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  1. Hi, as the title states I’m looking to buy X-Men 58 CGC mid grade anywhere from 4.0-7.0. FMV is estimated $75-$130. Can discuss pricing specifics dependent on grade, thanks.
  2. Hi all, putting up the following books for sale or trade: ASM Annual #16 ($20) and Tales of Asgard #1 ($25). Prices listed above include media mail shipping. Also, willing to trade for the following books in mid-grade or higher condish: FF #39, 40. Shipping from Alabama to other USA addresses, PayPal is the preferred payment method. Thanks for looking.
  3. Hi, I am putting up my ASM #6 CGC 4.5 for sale, asking $815 shipped. I am willing to work out a partial trade for an ASM #16 in similar condition (~4.5), which based on recent sales can be valued around $300 (give or take). Let me know if you are interested or have any questions. Shipping from Alabama priority mail insured, preferred payment method is Paypal.
  4. I agree, good advice. I think this is where I’m at, I’m happy with a 4.5, I just have limited grading experience. I just wanted to be sure, since I am going to send it in for reholder anyway.
  5. Hi, I plan to send this book in for reholder, wondering what your thoughts are on regrading? Do you think this book would be likely to receive a grade bump? I’ll list the graders notes below, thanks for your time! - Front Cover Wear All Corners. -Left Center Back Cover Multiple Tear With Crease -Spine Moderate Wear Breaks Color
  6. Bump, big price drop, last ditch effort to sell on this forum. Now $1525! 🍻
  7. Selling for $1475. Price includes priority shipping with insurance. PayPal is preferred form of payment. No returns as book is CGC certified and USPS insurance will be provided for the selling price. Thanks for looking!