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  1. Today starts a few comic auctions on my Ebay store. Some of the comics coming up for sale are: Animosity #2 Signature Series CGC 9.8 Silver Surfer #2 CGC 5.0 Spider-Man 2099 #1 CGC 9.8 ASM #378 double cover CGC 7.0 Weird War Tales #111 CGC 9.0 Wonder Woman #76 CGC 1.8 ASM #50 DVD Mini Variant CGC 9.0 Rai #0 CGC 9.6 ASM #300 DVD Mini Variant CGC 9.4 Nothing to rare or crazy, just trying to get some slabs moved. There may be more than the ones I listed, I’m going through everything and putting them up. Please excuse the BIN prices on
  2. I’ve done a bunch of selling on FB Marketplace. Be prepared to deal with a ton of fake offers, people wasting your time, and rude people as well. When going to make a sale watch for “replica bills” (they say replica somewhere on the bill, last place I saw one it was the bottom right corner in small letters), counterfeit bills, and I personally don’t take checks. Then the next problem is, if someone hands you a counterfeit bill or replica bill, it always turns into a confrontation. It can take a nasty turn very quickly. I’m not telling you to avoid this means because of the money yo
  3. I’m not sure, I’m hoping 7+ maybe higher, but it appears to have a little resto, but I’m no expert. So we will see! I feel it is undervalued as well for such a known character. I guess we will see what the future holds. Until then, I plan on buying 5 or so more. (Like I said I love the cover lol) For everyone else, I went to a local store after work just now. I found another cheap copy of marvel premier 15 so I decided to snag it.
  4. Sweet copy! Yours looks to be in a little better condition than mine. My 181 has a kind of splotchy cover. The red faded in some areas. Nice pick up! I'm probably going to get another here soon, it's one of my favorites! Sorry ADAMANTIUM meant to quote @Wolverinex
  5. Sweet find!! Congratulations! @PunisherPunisherPunisher
  6. I think the authenticity for seller “mycomicshop” has been around before this announcement. If I remember seeing it correctly. I don’t think they are related. I vaguely remember Ebay advertising for “mycomicshop” as comic consignors. I could be wrong. I haven’t read every single page of this post, but I don’t recall reading an ETA on this new announcement.
  7. Thank you! I feel like if I could go back in time, I’d be rich (I guess we all would be lol). My brother spent years trying to get me to buy comics, If only I would of listened. Same. @ADAMANTIUM
  8. So over the last few weeks i’ve picked up quite a few comics! Some rare, some not as rare, some keys, some not. I don’t think I’ve posted any of these yet, but these are some of the ones I’m very proud of! - ASM #41, pretty ok shape! Nothing special as far as grade though. - Lana #1 - lower grade, but still in pretty good shape for its age I think. Definitely a low grade though. Pretty awesome time stamp of June 10th, 1948! - Marvel Premier #15 (1st app. of Iron Fist) - DOUBLE COVER, great shape, and I just had to have it! NM - ASM #388 x2 NM+ - Silver Surfer comics -
  9. I don’t take it as mean at all. I know I have a lot more knowledge to gain, dealers to locate, contacts to make. I asked some of my questions wrong, I see how that would be giving me your contacts, which you are right, you were many years to get. I do appreciate your response. Thank you for hitting each point as well.
  10. We’ve been together a long time. We both know where each-others hidden fund is, but we don’t touch them either. I got the same advice from my father quite a while ago. I know that no one was trying to be rude, I just shouldn’t of mentioned it at all, I’ve been sick, half asleep and was trying to be funny. That backfired lol, is what it is. Like I said the more I read the post, the more I’m like why the heck did I even post that. I guess I have lots of questions, and was trying to get them all out at once.
  11. Agreed with this. We don’t really talk about it though, I was more trying to be funny with that aspect of the post, it got too literal with that, she could really care less. I usually do run it by her when I’m spending a larger amount though. We have good communication and I’d like to keep it that way. All money that I accumulate on eBay whether it’s from comic sales or my other Ebay sales stays in a separate account. I agree with this. My more cautious side is telling me to wait. I can tell a lot of keys. 70s-80s and up, but to look at hundreds of books at once at an estate sa
  12. She did say she wanted to be rich.. she didn’t say in what..
  13. Lmao, I’ll get some pics together later and pm them.