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  1. I believe this offering was the published original. My old catalogs are not handy, anyone else able to confirm? And if so, is this the last time it was seen?
  2. This could go sideways really fast...
  3. While I have a different exterior aesthetic (blending all non-OA elements into the wall/background so as to be nearly invisible), floating traditional comic art -imo- is the only way to do it.
  4. It's never a bad time for a Theo thread revival. Never
  5. I love half-inked pages where the rest is still in pencil. Love 'em all day long and much more than a fully finished unpublished piece of similar content/execution.
  6. While likely to be accused of drawing a rather picayune distinction, I shall proceed to staunchly disagree nonetheless with the word: worth. Wrong. My correction: is to replace worth far less $$ wise then [sic] published with presently valued notably lower by comic art collectors than comic art collectors thus creating exceptional opportunity for those with an astute aesthetic eye and a sense of long-term value for a timeline in excess of next year's Heritage auction schedule. Naturally I'm having a bit of fun here. If you see something you like, published or not, and the ask/next bid makes sense up against the present market context and your wallet size - go for it! I have a lot of art, some is published, some is not. I really do love all my children equally for what each brings uniquely to my life.
  7. The demand was already there, the supply wasn't. And still isn't. Sixteen new pieces, didn't really dent that, did it?
  8. Wow. Contender for this hobby's all-time worst market timing: the guy that just took "even" for the majority of his complete book.
  9. Very. Me: 20-30k. For a weak one. This is a very strong late Kirby, much rarer than "a" P-Nutz Everything was cheap then, except what had already been run up in the 70s and 80s. As long as you bought some, and better "plenty" of anything not run up - and held - same difference today. The ratios haven't moved too much. It took x5-x10 of what I was buying then to get x1 of this, and that ratio is still there today. What I got "instead" I could easily trade x5-x10 (really much, much closer to x5 now, so that's in my favor ) back in for x1 of this. But, I love the stuff and when you already have the fastest horse in the race...do you swap down to 2nd or 3rd favorite, already lagging back too, while the race is being run? (Answer: probably not.) For those not in that position, willing to spend at this level - great splash. No reservations. My preference from this Kirby period is a tight six panel actiony page, too much action all crammed into each panel (most know what this means, I think?), I'm holding out for the right one of those, but this splash...oh, mighty tempting to just grab on a cash basis!
  10. I've been watching that segment grow at HA. It's not there yet but...I have significant depth in that "market", no emotional attachment to any of it. Very much looking forward to HA getting to the point where I see consistent results that I'd be comfortable applying to my bank account
  11. I bought two Kirby Cap title splashes from the 190s era for $1,000 each in 98/99. Yes $2k lotta hobby money back then!