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  1. I wouldn't personally spend the money on those two books, from a value or JT4 fan perspective. For value, the SIKTC books that seem to realize the greatest price increase from being signed by him are already crazy expensive to begin with (and everyone and their mom, dog and uncle are getting SIKTC books signed). I'm a fan of his books as well, and was thinking about sending some books in for this, and was considering Wynd since that's his self proclaimed favorite book.
  2. Not to keep harping on my 1/12 prescreen but my value subs received the same day have officially won the race (did not expect that when I mailed the box)
  3. Fast track moving like grease lightning. Meanwhile my 1/12 prescreen sits at 62 business days ....
  4. Bought three books from Thomas in a four figure deal, ASM 129, Batman 181 and Batman 189. Smooth from start to finish, everything double boxed and pretty sure I could have backed over the package without chipping the slabs!
  5. I got one on Friday that stating I owed $1,029 for a 50 book modern prescreen that they received on 3/5. Don't they charge prescreens at time of grading? 🤷‍♂️ Was just happy there were no extra shipping charges on there..... Also, was a bit of a shock seeing everything from this year all in one place, let alone the previous years 🤣
  6. I haven't heard of anyone requesting a refreshed invoice on a pre-sale CGC before, which I believe are generally understood to take a LONG time (I don't buy them for this very reason). Certainly not saying your request was out of line, but would you have done the same if you had paid with a Visa through Shop Pay or something similar before the Visa dispute window closed? Just playing devils advocate but if I were a retailer who hadn't received a request like this before it may come across as a red flag to me.
  7. I've been trying to gobble up as many mid-level keys that were on my want list as I can using proceeds from Something is Killing the Children and Department of Truth books that I pigged out on this past summer and fall. I'm comfortable taking profits on those books and buying others that I want to keep for my collection long term, even during the run up.
  8. Bought Batman 139 7.5 and Fantastic Four 52 4.5 and the whole transaction went great from start to finish. Don't hesitate to buy from duplicatecomics.
  9. Bought Avengers 4 from David and it couldn't have gone more smoothly. Came fast and safe, don't hesitate to pick up some great books from this seller.
  10. Guess I fat fingered the date, should be Modern prescreen received 1/12. Went to SFG about two weeks ago now.