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  1. Graded at a 3.5. Looking for a low grade complete and attached X-Men 1 or ASM 1
  2. Mid grade and up....I did sell the NM 87, but can cover with cash, if need be.
  3. Looking to trade my dc comics 26 cgc 9.4, New Mutants 87 NM, Amazing Spider-Man 252 NM... ...for an Amazing Spider-Man 300 cgc. d
  4. TMNT 1 is a 3rd Print TMNT 2, 3, 4 And Raphael 1 are all 1st prints $600 shipped + 4% paypa fees us only paypal only
  5. Looking to trade my Giant Size X-men 1 cgc 3.0 and Fantastic Four 48 cgc 3.5 for a slabbed Action 252.
  6. Looking to trade both books for the Hulk 181. The GSX 1 could use a press. May come back with a grade bump. let me know.
  7. Book is complete and attached. No tape or restoration. Asking $400 shipped. not a grader, but looks to be a 2.0-3.0. PayPal only US only
  8. Looking to buy a lower graded Werewolf by Night 32 and/or Tales of Suspense 52 - Looking for a 3.0-4.0 for both/either. Can offer up to $500 for the TOS 52 and $600 for the WW32 Can pay with Paypal only. Thanks for looking!
  9. Thanks for all of the replies. Appreciated.
  10. Feedback appreciated... i have the ability to trade my Fantastic Four 48 cgc 3.5 for a Daredevil 1 cgc 3.5. The difficulty is that the dd is severely faded. This would be for my personal collection, but I may have to sell my books at some point to fund a daughters wedding or car, etc. I’m not sure If I could sell the dd off as quickly as the ff48. Wouldyou make this trade?
  11. Looking to sell both of them together for $2300 shipped. Would also trade both for a Showcase 22 cgc 3.5 or above. Payments through PayPal only. No international shipping.
  12. First Silver Age Riddler asking $315 shipped - USPS priority paypal only US only
  13. Asking $300 shipped. Displays beautifully. First claim takes it. PayPal only. Thanks for looking.
  14. I just submitted a Crossover from PGX. It shows that it is scheduled for grading, but shows category "qualified". Does this mean that it is being given a qualfied grade or they are still working through the process?