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  1. Knocked off 2 more for my collection. Been looking for a #38 recently and managed to run into the 44 too, glad I found them at one of my LCS’s! as for Romita Sr’s health, I haven’t heard anything bad about his health, for being in his 90’s I’ve not heard anything wrong!
  2. @KCOComics yeah I decided to commit to it after getting the Daredevil #1 about 2 years ago, paid $200 for it ungraded at my LCS. I figured if I got at least the 1st issue I should complete that arc of daredevil comics for me.
  3. Finally got back my Daredevil #6 after being at CGC for 5 months, though glad to have it back! I am 1/2 way there for getting the yellow costume books, I just need issues 3, 4, and 5 and I will have that completed!
  4. After 5 months at CGC, I finally got the comic back! Graded as a 6.0, I’m happy with the grade it was graded at! Thank you to everyone that commented, and hope you all are doing well!
  5. Here’s the Avengers #57! Hope you all are doing well!
  6. Grade came in for the Avengers #57, after being signed by Roy Thomas it was graded a 5.5! I am happy with the grade, the grader's notes are as follows: -light finger bends on cover -moderate creasing to cover -moderate spine stress to cover -tear with crease right center of front cover Page quality was Off White to White, thank you all for the responses! I will share pictures when it arrives on Saturday!
  7. Was able to finish the year with 2 more Silver Age Asm’s to the collection, really happy of the condition for #46 (in the Fine to Very Fine condition)! Hope everyone is going well and had a good year in collecting!
  8. No the staple is not popped, it is bent a little bit though. The reflection does make it look popped though.
  9. Treated myself to some silver age and copper age ASM issues for Christmas, conditions varying from VG+ to Fine condition. Especially love #67 with Mysterio’s hands and the art on it too! Glad I came across these at my shop!
  10. So I went to my comic shop and I saw this copy, and decided to buy it. I usually am a Marvel guy but since this was the 1st team up with Lex Luthor and Joker (personally my favorite DC villains), I decided to get it. How would you grade this comic? And would you get this graded (saw there was only 39 graded in the census)? This is the first time I’m using a printer to scan the comic, so please let me know if more pics are needed. One thing to note: the centerfold is detached from the bottom staple, still attached to the top staple. Please let me know your thoughts, and thank you very much!
  11. 1.5 for me, I have a copy that also had the cover detached and some scribbles on the front and back cover. Still worth getting slabbed regardless of condition!
  12. I just sent this to CGC for the Roy Thomas in house signing, I will let you all know how it comes out for grading! And thank you everyone for giving your opinions on the grade!
  13. 2.0 for me, congrats on having the book. Cover still looks attached, are their any spine splits on the book?