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  1. Last one for now! X-Men #124 9.6 WHITE - $75 - SOLD pre-slab scan
  2. Weird War Tales #50 8.5 WHITE - $50 (Golden State - 1st "Spear of Destiny" at DC) This one was graded 9.4 from the dealer... Pretty sure I bought this b/c I liked the Spear of Destiny and its relation to The Spectre... No sales data for this really at all... another one I won't hate to keep... pre-slab scans
  3. Uncanny X-Men #142 8.0 WHITE - $35 - SOLD I felt like this deserved better than an 8... Grader Notes:light bends to cover light creasing to cover light spine stress lines to cover pre-slab scan
  4. Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. #4 9.4 OW/WHITE - $275 pre-slab scan
  5. Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. #3 8.5 OW/WHITE - $65 pre-slab scan (ok, I was obviously in a mood of only scanning front covers for some reason...)
  6. Marvel Premiere #5 9.2 WHITE - $350 (Don Rosa collection) This one's incredibly tough to price... a 9.4 sold for $300 earlier this year... not recognized by CGC, but arguably the first Shuma-Gorath... Won't be sad if I end up keeping this one... pre-slab scan... again not sure why I didn't create a scan of the back...
  7. Man-Thing #1 8.0 OW/WHITE - $75 Another dealer-burn... a different one this time though... he had this graded as NM+ Grader Notes:crease right bottom of back cover foxing back cover spine stress lines breaks color pre-slab scan (not sure why I didn't make one of the back...)
  8. Journey Into Mystery #122 7.0 OW/WHITE - $100 This one was also graded 9.0 by the same dealer as above... I think the front-bottom-right edge probably hurt this... pre-slab scans
  9. Journey Into Mystery #121 (Winnipeg copy) 8.0 OW/WHITE - $250 (This one was graded 9.0 by the dealer from whom I bought it, so I'm listing it at the price I paid... happy to hang on to this one) pre-slab scans