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  1. There's something to be said for anybody following through with obligations right now!
  2. Or "the guy" made it and/or is selling and wanted a shift-the-blame cover story for how he got it. Or "the guy" just wanted to create drama?! and none of it ever happened?
  3. Is it so hard for the cataloger to note both? 20% BP isn't enough to justify this "extra" effort? BOTH - or go home
  4. There are 10,000 of them with Heritage...it's going to be a good long while
  5. I applaud your past, present and future marital bliss but, no measurements required...
  6. Buzzkill, yeah I know, but this whole thread should be in Marketplace.
  7. Also this, especially if you regularly change arrangements and hate putting holes in your walls https://www.ashanging.com/en_us/subtle-hanging-system-residential-art-hanging
  8. Nice! I was the one that "discovered" that GR cover back in 2004 or 05.