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  1. Right cover, right grade! I'll TAKE IT
  2. Thanks for posting that pic Alex! Was great to finally meet you. Its been a long time since I've posted anything or even been on the boards! Our daughter is three now, keeping us super busy, and as mentioned in some previous posts, I have been focused on my own personal artwork and comics as well. I just released "FROG WIFE", the first printing of which is now sold out. Its a very golden age looking funny book, and I'll be re-releasing it in October (second printing). Check out my instagram page (ryanheshka) if you are interested in keeping up with current work. I don't do as many direct recreations anymore, but possibly taking on commissions that involve a fresh take on GA characters or scenes... Thanks for your continued interest in my work!
  3. I can only hope you are correct! I would love to see collectors investors start to lose interest in the Fox books as well as Centaurs, which seem to be enjoying similar attention at the moment.
  4. The problem I have found with most golden age hero titles is that even if the market cools off (which it inevitably does), the prices remain at those hot levels. Collectors generally want to make their purchase price back. With Fox books on fire right now, does anyone foresee a future where a MYSTERY MEN 7 in mid-grade will be able to be purchased for less than 3K? Any old timers recall a Fox frenzy like we are seeing now?
  5. With a 6.0 unrestored recently sold on CLINK for $2100, and a 6.5 CGC blue selling this week for $5100+ (um, what?), I'm even more satisfied with my restored Berk copy of SUPERWORLD #2. Especially since it closes out my run. Am I reading the Heritage sale right? $5138.50 (incl buyer's premium)? What has happened to our hobby, folks?
  6. One of my favorite AMAN covers, and this copy is a dream. Don't recall seeing this one when we did the viewing of your collection, but then again, it was somewhat of an overwhelming experience! (also almost a decade ago now)
  7. Not a dud among them! Is that your second AMF 2/5 copy? Don't you have the Larson, or am I getting old? What a great selection. Congratulations!!
  8. Fantastic pick up Steve!! I have always loved this multi-panel sci-fi cover. I hope one day I can get down to LA again and paw through your copy. Hopes of owning a copy are, as you alluded to, are scarce!
  9. Thanks William. I was wondering how I got to that one before you. The only way anyone can beat you to the punch is if you pass on the book!
  10. I always enjoy seeing collectors with depth to their interests. This is wonderful to see. I love that orange Felix!
  11. Obviously it was you I had contacted on eBay. You went the mile to get all my questions asked, and this is a super nice copy. Had to pull the trigger!
  12. They are from a newspaper reprint, so no cover. But I do have the full story in four instalments.
  13. This thread is right up my alley. I'll try to jump in when I have more time. Meanwhile, here are a couple panels from a French reprint of the Detective #30 (I believe) Batman story, the return of Doctor Death. Reprinted not long after the story originally appeared. I'll fill in the details later...