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  1. Most useless superpower Posting in this forum
  2. I subbed a wolverine 88 Technically that's a 1k book I paid 3 bucks or whatever off the shelf. It's a 3 dollar book till someone pays me different
  3. If Cyber is the first villain, I'm going to cream my pants
  4. Guess I'm stuck at where moderns are. I also still think 1990 was 10 years ago So, what books were worth stabbing in 2000? Does anyone know what the pag quality was back then? Having collected in the 90s, the only difference I noticed in page quality was when Marvel moved from newsstand to direct. And MCP.
  5. Be interesting to know about all these 9.8 moderns and how they will hold up over the course of say, the next 30 years. Will today's 9.8 be tomorrow's 9.8? Honestly doubt it. You see the paper quality these days? Covers are literally going to fall in half. Can't wait to get my sub back so I can inspect closely those spines I subbed.
  6. Only if you want social media followers What kind of influencer are you
  7. I just switched to night shift. Is yet to be determined if this is good or bad. Surprised you guys just noticed this guy, his shenanigans has been around at least a week
  8. Not to say those threads aren't important. They're extremely valuable to the hobby, but let's face it, they're depressing Give me threads about how to detect restoration. The threads about people who use restoration to grift their way through life are depressing, but vital Give me threads showing off your books. The threads about submitted books being damaged are vital. But so depressing Give me threads about value and intrinsic value. The threads on speculation and pump and dump are natural conversation But give me Friday threads, because everyone needs a laugh, e
  9. I'd rather have Friday threads than threads about how encapsulated books keep getting damaged, sellers scamming buyers, buyers scamming sellers, stores and CGC reps scamming everyone, and the inherent problems with the SS program