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  1. Update, received the book back from CGC today, 3.0. The official losers and worst graders on this thread are:
  2. 3.0 (+0.5), cover looks great where it counts! Clean book
  3. Thanks for all the responses. Since it has been 24 hours I will add another bit of information that I think will make this more interesting. The book was bought as PGX 3.5. I know it is a gamble, I accepted the risk. I’ll be sure to update this thread in a few months once I receive a grade from CGC.
  4. Hi! Please grade my FF#4. Unsure if it’s acceptable to state, but this book was submitted for a pressing prior to grading. If possible, would also like to see grade estimates after pressed. I tried to include photos of the noticeable tears, there is a 3/4 on the cover, 1/2 on the back cover. Staples are discolored. Marvel chipping. Centerfold tightly stapled. Some smaller tears on a few of the inside pages (pictured). Thanks in advance for the participation. Mailed out today for press/grading, will update upon return.
  5. 1 book economy, 2 for crossover value, and 2 for value. All delivered and received 18FEB. The economy was graded and delivered 2APR, all others still "Scheduled for Grading".
  6. I agree. I had my first copy of this book pressed but it was in pretty bad shape, and received a 1.5. Luckily, I got it for a good price and made enough money to purchase this book. I didn't consider pressing for this one. Overall it was already a pretty flat book, and its for the personal collection. Those are my reasons, but I think you make a valid point. And if (when) I do try to resell down the road I will probably be kicking myself for not pressing.
  7. UPDATE: For those interested, the book got a 3.0, Off-white to white. Thanks for the input!
  8. Where is the line drawn for the resto label? Is scotch tape applied by a collector deemed OK, and modern tape deemed resto? Is a crayon acceptable because it was a kid, and watercolor pencil considered resto bc it was meant to disguise the problem? Please see the attached photos for example...I have wondered about this for awhile. The CGC website states “For example, a couple of pieces of tape were used to hold on the cover, a dab of Dad's wood glue was used to close a tear, some crayon made the cover look better, etc. ... Some repairs remained acceptable to collectors and were "grandfathered," such as tape. Most repairs, however, were defined as restoration.” Personally, I would think somebody with maturity using their advanced dexterous skills to paint and hide a problem should def be considered an amateur resto. But what about a kid with a marker in the 70’s trying to make his book look better, but unfortunately making it worse? EDIT: If a “resto” brings the grade down, why is it considered a “resto”? In principle a restoration should restore, not tarnish.