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  1. Loved reading your journey. Thank you! I agree that most collectors begin with that one thing that they love and go on from there. I'm primarily a Marvel guy so I'm not so sure that I will cross over to DC anytime soon. That said, like you, movies got me excited for both Warlock and Dr. Strange. I was reminded of how much I LOVED both of those characters while growing up. I anticipate many hours upon days to weeks worth of enjoyment looking to find those favorite stories/covers for both of these characters. Meanwhile, while I say that I'm trying to stick to a plan, I also ended up making some
  2. In my constant tug of war between what kind of collection I want and what kind of collection I can afford, I took some steps toward upgrading my Adam Warlock Key Set today. I found a very nice Strange Tales 181 that is autographed by Jim Starlin at an 8.0 rating. I'm pleased because I just came up with this idea that I don't want to go below VF for any Bronze Age issues and I found it on eBay for a reasonable price. I'm still waiting on two more Strange Tales titles (178 and 179) that I just won on ComicLink last week to add to my set, though. When I first got into collecting slabbed com
  3. Quite envious...this comic is already like gold. Add in both of those signatures and...yeah...