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  1. if the case aint cracked, its a FN 9.8 if the case is cracked, you just got jacked
  2. It better not be Mark, or I'll serve him up some freedom toast.
  3. You're right Mark, I noticed the same thing. I've also heard that Rien means "nothing" in French. Isn't the writer of that book French? This may just be a revenge plot for that Freedom Fries era.
  4. You know Mark, those claws don't even look real. They look more like a psychic projection than bone.
  5. has it been confirmed that she is wolverines daughter? she looks more like sabertooth
  6. I noticed on graded copies I have seen, there is no mention of reign being wolverines daughter. Is that because you know she is not the daughter of wolverine, or it simply hasn't been stated in the comic yet?
  7. I dated a girl that was a 9.0 the HARD WAY that means she was actually a 6.0, but she had her own mobile home and a case of beer...
  8. a cgc 9.8 on a FRIDAY, is a 9.6 on a MONDAY..... just sayin
  10. no photos, I was just wondering. It seem like if there is anything wrong with a corner, even the slightest bit, it automatically knocks you down to a 9.4, 9.2. range. I was wondering what they consider a top staple separated from the cover. Does that automatically kick you down to a 7 or 6 even?
  11. How much does a top staple detached from the cover lower the grade of a book?
  12. just looking for opinions. You want your kissed for a response? get a life. don't respond, i don't gaf. 10418 posts, looks like you just sit around foaming at the mouth to respond to a post anyway