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  1. This goes on for another few days and maybe the hobby will mature past over-reliance on "comps" to find "value". If you really like something and can afford the price (doesn't make you puke on the spot) - just go for it, no need to make sure you're not the first to pay that extra digit.
  2. @lobrac Two weeks...there's no patience in this hobby. None.
  3. So the target is fake sports memorabilia auctioneers. Cool. We do comics/art, nothing to worry about.
  4. There may well also be a rather sexy spreadsheet now for sale on Ye Olde DarkWeb sortable by $value...and name/address.
  5. By the way, I love the way the focus is on getting the auctions back up n running, not very customer conscious that.
  6. So assume everything else was got Bids, wins, consignments, history, all personal info, blahblahblah.
  7. About how long I've been retired
  8. Correct. You think "your" account would be the only one hit
  9. Naw. FDIC. (except for those high rollers with more than 100k laying about all in that one account )
  10. Russia. All day, every day. Russia.
  11. Heh. I did too but was BROKE in HS. I tried very very hard to get my dad to "invest" $10k in a dead nm Captain America #1 (1989/90)...he just couldn't see it. He still can't (no matter what "some fool just paid").
  12. Not me. Because I'm not reading/collecting those titles. Are enough doing that that "do" OA too to support the price thesis? I dunno. Just asking those that might. My point being that my money is off the table not only for content but also -blanket statement- all those artists. Unless one of those named pieces was pretty different than the rest of their body of work...um, no (for me anyway).
  13. Let's not make the mistake of assuming -linear not cyclically- that comic art collecting/roi appreciation will always be primarily nostalgia based. I can see the hobby taking a significant turn someday (maybe not in "my years" though but later) to appreciating the truly individual innovative creators over house characters/style as today. If that happens, then artist will drive almost everything not content and not 'iconic' status, etc. Even today -anything James Jean drew/painted, anything, is worth more than nearly (75%? of) all cover art created during the same period, except for hi-retro stuff like Sink on NM, Neal or Miller hitting a Batman et al. Whether I'm exactly right about 75% or whatever, there definitely aren't many 21st century artists one could write that about. A lot of guys are hot on "their" book on a major Big Two title but pretty flat otherwise (some hundreds not thousands). Not JJ. And some few others too which I know people can name. A minority now but I think probably not always.
  14. Only 50 cents back on gain though after taxes And if you're bidding, there's 20% vig on top of and then state sales tax too Nothing's ever easy. I'm at 99.9%. In the similar sense I have more than one of everything I'd ever want that isn't already mid six to seven figures, and I'm unwilling to take on the capital gains hit and give art up to make serious plays on serious trophies. I buy something or other several times a month though, all center of collection stuff too, further strengthening that 99.9 end. The fifty multi-millionaires in cash or collections can have the other .01%