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  1. I'm not sure if I should send in more books now so they get in the system or wait until things cool down a bit. Either way, I assume they'll get back to around the same time...
  2. I still say Wanda created the mutants with The Hex. Monica passed through it a few times and gained powers... who's to say everyone else didn't as well? The townsfolk had it passed over them at least twice.
  3. OK, what's going on here...? Grumble grumble. Received 4/12/21 Service STANDARD Status Finalized / Imaged / Shipped Shipped 5/5/21 Received 4/12/21 Service WALKTHRU Status Received
  4. If you don't send it, you won't get it graded. Just don't expect them to stick firmly to their turnaround times. In my experience (not just this situation but several over the past two years of submissions) the timing can be pretty random.
  5. I sent in a walkthru with two standards, received 4/12. The walkthru is still sitting at Received while the standards are in Grading / Quality Control. There's no telling which will sit and collect dust these days.
  6. I just checked the pressing turnarounds and it's gone from 10 days to 15. Guess that explains some of the delay. Still worried about the first walkthrough which isn't in the system yet, however. Guess I'll just have to be patient. They haven't lost a book on me yet...
  7. I sent a walkthrough in on 3/27. Although it was delivered on 4/2, it hasn't shown up in my submissions yet. I sent another walkthrough in on 4/3 along with 2 standards in the same box. These three were listed as "received" on 4/12. The 2 standards immediately jumped to "scheduled for grading" while the walkthrough is sitting in "received". Granted, it's supposed to have a walkthrough level pressing but isn't that supposed to take 10 business days and then move over to same day grading?
  8. Human Torch Comics took over the numbering from Red Raven Comics. There is no number on the cover of Human Torch Comics #1 and the indicia (copyright section) on the inside says it is #2. But by issue 3, they had a "3" on the cover even though the indicia has "4". By issue 6 they got everything sorted and 6-38 are all numbered correctly. - J
  9. Does anyone else think CGC should do away with the whole "#2 (1)" numbering on their labels and just label them as "#1", etc? I mean, I understand the reasoning behind the first few issues being labeled the way they are, but #4 (3) even has "No. 3" on the cover and once a book is slabbed no one's gong to be opening it to look at the indicia... Anyway. Just my personal preference. If the majority agrees, think we could convince CGC to make the change? - J
  10. Thank you for the swift reply! Best, - Joe
  11. Hi there! First time posting. I recently received a CGC-graded comic (and I checked the certification via the CGC website) and the book, which is from 1988, has a lot of space to slide from side to side and up & down within the holder. I know there's a holder within the holder, but shouldn't that "inside holder" hold the book firm? I mean, there's seriously about half an inch of space in there. All of my other CGC-graded books have "inside holders" without this extra space. The book was graded in September of 2017, if that info helps. Do I need to have this re-holdered? Or was there s