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  1. Got back all my comics from Niagara Falls comic con today from the mail, happy with all the grades!
  2. I am curious to see how far he'll attempt to go, assuming he follows through suing Marvel. Hope he has the feet to support his stance in court!
  3. Found dried spaghetti sauce in an ASM #375 interior pages when going through a collection at my LCS. Was pretty nasty to find!
  4. Gonna say 2.0. And that is awesome you got that book! Honestly I'd be happy with whatever grade you get!
  5. Got myself Batman Adventures 12 from my local comic shop. Might be beat up but still happy to own one!
  6. I am planning on getting it slabbed for my collection.
  7. I Just bought my copy of Batman Adventures #12, the first appearance of Harley Quinn. I thought it was in Good condition, and am thinking about getting it graded despite being beaten up. If I had to guess, it would be either a 2.5 or a 3.0. What grade would you give the comic? Am curious to hear from other people or graders!
  8. BigDaddy1

    Sad News

    Very sorry to hear of your loss Azkaban. I hope everything for you and your friend's family are going good, I wish you all the best. It sounds like you both were close friends and it's always tough experiencing this kind of loss. Remember the good times with him and the adventures you had with him. My sincere condolences.
  9. A nice copy you have! I'd guess an 8.0 grade.
  10. ASM #15 would be the book I'd spend a small fortune on, regardless of condition.
  11. Got my Daredevil #1 back today, glad it came back better than I thought it would be! Thank you all again for your opinions as well!
  12. Got in my Daredevil #1 today from my LCS, came back better than I expected it!