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  1. I contacted CGC for their grading guidelines on Matte Vs. Glossy, and here was their response: ”This answer is according to our graders. The glossy version does have a shorter right edge than the pages inside. But some copies of the matte version are also like that. CGC recognizes copies as "glossy" when the surface of the cover is almost that of glass. It's almost like someone poured a clear resin over it. If there is still texture to the paper, we will notate it as the "matte" version.” Hopefully this helps clarify for everyone. When I had posted this originally, I couldn’t get a straight answer from anyone, and the only answer I did get was that the cover on the glossy was shorter, this is why I thought mine was the glossy version. So this makes a lot more sense.
  2. Came back at 9.6 “matte”. I think someone mentioned it was “glossy”. Is there any way to determine if it was mis-labeled?
  3. I would think so, I don’t know your exact location, but since you would be having one graded, that would take longer, and be a shipped separately from the other comic. I wonder if there is some sort of customs thing that adds to the expense. It usually makes it worthwhile to ship multiple comics at once, to get the most bang for your buck with shipments. At least, that is what I have found for me. I did run into an issue where my computer pre filled the form, but put the state (Georgia), in the country slot. I couldn’t figure out why the shipping was astronomical, I reached out to CGC (they are very good at getting back to you), and they informed me of the error that I had made. So basically I had it set to send the package to the country of Georgia instead of the state. You can check for errors like that, but being in the states, it’s hard for me to know if that is an accurate amount. If you have any doubt, then reach out. That way you would make 100% sure that everything is accurate. To make the reply more effective, I would include your location (shipping information), and the raws you were planning to submit and which tiers you were trying to select (include that you wanted to press one, and that tier as well). Also, so everyone knows, that the last few shipments I’ve sent through USPS have never shown “Delivered” in the tracking information. They still show in transit, which led to a lot of worry until they showed up in my submissions. Edit: Sorry for the story, didn’t see that you weren’t a newer member, was just trying to help. My apologies, wasn’t trying to be condescending or anything.
  4. Hello everyone! I want to start by saying thank you all for the continued support on the forums, and with all the knowledge you all have provided. It has been indispensable, and I appreciate it more than you all know. Over the past almost year now, I have learned a ton of information from reading all these posts on the forums, and reaching out to some members individually and just asking for help. So thank you all for that! Ok, so I am starting to sell more slabs on eBay, and I have the intention of picking that up more. I’ve read of a few different names of websites that offer sales data, but I can’t remember them all, and don’t know which one is the most beneficial. So my question to you all, is which do you use, and why? The one that sticks out in my head right now is GPA. 10.99 a month if I remember correctly. (I could be wrong and this could be the only one, but I swear I’ve heard of more) Anyways, any input helps. As of now, I’ve just been checking sold auctions on eBay, which can be helpful, but only to a degree. It would also be nice to track sales trends (charts or graphs), to see if a slab is moving up or down. Thank you all for reading, and I look forward to the responses! - Jonathan F.
  5. @greggy Great go again, as always! Always excited to see what you get back.
  6. Maybe I will have to look into that myself. I haven't read too much, other than AC 1002 wasn't her first appearance. I guess I'll have to do some more research first then. Thank you for that information. Yea, I was thinking typically you would see that later on in the auction. Strange they did it this early. I mean this morning I was showing my girlfriend it was like $127.00, a few hours later $587.00.
  7. Dang, nice group I need to get mine sold before your 27 get out lol! I'm considering getting my hands on a few more right now, but I don't know if it will be worth it or not. Part of the gamble lol. Edit: Do you think any of the others will go up? Like #2 #3 #4 etc? Or even the 2nd printing or other printings of #1? or the variant?
  8. I figured those bids would mostly be fake, hopeful, but I assumed that much. Seemed like a huge jump out of no where. I didn't realize how much of a hit it would be though. It's wild.
  9. What do you all think will happen with Naomi #1 First Print? I got a few copies when they were $25.00 each. I now see a 9.8 with 5 days left on eBay already at $587.77. Since I'm new to this, I don't have any knowledge to base a guess off of. I'm just curious what you all think will happen. Will it rise for a few weeks, months, and then crash? Will it slowly rise? Just hype for a few weeks? Curious, thanks!
  10. I’ve come to see that on most books, unless it was an AF 15, or Tec 27 lol, I guess those coverless could still fetch a pretty penny. Yea, I didn’t get hurt, I’ll just store them away unless I do a big sale on the forums eventually from all my “noob” purchases. Now I have a focus on what I really enjoy collecting, this was more from when I was hopping around, and being impulsive. Thank you for the response! @fifties
  11. It was an eBay auction. I was still pretty new in the hobby at the time. I’m still very new, but I have a better idea of things now. I did figure because of the purchase price, it wasn’t going to be worth much, but I just wanted to see if maybe I was wrong. I do appreciate the input! @PeterPark
  12. Hey everyone! I hope everyone is having a great evening! I like getting first hand information from you all here. You all have helped me avoid getting scammed on eBay, taught me everything I know, and really really have helped me out with deals and knowledge. This is why I turn to you all for most questions, and I apologize if they may be bad or stupid, but it’s only because I trust you all for the right information. So this is just me saying thanks to all of you! Now for the main question. I picked up about 5 copies a while ago of “Police Comics #120”. About 3/4 from the top, on all of them, the top 1/4 is missing from all of the covers. I don’t mind posting pictures, but I’m not looking for a specific evaluation or anything like that, I just wanted to know if they were rare, valuable, or even sought after, or if these need to be held in the “store for life” box lol. I paid under 10 bucks for all of them, so I’m assuming they aren’t, but I just wanted to check with you all before I forget about them. Thanks for the help!
  13. @Ovrclck That TC #44.. so jealous! Not saying the others aren't great, but TC #44 is one of my favorites!
  14. Me as well! I am not familiar with it, but this could be very handy!
  15. @greggy Amazing as always, I love to see all of your submissions. Awesome!!