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  1. I agree! I don’t hate names on books from the silver age, date stamps on the cover dont bother me. Appreciate the response, I have it in Mylar now and it presents juuuuuust fine for me.
  2. Hello, PGM my Xmen #2. Decent shape, has wear on the spine, tried to show in the photos - some tears in mid spine are completely though (but small). The previous owner, a Mr L. Eck marked out the original(?) owners name on the back and wrote his. All sharpie of course. He also decided to leave his mark on an interior page, top and bottom! Maybe L. Eck is some kind of special pedigree collection . Thanks in advance for your input.
  3. Not a tear, that is just how the light it hitting, I think that’s just an indentation in the paper.
  4. Hello, putting up for sale my ASM #16 CGC 6.5 OW/W. Sharp copy, I think the photos can do the talking. Let me know if you want any additional photos posted. Accepting PayPal as payment, shipping is $15 and will be added to final selling price (priority mail flat rate box, bubble wrapped and padded). FM value looks to be at $575, but I have some wiggle room for my friends here at the CGC forum. Asking $550. Can ship day of sale if payment is received before noon, otherwise will ship the following day. I don’t sell here often but have sold/traded some big books, and purcha
  5. I’ll be shipping off to CGC in a week or 2, I’ll post results hopefully mid-late January. Thanks for the input, coin flip for 3-3.5.
  6. Significant “dirt” on back cover, might have to get this one dry cleaned..