 15, 16, 18, FF 48, 49, 50, 52
  9. Maaaaybe a 2.0. Oh, and next time... ...say no.
  10. Won’t be purple. Highest grade would be VG range, but with that much tape, you might be lurching down into GD range. A picture would be nice.
  11. Not sure how they’ll dock it for tanning... I’ll say 6.0. Wonderful book. You’ve got some nice ones!
  12. ...on Earth, Asgard, or elsewhere.