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  1. Looking for a CGC facilitator at Knoxville Fanboy in July. Is anybody going?
  2. I keep asking here and on facebook. I have several I want signed.
  3. I do hope someone who is an official CGC witness would come to this show. I want to get a couple of signed comics submitted.
  4. Thank you. I did post in the sub page, there was no response so I wanted to also ask here for more exposure. I am wanting to have some sketch covers done at the show, but only if I can also get them graded and slabbed.
  5. comicsketchart told me he would be there. How much do you charge for a witness and submission?
  6. Will there be any witnesses available at the Augusta Toy and comic show this summer? It is combined with joe fest, and I am wanting to get some original sketch covers sent to CGC
  7. This summer is a comic and toy show that combined with JoeFest. I am looking for a CGC witness in attendance. Anyone going?
  8. Will there be someone to witness a signature at Lexington in March? I would really like to get some Batman stuff done. I also want some Charlie Adler signed stuff. I will be attending the con, but want a facilitator there to witness the sigs.
  9. I am pretty sure that CGC was there last year. I would have hoped they would be there this year as well. I want a Grey Griffin and Frank Welker signed item.