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  1. I'll go 1.8. It's a shame its got that tear, but awesome you got the copy!
  2. RIP Chadwick Boseman. I never was into Black Panther myself but I really enjoyed his portrayal of the character, and he did seem like a very good guy too. He truly will be missed, and I wish his friends and families the best through these tough times. He was taken too soon but will never be forgotten, not for me at least.
  3. This presents nicely, I'm leaning towards a 7.5, nice copy!
  4. I'd have to go 4.0, good luck on the grading!
  5. This book does present itself nicely, I'm thinking 7.5, maybe a chance at 8.0. Nice copy you have!
  6. I'll stick with a 5.0 as well, nice copy!
  7. If you can provide pictures without the glare from the light, you will get more responses and a better grade estimation from us! A pressing would help make the book flatter, the book seems to bow a bit along the top and bottom cover. It looks higher grade, but judging from what I see, I'll stick with a 9.0, could be better than what I'm saying. Nice copy you got there!
  8. Don't take it out to be regraded, it's great as is, and I don't think it would be improved grade-wise. Great copy you got there, glad you got it!
  9. as of now I would also guess a 9.4, a pressing would better your chances of a higher grade. My graded copy at a 9.6 also has the spine corners with a little fraying.
  10. Forgot to update the post, but sent the book to CGC a couple weeks ago to be graded!
  11. For many years I’ve been wanting a Stan Lee signed Amazing Spider-Man book, not really caring about the grade. Only requirement was he was the writer of the comic he signed. Saw this on eBay and with shipping, paid $415 for both Stan Lee and John Romita Sr’s signatures! I don’t think I overpaid outrageously, I’m glad I made this purchase and that I have his sig in my collection too! Wish I could’ve met him in person but happy nonetheless!
  12. That’s a sharp copy of the annual @Jordysnordy!
  13. Is there a site that tells the order of a character's appearance, out of curiosity?