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  1. A pleasure to deal with... very easy sale... Thank you very much!
  2. Nice and easy transaction! Thank you for the purchase!
  3. That's really cool... This is one of the earliest covers that I kind of hated (DD or otherwise) when I started trying to get a DD run back in the mid-90's... but I've definitely come around to it and kind of dig it now. I also really like that sig placement. It almost kind of disappears or fades out just like DD kind of is on the cover. Very very nice. Congrats!
  4. All I remember is him mailing Toliver's head back...? Or maybe they mailed his head back to Toliver? Actually, I guess I don't remember anything except someone mailing a head to someone else and someone named Toliver. Although it was probably spelled Tolliver. But mostly I just wanted to bump this thread because it is fun.
  5. Holy spit. I bought that book for $100... 1500 with 4 days left is *crazy*
  6. You had me at "stop." There are just too freaking many at $4 or $5 a pop... even if you're getting 50% off via pre-orders. I keep trying to stretch back out and follow Spidey or the X-Men... and wish I could follow the whole universe again, but it's too expensive! And it's too "corporate." I love that they will publish so many books which means more artists get a chance to shine, but so much feels so reined in now from a story standpoint. And way too interconnected. I used to love the occasional crossover... and still do follow the "events," but I was trying to get into Hickman's X-Men af
  7. The spine looks great here... as good as above you with that 9.4 beauty!
  8. Agree with what everyone else is saying... that presents wonderfully
  9. Follow-up... should that collected edition from Mirage in, like, 2009 (?) still commanding silly prices?
  10. Agree... congrats, but where are the pics? I've been sitting on a #1 for a long time... I can't believe he hasn't hit the big screen yet and made these explode. Great set regardless!
  11. Wow... I hadn't noticed... #3 was always the must-have for me... ever since I read Nocenti's DD run and the Hearts of Darkness OGN. Glad I finally picked one up a couple of years ago... not beautiful, but I'm just glad to have it
  12. He doesn't even show up until halfway through his own book... and then he doesn't even have any skin on!
  13. Just updating... moved 4 to a good home! If anyone else is looking for singles, hmu
  14. I don't love this, but I just placed my pre-orders for this month and was very intrigued by her new Demon Days series... really looking forward to it!