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  1. Man, I don't like going this negative but...do these even exist anymore - in numbers that matter to a publisher?
  2. The biggest fixed cost is nobody wants to or is willing to work for $8/pg pencils and inks, and no rights retained.
  3. are we sure that's a LEG? I mean...Conan's prowess with the ladies is legendary...
  4. Cool. First time is always magic. Ah. So you lost it twice. Same day. Wow. Girl moves fast.
  5. No argument there. Nope. Maybe in another 20 I'll feel differently.
  6. Because that's (bolded) the only kind? Straw man. Try again.
  7. Yeah. This is true all day long prior to the 1980s. Most all of it doesn't hold up at all, stripped of nostalgia, as Art. It's not a mistake that comic artists of the past only did comic art because advertising had no interest or room for them. Lots of exceptions to this, of course, but many many more make the rule: working comics was the dumps, and for good reason.
  8. I'll expound on the "fun" I mentioned, more for others as I'm sure you already know. The fun was that anything in your niche (my example: seeking 70s/80s Marvel superhero in the mid-late 1990s) could pop up at any time and you'd be able to knock it back, no sweat, because not too many others wanted* it. Low demand = low price. And you could do that over and over too (I had 5-10 packages coming in every week for about a decade, some packages had multiple pieces inside too; I had to get a PO Box so I could go away for long weekends and not get porch pirated). This meant that as long as your
  9. Might have to go back to clipping 'n shipping individual panels again
  10. I'm going to go out on a limb here with: those of us that count the number of pieces in our collection in the hundreds and thousands, we're very lucky*. (And how can that be a bad thing?) Yes, I'm always a skeptic on new significant new price thresholds, especially when it's every year across wide swaths of the hobby. BUT...where is it written that people are entitled to (able to afford...) more than one or two rather nice pieces a year? I mean, ask your average aspirational Picasso or Van Gogh (or Warhol) aficionado** about their dreams...it's probably to own ONE in their lifetime. And w
  11. That friction will disappear in the digital only money, debt/asset free future.
  12. Don't worry the bank/ers will get theirs. No debt = no need for debt-lenders. "You'll own nothing. And you will be happy."