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  1. Hah, true... I guess, if this comics thing hadn't worked out, Kirby could have had a great career in head-fashion...
  2. I just got my first copy of Thor #126 and finished reading it... That fight really lasted pretty much the entire issue! Lots of bluster, but it was a lot of fun to see that extended Kirby fight scene... not to mention Odin's super dope hat. But the best part was the first page of the ToA story where Thor shows up in shorts. I think he should have kept them!
  3. Should I expect an 8.0 Qualified out of this? I'm thinking, on a good day, this gets an 8.5, but I've rarely seen a book with so many spine ticks and no other issues... (I was thinking the corner wrinkles might be pressed out) What do you guys think?
  4. *sigh* I still haven't gotten one of these...
  5. Hi! Would it be possible to update the Daredevil #1-#380 set to include a slot for #319 2nd print in addition to the slot for #319 1st print? Thanks! -jim Hello @Schmakt, Unfortunately, this set is titled and designed to allow for one slot per issue. The additional prints and/or variants must share the same slot as the standard issue. Thank you
  6. thanks guys! I don't know much at all about the Diamond history... that "Spawn" code definitely looked wrong, but I didn't realize they just didn't have codes back then... Any idea what year that started? Or maybe the better question is whether or not I should even be trying to record the Diamond codes as an identifier... If I'd done that previously though it sure would have made it a lot easier to import all the data from my old DCBS orders! (kicking myself...)
  7. I also noticed not getting logged out (finally!) I actually liked the new layout pretty much immediately... I tried the contact button to tell them, but that failed :-p It took a little getting used to on when to use the front/back buttons vs when to use one of the new dropdowns or something, but I'm still liking it better. Now if we could just get an API (even behind a higher paywall and a fair use legal agreement) that let us pull current prices... or maybe even just once-a-month EOM averages... or... Difficult problem to make sure that you don't end up giving your product away for someone to resell, but man it would be amazing to be able to hook into that amazing dataset! Maybe just be able to retrieve the previous month (where a sale existed) for Universal sales of a subset of prices (just show 9.8, 9.2, 8.5, 8.0, 7.0, 5.0, 2.0 or something)
  8. well I'd love to confirm if "SPAWN0001" is actually the code that was used so I can know if the Image site is a good resource... I'm trying to find some kind of fairly unique identifier that I can assign to my books that has some relevance outside of my own data. I know it won't matter pre-1982 (or whenever Diamond started assigning codes), but I figured it was a pretty good place to start for tracking at least Moderns... if I can find a place to lookup the old codes... (and assuming that codes aren't recycled... I guess I was already assuming that, but I'm not 100% sure)
  9. Does anyone know of a website that shows the original Diamond order code for comics from the past? The Image site has a "Diamond code" value, but it doesn't look anything like the current codes I see in DCBS or previewsworld (e.g. "SPAWN0001" for Spawn #1 vs "JUN190014" for Spawn #300) Thank you!
  10. Thank you! I had no idea it was something so close to home... Excellent. Thanks again!!
  11. Anyone know anything about this store and/or this signing event (like when it happened)? Seems like the place is maybe gone out of business... Thanks!
  12. 6th piece added to my "draw-your-characters-as-a-band" commission wall... Took almost a year and half to get this back, but Rob was nothing but pleasant, and I think this turned out fantastic!
  13. No... dude decided to hang onto it and wait for something closer to $60k... no way he really had any intention of selling it... You're not going to pull a fast one on that show with something whose value is so relatively easy to pin down...
  14. yeah... I was definitely not in the market for this... I'd actually forgotten all about the app until you send the $25 code the other day... Had my eye on that Cocaine Comix #1, but this popped up, so... Marketing: 1, jim: 0 Well done.