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  1. Man I really need to get my hands on Army of Darkness
  2. Speculation Speculation Speculation There is a reason I only collect and don't sell. I suck at wondering what other people like and stick to what I do. Which turns out not many do
  3. Not disparaging you, just saying my pov
  4. I cant justify paying that much for something I don't readily collect
  5. Why? The red and blues are certified test prints. If this silver/platinum exists the most likely thing is that its an error, like the virgin covers that have popped up Personally, I dont know what makes any of these special, other than the insane low print run
  6. Doesn't alleviate the fact that in 30 years nobody on the boards has ever seen one, let alone die hard maxx collectors. Is it possible? Maybe Is it more likely a mistake? Probably
  7. Fake it till you make it. You guys know that "influencer" is considered an actual job these days, right?
  8. Not sure how common/uncommon this is, but never seen it before
  9. He had enough of being trolled and left the forums. Still conducting business but feels his knowledge would be appreciated elsewhere. Wish he wasn't wrong
  10. That makes sense, thank you. I see this situation only being resolved with photographical evidence. I have a hard time believing the "experts" would take a Darker Image platinum and label it a Wizard 1/2 silver, but that is the closest to rational I can find for whats happened here. Not one sale of a 1/2 silver recorded anywhere (eBay, clink, comic collect, heritage) and no record in available databases. I mean it would be great to find a comic printed in 93 that has lived underground this long, but its highly unlikely
  11. Now take this for instance, how come it's not on the census but this mystery silver is? This is an obvious printing defect, would it be classified as a purple, labeled as printing defect? Why is the label blank?
  12. Understandable, as it is, I haven't ever been able to find any existing copies of a silver maxx 1/2, either for sale or been produced. Im leaning towards it being a defect, most likely from a purple or gold, unless a silver test was made as well as the blues and reds, and again, searching online shows nothing, other than the 4 variants shown above