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  1. A little update, I ended up sending the NYX 3 back just got the shipping notification it looks like the gamble paid off I had the 9.4 grade 9.8!
  2. ebay sucks charged me $200 selling fee on a recent sale. Def will not be using them again. Id rather sell here.
  3. Oh good to know will be going that route in the future...declared value was always confusing to me.
  4. I may have chosen the wrong grading tier comic grading standard (book is valued $400) $60 to grade $60 to press comic grading modern (book valued at $5) $19 to grade $12 to press
  5. Cool Im gonna go for it, looks like its gonna cost around $130 appreciate the help.
  6. I cannot find the bends so no way to tell if they are breaking. The book could come back lower, it would be a gamble. No scan, quick spine shot pregrading. I can take more shots later. thanks
  7. Hello guys, I sent out a NYX 3 to cgc came back 9.4. I am thinking about sending it back having pressed/reholdered. For the grading experts out there based on the graders notes what do you guys think? thanks graders notes: bend left bottom of back cover, creaseleft bottom of front cover, light bends to cover, light spine stress lines to cover, multiple bend right bottom of back cover.
  8. the guy was clearly waiting and watching for someone to step away for lunch or whatever. He will strike again. If i had that kind of inventory i would have go pros on tripods covering all the angles.
  9. one thing to look out for regarding them selling it online is posting a different pic of a cgc 5.0 maybe one that was sold in the past.
  10. I was going to CGC this DIE DIE DIE gold foil #1 but, the ebay seller decided NOT to secure the book to the cardboard via painters tape so it bounced around a bit...we'll see if he makes good on it i've asked for a swap, so far no response.