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  1. Hi Terry, I appreciate the shoutout! Been busy raising two teenage boys but still collect behind the scenes. Dan
  2. Here’s a copy/recreation by your Father. I’ve looked very closely and it looks like actual inks, but am curious if you know if it is a watercolor on a print? Did he have a bunch of these? Thanks, Dan
  3. Just added a great vintage Sonic the Hedgehog cover by Manak.
  4. Some pieces have sold. But I just added a really nice early Dennis the Menace.
  5. https://www.comicartfans.com/galleryroom.asp?gsub=194368 Groo Dennis the Menace conan Doc Savage Uncle Scrooge
  6. Chris, you know me... so, that’s 1.
  7. Those are both winners! Had my eye on them, but spent my budget early.
  8. Title says it, covers, splashes pages. Pre 70s only! Thanks, Dan
  9. There has been a ton, I mean a ton, of Pogo strips on the market for the past couple of years. And almost no C & H strips. Priced accordingly.
  10. Just got off the phone with Heritage as I recently lost an item due to their bid Protection not working. Was advised not to use it by them. Too confusing and doesn’t work. Anyone else have stories about this so called feature? Wondering why they don’t just get rid of it. Was told it was an old throwback to how they used to do business. (?) I was sniped by a cut bid which is just the scenario this feature is supposed to overcome. Oh well, but I am curious if anyone has used this feature successfully?
  11. When I search the App Store there are 5 or more apps with Cam Scanner in the title?