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  1. Definitely; the word doesn't apply to comic art at all (or collectibles at all). The correct word is: speculation
  2. If the price is the same/greater than an amount you'd miss if you lost your wallet: it's an investment
  3. Cthulhu. 2nd Place: That character who's name begin "A" (and also tied with the other one beginning "M") which drawing can get you the death sentence
  4. You're also probably a fan of having less art (cuz: less money) then Maybe this is OP's "best" but I suspect it isn't or won't be for too long, remain in the go-simple, go-cheap camp and use the savings to continue to climb the ramp toward "best".
  5. How'd you know that's where I found my Romita ASM cover for three figures (but sadly a few bucks over $500 ). I prefer to think of my offer as a receiver service because not everybody is home to sign all the time. Whatever happens after that is a private discussion/negotiation. Or maybe you meant someone other than me
  6. Everything Eric wrote is great, however he skipped an exceptionally salient point (an obvious and intentional omission to us old hands here) - there is a reason crummy comic art by crummy artists sells for a lot. That reason? It's not about "The Art" (aka everything that Eric is pointing you toward) but "The Collectors" (and/or also "The Dealers" aka The Market.) What this means is, Sal Buscema's sharp angles may make you want to slit your wrists BUT The Collectors (en masse) have determined that Avengers, Spider-Man, and a mountain of fill-ins are worth more for the "content" than the art. (As long as those favored characters are: IN COSTUME ) You miss this point, you will end up with a rather aesthetically pleasing stash of stuff (to you, a few others probably too but almost nobody else with eyes only for: comic art) that without a growing audience will sit flat or decline in value over time (not only in inflation adjusted but even real terms), even faster if you overpaid to begin with. (Paid vs. Over/Underpaid is very much a separate topic too.) The above doesn't mean you have to collect "popular" (but not-so-great at best) art, but the awareness should be there that when you buy offbeat/niche "artsy" comic art you may have left your money behind at POP never to return. Either your collecting DNA (and bank account) can accept this (the absolute consumption aspect of money spent) or not. If not, then try to find art that others like now and will continue to like even more that also tickles your aesthetic view of the art world too. At least then you have a chance of evening out over time. Otherwise, you have zero chance of changing the world...it will move as it does, and that may or may not be closer than today as far as seeing comic art as comic ART Skottie...who knows. But not cheap today, is it? (So are you willing to throw a larger amount away never to return?)
  7. http://scottmccloud.com/2-print/1-uc/index.html http://scottmccloud.com/2-print/3-mc/index.html
  8. I skipped right over it, more random GA garbage (story), until your comment, and hey it's fun However, I think the art stripped of color might be much less interesting than one would first think.
  9. I totally agree. Of course. You should too All the rules stuff is sorta stuffed-shirt, to put it kindly. Same with the folks losing it in the BCarter27 thread
  10. 100% totally legit and museum approved. Maybe not awesome for 500 years (or maybe just fine!), but excellent for the years you'll own it. Next guy can figure out things appropriate for him - then!
  11. Oh nice...my "friends" at Midtown Comics, who've yet to master customer service
  12. I guess I missed the memo where Brian now owns CAF Best of..., cuz he's clearly The Boss and making All The Decisions Rick2you2 - You're FIRED!
  13. Everything I sell domestically is "free shipping", yes I do bake all my overhead into the number I list/accept for. If you buy from me...your purchase price is awfully, and unfairly (waaaah-waaaaah!) grossed up. Likewise when I buy from anybody in a negotiated process, my offer is always "shipped" - one number, no bs. Guess I'm just hurting myself there, eh? The most humorous aspect of this discussion, to me, is that we're discussing ad nauseum a relatively small fraction of the item's total value here....10-15%, maybe 20% at the outside, if we are absolutely inclusive (save convention expenses which could be padded up beyond 100% if you only bought one $500 piece but stayed overnight in the Presidential Suite to "get it" ) So that minor bump is what the fuss is all about, mostly from Gene...who I guess is totally c-blocked from entering for all the $495 pieces he's buying that get bumped up over $500 because.... Hey Gene, all those "on the margin" gems you're uncovering...just find one that's less than $400 (plus up to 25% in "extras"...) and...ta-daa! there's your 2020 entry Even so, you'll probably still lose to me.