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  1. Great Books! But I have to know... is the bondage on the cover of Planet Comics 34 the girl in chains or the guy's wedgie?
  2. Hey Diamonddave did you win this comic on ebay earlier this year?
  3. Comic Connect Auction Mask Comics #1 is ON FIRE! Current bid is $11,422. Mask Comics #1
  4. Okay this is a little lower than I was shooting for grade wise but now I'll have a few thousand dollars to spend on other stuff. Could not pass it up at this price point.
  5. I won the Mask Comics 1. It was my opinion that the cover looked pretty nice (except for the missing chunk) and I was actually a bit surprised I won it after the 6.0 went for $14K. I only went about 10% over my comfort price. I was priced out of a few others I was interested in so I put all my eggs in this basket. Comic Connect is currently auctioning the Mask Comics 1 we discussed earlier in this thread that sold for $3905 on Ebay. It is sporting a Blue 3.0 (higher than I thought it would get) and last I looked the current bid was $6200. So now I feel like I just stole $2000 from somebody. Personally I prefer a missing corner to a chunk out of the middle of the top. Comic Connect Mask 1 3.0
  6. On the Batman #1, it is interesting that married pages get Qualified labels. I can't help but consider that a PLOD in Qualified clothing. The definition of restoration keeps getting narrowed.
  7. Everything seemed so expensive... I felt shut out of a lot of books before final day of bidding. I broke my budget a little (a lot) and did pick up one thing. I though for sure it was going to go higher.
  8. Just add it with the others. Can't pass it up at this price!
  9. I like the dealers that give really detailed notes, but there seem to be too few of them. There are plenty of defects that are hard to discern in images and many of the provided images are of poor quality. For example, some dealers note "color touch" but don't tell you where or how much. Too few pictures are a problem I see too often, like a single image of the front cover is a good representation of the entire book. Some defects can be strange and unexpected. I was looking at an AF#15 today that had 3 extra staples near the spine, not unusual, but it also had one near the middle of the book holding a tear together that I didn't spot immediately. I also see a lot of hyperbole like "one of the best copies I've ever seen" or "super high grade," THEN they mention the color touch or that it has been trimmed as afterthoughts. For me, it depends on how much I want the item and how much I can immediately see in the images. I also make some standard assumptions about pre 1970s books. One is that I discount grading above 9.0, and bid accordingly. It is really hard to see the minor defects that differentiate a 9.4 from a 9.6 in the images and the price differences can be huge. On the opposite end of the scale I do the same. If I can see a certain amount of defects I assume that there are most likely a good deal more that I CAN'T see and significantly lower my hypothetical grade. I'm usually underbidding on the perceived grade just in case there are any surprises.
  10. I would like to request Detective Comics Early Large Logos Detective Comics 27-113 Thanks!
  11. I agree flip them now! On here. For cheap. And PM me first before you post them!
  12. That is what I was unsure about. Besides the chunk, the spine and first wrap were split from the top down to the first staple and there appears to be enough tanning around the edges of the covers that a chip come off the back cover, so maybe some slight brittleness there. Also, the first page has a pretty significant L shaped tear. So IMHO I'm thinking 2.5 is the ceiling, but what is a reasonable floor? 1.8? 1.5? Then I looked a little closer and there appear to be some large tears around the missing chunk that aren't listed in the item description. No tape, but have these been glued? Has there been other restoration that I can't see? Am I looking at a C-1 Restored 2.5 or less? Has there been other restoration that I can't see? On top of that, a C-1 6.0 sold for only $4800 last month. I don't think the book will get cheaper, but I don't think in this instance my personal equation for "price vs. value" added up. For me, there were just too many concerns at that price. There is some group of people that will pay, what for me, would be an inflated price just to own ANY copy of this book, and I think in general there are many ebay buyers who have paid what I would deem as crazy prices for books. For example, I've been looking to acquire some of the Cole issues in the Ghostly Weird Stories, Startling Terror Tales, etc. and initially these issues were selling very quickly in any grade and over the last few months ebay sellers have raised there prices significantly. Eventually, they raised the prices to where they are selling at a much slower rate, if at all, and the "buying frenzy" for some issues has died down to the point where they are selling for cheaper than they were initially, at least at auction. A dealer on ebay is trying to sell a GWS #121 CGC 4.5 for $1140, an issue I won for $633 in grade 5.0 recently. Now, Mask Comics 1 and 2 do seemingly live in a more rarified air than other issues, so special rules apply, but the prices have to reach a plateau at some point. Or, I just have to get lucky.
  13. Seems to me that the entire concept of "The Western" is slowly dying out. I think it will always be part of America because of its cultural uniqueness, but it has been reduced to a shadow of its former self. I don't think People born in the 1990s have any real cultural contact with Westerns. I went to Disneyland a few years ago before they closed down the Big Thunder Ranch Barbecue, Big Thunder Ranch petting zoo and Big Thunder Ranch Jamboree. I think if Frontierland didn't have Big Thunder Mountain rollercoaster they would probably do away with it. Besides that ride, there is only the shooting gallery, a restaurant that has a couple of small shows and some themed stores that only seem to sell generic merchandise. Maybe somebody thought that since Star Wars is a space western that attaching Star Wars Land to Frontierland made some sense.