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  1. One dealer. Everybody knows the others all work for Bechara...........right?
  2. Ohhhhhhhh...some unpublished gems there
  3. It's in California, so... maybe let's just try to keep it from burning down for now
  4. Somebody let a few Canadians in through the alley entrance too making it a real party
  5. Nonsense. You're the one carrying water for Josh. (Why? I hope he's paying you ) Maybe just go back to promoting Spencer updates er, never mind
  6. You're the one running with the Ancient History quotes, but feel free to re-post here...man.
  7. That's nice. There's always the nuance of exact words and all the space that remains between them. Somebody want to pull the actual quote and re-post it here? Do we have it in writing somewhere that, unlike most people, Josh will never change his mind in the future? Anyway, I mean...if HA was slowly but surely devouring my business...I'd certainly want the extra maneuvering room that future creative marketing plans allows for, particularly those plans that are already common in the competitive auction world
  8. Only to be surpassed by the staggering sticker shock?
  9. Or...is there a Josh floor (aka "guarantee") on it like there was on Court's ASM #238 was @ $100k? IIRC there weren't any real bidders over $90k? Or was it even lower before it "jumped"? If there is a guarantee, then some of the math changes for the "buyer" changes. If this is organically a $165k cover (let's say), is the listing advert value now and future "worth" $35k spend to Josh/CLink...could be? Another scenario could be - reduced or zero SP in exchange for scoring the marketing value of the consignment, and/or other back-end incentives...? Just tossing it out there, certainly there are at least two individuals that could definitively confirm or deny... One thing I can assure you: with a quality single lot consignment on the table, only a total fool wouldn't at least try to sweeten the spot in their favor against The Boilerplate Arrangement...you know the same one that's being applied to all those Nick Pitarra Manhattan Projects pages that keep failing to hit $100 even
  10. No. I'm writing ( ) that it needs to find a home for 10 years before cycling back around again. It's not bad but it's also been offered too many times.
  11. If we're not already there, have to be very close to: fakes of fakes.
  12. My very strong -educated- guess is: the overlay is not vintage Marvel Production Department, it's something ginned up by a dealer or fan to "help move product". So many 1980s and 1990s covers were like this - no logos or other trade dress on them; they look sort of 'empty' to the uninitiated. So 'people' help bring them to what newb expectations are.