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  1. Got all these books back today from Fan Expo Toronto comic con last year, surprised they all came back as 9.8 especially the Martin variant!
  2. Just got back some books from Fan Expo Toronto comic con, glad all these books got back as 9.8, especially the Martin variant! Also figured I'd show some newer comics as well!
  3. So far everything has fit under my twin-sized bed over the 6 years I've collected. Though if you're happy with what you have and enjoy it, I don't see why you'd need to get rid of some of your comics. Though I do understand the thought of moving and parting with some comics, depending on the house you're moving to and the space in it.
  4. Figured I'd ask what has been the best purchase, deals, or most satisfying accomplishments of 2019 for all of us comic collectors! For me, was getting my Infinity Gauntlet #1 signed by all 3 members, Jim Starlin, George Perez and Joe Rubinstein at Niagara Falls Comic Con! Still happy with the grade it came out with too. What are your best comics bought, deals you found, or goals achieved in 2019?
  5. Currently committed myself to collecting the entire ASM series, have all issues over 700. I have 44% of the entire run so far (oldest being issue 14, first Green Goblin), so I aim to get to 65% of the entire run for my goal. Expensive, but to me worth it!
  6. Managed to pay $200 for this copy of Daredevil 1 before slabbing it! Glad to have it in my collection!
  7. Glad to have the 1st Green Goblin in the collection, even though its beat haha. This has motivated me into doing my best to collect the entire run!
  8. My copy of ASM 361 has a similar thing, though not as apparent as this comic in the thread. Sometimes the cover isn't always perfectly aligned with the interior pages.
  9. I'd personally do it raw. I'm on a similar situation right now for my Superman/Batman #26, signed by Michael Turner and Jeph Loeb on the cover. I'm thinking of having John Cassaday sign it at the Niagara Falls Comic Con next year.
  10. The panels of Gwen Stacy's death. This really shocked me as a kid bc I always imagined superheroes, until I was maybe 7 or 8, getting the girls. Not in this case. This is one of the reasons I became a comic collector: John Romita's art is gorgeous and well drawn. Gerry Conway held back nothing when writing the story, which is why I think it also stands out. Peter is distraught that despite having his powers he could not save him, and the Green Goblin had committed his greatest evil yet. This holds a special place to me because Peter really loved Gwen, and unfortunately lost that chance of having a future with her. And that even though you may have superpowers, life can still throw a curveball at you, whether you know it or not.
  11. Im gonna have to say a 5.0 for this book, as my guess. Also not sure what silver surfer means by a tear, I'm not seeing one.
  12. 9.0. As for the Mark Jewelers, I believe it depends on the print run. They only are in the newsstand editions, specifically those that were at or near army bases for soldiers to read.