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  1. Want to trade for or buy CGC low grade, but complete and attached Action Comics 242 Action Comics 252 Superboy 68 DC Comics Presents 49 VF+ Shazam 8 VF+ Paypal ready. For trade: Green Lantern 87 cgc 8.5, Batman 121 cgc 1.0
  2. Looking for these books in lower grades, but slabbed, complete and attached. Have $850 in paypal available. Also, have a couple of books to trade, if necessary.
  3. Looking for mid-grade Brave and Bold 34 (first SA Hawkman). Can be raw or slabbed. Paypal ready
  4. bump...Can do $2300 shipped for a complete unrestored book.
  5. Looking for a low grade Marvel Family 1. Have $2000 to spend. Let me know. Thanks.