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  1. It's really nice, great job Scott, especially...
  2. Nice try @AnkurJ but she still says "no" to drinks and let's see where the evening goes...
  3. It's curious you posted this both here and on Comicart-L. Are these your consignments?
  4. Somehow, always too much. Can't all of you go on vacation to place without internet for...2 weeks?
  5. That's a great one! If these were more like 300, I'd be all over several. But they are not, thus I am not
  6. Does the penciled $15 on the back of one of my early Zecks count as "retail"?
  7. Ha ha...actually I saw the context that you ignored - related being the key word, thus inclusive of comic art.
  8. BRAVO! I was thinking previous poster was 100% SOL too; now...maybe not!
  9. ? Oh who cares about those! We're in COMIC ART
  10. Broadly yes, but on this board - five figures is a regular occurrence. Less than $10k gets you very little.
  11. Or not if one is competing in a hot market and personal liquidity is tight or terms to access it are less than favorable. In that case, to stay in the game you must churn, which is just not how luxury goods works in general As always, I enjoy watching certain exaggerated personalities become even more exaggerated as their machinations become more desperate.
  12. Gene can speak for himself but I'm gonna pipe in state what I hope is obvious to all: "not quality" represents about 95% of all comic art that's ever existed. Most of the 5% remaining was created in the last two decades. There is a very good reason most comic artists were not able to make it into the slicks (or even pulps/men's mags)...they stunk. And, channeling a bit of @Bronty now...nobody is hot to chase anything Sal Buscema drew that wasn't published by Marvel of DC. Or another way of putting: who collecting Dave Cockrum has anything Claypool Comics on their wantlist?