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  1. May be beat up, but still glad I was able to get one of my first big comics!
  2. At least he's gotten some of his comics back. Hopefully he'll be able to get the rest back! I know I'd be devastated if I discovered people stole my comics from my storage unit (don't have one).
  3. I understand now, and thank you for the clarification. I probably should've mentioned it, but when I did tell him and sent him the pictures of the interior through email, he said I could hang onto the comic if I still wanted it. And we did discuss about me getting a refund and a better copy. I still have the comic I bought though, haha!
  4. Yes I do think I am lucky, given Gerry's reputation. As for the situation, I had never had this happened to me, as I am relatively new to collecting comics and have been for a few years. Not that it excuses me from checking the comics I want to purchase, though we learn from our mistakes. I used to buy older comics without checking the interior as I assumed the seller would've told me about it. I would never falsely accuse someone of selling me a comic that had unmentioned problems. The last thing I would do is ruin a seller's reputation and cause them unnecessary problems. I'm not looking to start an argument (all due respect), and I am only sharing my story to others, to help future comic buyers to be aware of Gerry's given reputation.
  5. I think I will contact the con, I wouldn't want anyone else to be scammed by Gerry. Hopefully they will not allow him to be a vendor at the comic con.
  6. Does he actually do that? I've never heard of that before.
  7. One of my friend actually said the same thing for that response haha. But yeah I figured I should move on and share my experience, which I'm more than happy to share with everyone.
  8. I wonder if that's what he's been doing for all his recent cons to have his business survive. Which con was he at, out of curiosity? I'm planning on going to the Niagara Falls Comic Con this year, and I feel like he may be there, though I will not buy anything from him this time.
  9. Figure I'll tell the rest of the story of dealing with Gerry Roos, for this chat. So comes in January 2019 and he still has not sent me a better copy of the ASM 136. I send him both an email and text, about the arrival of the ASM #136. He tells me on the advice of his lawyer (if he has one), he wants me to sign a full release form so that I don't discuss my experience with him. I told him I was no longer interested in him sending me a replacement, and of how disappointed I was in him and his business, especially with the fact that he said it was ready to ship months ago and yet it hadn't been sent. I pretty much chose to bite the bullet and move on from dealing with him. I was tired of his excuses and I want to let people know about my story with him. At least I got my refund through PayPal, so there's something at least.
  10. Jeez... I'm surprised their are people like that. I've never thought of someone filling the space with another stamp! I'm not sure if you can do this at cons, but I feel like I would've reported the seller if I was in your position. I wouldn't want anyone to get scammed by that. Good thing you told your friend about the stamp!
  11. Thats pretty cool, I've actually never known or talked to someone who collects those stamps! And that's surprising we both looked at the same comic! As for Gerry, I found him to be very dishonest. I didn't have any way to contact him so I had to contact Niagara Falls Comic Con to get his contact info. I will say one thing I did mention in the email was that he may not be honest and may have ruined other people's experience if they bought from him (this was all before I actually knew about his reputation, funny enough). Gerry was not happy about that at all when he contacted me. The fact that he was told about the missing stamp and he did NOT inform me or anyone else is surprising, and horrible. It tells me he doesn't care at all about future buyers, and that he is not honest as well. When I told him about the comic and sent him the pics, he said one of his employees must've missed the cut and writing... How does someone miss a cutout and writing in a comic when grading a comic??
  12. I wish you a speedy recovery Brittany, hope all is well for you!