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  1. Looking to trade for a GSX 1 slabbed. Let me know. Thanks
  2. Looking for slabbed copies that are complete and no tape on covers. Looking for either books in lower grades.
  3. Could use a press...if you’re feeling lucky. $380 shipped or a lower grade... Gsx 1 asm annual 1 asm 129
  4. Want to trade all three for a lower grade giant size X-men 1...Any takers??
  5. Looking to trade my Amazing Spider-Man 14 CGC 4.5 for a low grade Hulk 181. Let me know if you are interested. Book must be graded and have value stamp.
  6. Looking to sell this for $800 shipped. Would also consider lower graded asm 129 and cash. Let me know. Thanks for looking.
  7. I don’t have it yet, but it looks like the chunk is out of a few pages. Big concern for me. Thanks for replying!
  8. Would appreciate your thoughts. Considering picking this up in a trade and would like to get it slabbed. Happy holidays!
  9. Which would you rather have? I have the opportunity to trade my Batman 181 cgc 4.5 for a tec 359 cgc 3.0. I would appreciate the feedback.
  10. DC comics Presents 26 (first Cyborg, Starfire and raven) new show! $125.00 Payments: PayPal only Shipping: $14.00 for priority flat rate Other: I will not sell to any Hall of Shamers or anyone on the Probation list. Returns not accepted
  11. Looking to sell my new Mutants 87 cgc 9.2 Newsstand. Asking $215 shipped. Havent sold through CGC before, but have done so many times with ebay, Reddit and instagram. thanks for looking! paypal only