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  1. Have you ever considered a Bruce Campbell in house signing? That would be groovy.
  2. I tried to ship my submissions priority mail with 1400.00 insurance. The woman at the counter said I had to add signature upon delivery for that amount of insurance. My question is, if its going to a po box, is a signature requirement going to screw it up?
  3. i am going through the process of submitting a book for press and grade. I do not see a place where you can use the 150.00 credit for signing up in the 149.00 tier. Is that credited later?
  4. I have a two questions about signatures. I have a book signed by Kirkman, Haunt preview, but it was not witnessed. I understand that upon grading this book, I would receive a green label. My first question, is there a way I could have him resign it while a cgc rep. witnessed it to receive a yellow ss label? My second question, does cgc have any plans to do a Kirkman signing in the near future?
  5. I have two books I would like to prescreen for a press. One is a Tmnt 4 magazine size, the other is a Amazing Spiderman 300. Both are Signature Series. I was wondering how I submit them, as I have never submitted comics myself before. I usually submit modern tier books through my lcs. After purchasing a membership that allows me to submit, I imagine I could ship the books out together, and then I would need to ship them back separately. It would be $10.00 each to submit for a press prescreen, then the fees to regrade the books, if it was accepted for a press? Thanks, Mark
  6. I see you have claremont coming to sign. Any chance of jim lee coming?
  7. I called cgc. the number is legit, it just doesnt work in the system. they don't know why....
  8. I was going to trade a signed milli vanilla album, but it I cant verify the cert # Im not taking any chances
  9. I have no idea what this means. Im a poser rocking vision street wear. I don't speak thrasher
  10. I'm looking at a book on eBay. I typed the cgc number in and it says it can't be found on the cgc website. Is there any reason this could happen other than the book pictured on the sale add is a fraud?