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  1. Agree. Only reason to remove it is to bump the grade up. And this book really won't get above the 4.0-4.5 range, even without the tape.
  2. Agreed... follow the sage words of Steve Miller...
  3. This looks waaaay better than mine... on mine, some knucklehead kid (not me LOL) filled in Spidey's eyes on the cover with pen... and mine was a 3.5. I'll say 5.0. It can't quite get to a Fine Minus... but it's better than a VG Plus IMHO.
  4. Could be a 2.5. But, man, that book's grade is death by a thousand cuts. Still a great book.
  5. 2.5... that back cover is pretty crunchy. Still a nice book!
  6. Chasing a better grade IMHO is folly. The only time I’ve resubmitted books is when they had purple labels and CCS removed the resto (or in the case of my Avengers 4 9.4, which had a cleaned cover, and qualified for the Conserved label). Those are cases where you don’t mind the grade going down... because you’re getting the upgraded label.
  7. That’s pretty good. My reason for asking is to see if they could all be submitted under one grading category, to save you shipping. As others have said, the #1 will have to be done as a walkthrough. But IMHO you can send the rest through as Standard, which will save you on shipping. I arrive at that valuing at the lowest reasonably possible Overstreet grade/worth. That’s what I’d do, anyway. I would get them pressed first though... through a third party.
  8. I hate the choices... especially since it's such a great looking book. Don't want a green, and don't want a knockdown of the blue grade. If it were a VG range book, then OK. But this is better than that. It is the ONLY situation in which I ever have sent, or ever WOULD send, a book to Voldemort.
  9. What grades would you guess the 2, 3, 4 and 6 to be? That would impact my advice.
  10. I’m of the mindset that when in doubt, on a major key, you press. You never know. That said, it’s a helluva book you’ve got there.
  11. This is that special purple-to-blue service. Remember? They told all the cool people? Oh, wait... ..never mind.
  12. Here's my 3.5... This one's more uniformly a 3.5... your front cover looks fabulous, and I think a cleaning might help you, but those tears on the back...
  13. I might push it to a 5.0, but those water stains make me nervous. Helluva book.
  14. Your options: 1. 0.5 blue label 2. Green label, but two cutouts? Dunno what the grade will be. 3. Re-sell raw on eBay. IMHO, I’d do the third one.