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  1. Got my 9.0 copy from Reece's in the mail yesterday. Cute little throw-away story, but #26 is still way better.
  2. Fun topic... I always enjoyed this title when I was younger too... Just submitted an offer on a 9.0 raw... *fingers crossed* These were two of the very first back issues I ever bought. You can tell that I read them a couple of times... the 26 was my favorite though. I managed to upgrade the 70 when Pedigree had a BUNCH of HG MTU's back in October of 2018. I was in on the 26 too, but it went too high for me...
  3. Oh yeah... there was a footnote I thought was strange that had something to do with spectacular... ok... But still... that whole "remove the costume so no one knows the truth" thing was just so wrong... i guess it does come back to bite him in the when Harry does the same thing a few issues later... I also wonder... at what point did Conway (et al) know Gwen was about to die?
  4. I started reading Conway's ASM at 121 but stopped at 130 to go back to the beginning... just finished 118, and wtf. Spidey trying to save face for Raleigh was an absolutely ridiculous turn of events. Seems out of character but was also just completely wrong! We need "symbols??" C'mon with that . Did Conway ever address this? Either in the book or an interview somewhere? There's plenty of silly stuff in these books, but that was just beyond the pale...
  5. Got a 10% on an FF69 this time... pay the invoice and wait for payday and hope the upward trend continues
  6. Perfectly packed and quickly shipped... Thank you very much!
  7. Damn. I got sucked in... only 5% off on that FF30 9.0... i wasn't even in the market for that... i just wanted to click the wheel! Imma keep looking and see if i can get a little luckier! *fingers crossed* Obviously this is a great idea! Just made a $400 sale that I had no intention of giving. Well done
  8. Does anyone in this thread have this copy? Or know where it is? Or what it went for? 0502632001
  9. thanks everyone! Good to know I was probably being a little too harsh... but, regardless, even if I can't grade, you'd think that 30 years of collecting comics would have at least taught me to sit down first!
  10. For some dumb reason I'm standing up holding a bag of comics trying to get the tape off... the tape comes off, I drop the bag, and the books land pretty solidly on one corner. Each book is bag/boarded separately, so it could have been worse; the two on each end understandably got the worst of it. It was just a bag of a half dozen moderns from DCBS, so no major worries or anything, but how would you grade an otherwise 9.6/9.8 book with a crushed upper-spine corner? Can they still be 9.2's? Hard to see on the scans, but here are close-ups of the two worst books... (Limited edition No Prize if you can tell what books they are... first shipment post-Covid)
  11. right, yeah... I looked up those months a little bit ago... Am I completely making up some kind of argument about when the "true" first appearance was? That was a long time ago, but I really thought I remembered something muddy about it first showing up. Maybe it was just b/c the Secret Wars storyline came first? Who knows... I barely remember going to bed last night, so who knows what's rattling around in my brain.
  12. That first appearance always confused me. Put the Thanos appearance in FF, and you've got the hottest bronze Marvel this side of IH181. (And dammit, I started reading this thread too late last night and ended up buying another copy of IM55. I don't even remember what happened to my original copy... I traded it for *something*... I wish it was an ASM50, but I have a feeling it was more likely something like a DD18)
  13. Now that's interesting... What If ASM16 pre-dated DD1? Then we're in a SS1 v FF48 situation. What If SS1 pre-dated FF48? Surfer showing up in FF was a marriage made in heaven, but I wonder what would happen if SS1 was first? Or if they came out in the same month so that we're looking at something akin to ASM252 v SW8. (albeit with much greater implications) EDIT: Note a lot of data, obviously, but a 9.8 ASM16 has 50% potential of a 9.6 DD1... that just seems crazy to me. But, again, I'm biased toward the lawyer.
  14. I concur... I don't like the new site either. And the old Treasure Hunt is gone! Combined with those horrible stickers that put on CGC books I rarely even check prices there anymore...
  15. I think you should contact the people who live there... that would be such a trip. I was scanning some books in earlier, and came across several with names or initials on there, and I was thinking how much I'd love to find those people and see if it mattered to them to see that book again. In particular this guy below! (he also signed the first interior page) If I had a name and address like you do, I'd definitely reach out... That said, if it's still in the envelope, I wonder if whoever owned it ever really cared in the first place, so maybe it wouldn't be as much fun as I'm imagining.
  16. The only reason I sent it in in the first place was because I couldn't find out what in the world it was... I thought maybe I'd learn something from whatever CGC put on the label, so I was pretty surprised to see it come back Blue. Last thing I wanted was to encase something unique in plastic with no mention of its uniqueness, so I asked if I could send it back in for a new label. (They were great about it... it was free, and they apologized, noting that their graders had never seen a copy of the book before and so didn't realize it was an error.)
  17. I've wondered about this from the POV of staying power of the character... Would the characters themselves had had more of effect across the universe if they began life in a more popular or better suited book? I'm a DD collector, so Imma stick with that title... You've got DD131 and 168 as the pretty clear winners of the first appearance game from the entire DD run, I think. What's next? #111? Would Silver Samurai have had more staying power and been perceived as a better villain had he started off in an X-Men book? What about #197? Lady Deathstrike had a brief moment in the sun, but would it have lasted longer if she was more directly associated with Wolverine? Purple Man makes for a great villain when handled correctly (thank you, Netflix), but he's never really mattered outside of Daredevil, so #4 sits fairly low. Gladiator is one of my favorite characters and has, I think, far more potential than Scorpion or Rhino, but neither Melvin nor #18 get off the bench nearly as much as ASM41 puts The Rhino into the game. What happens if we swap those two characters?
  18. I've posted this a bunch of times... still haven't ever found anyone else who had come across this problem. (CGC originally gave it Universal)
  19. I don't *know* at all, but that looks like a heat problem to me... I don't have the setup that you do, but I feel like I've seen similar "rolls" in some of the older holders. I just always assumed it was a result of them sitting in a car or something. :-/
  20. TL/DR: Looking for any German language comics for as cheap as possible. Prefer Marvel reprints, but I'm interesting in anything that will help me learn the language... I took German all through college but was terrible at it. As I was with French, Spanish, and Latin, which I also tried. But I was in small town near Dresden a few years ago where English wasn't ubiquitous, and things started coming back to me. That was fun, so I started with Duolingo, which I finished several months ago. I've bought a few beginner books, which are nice, but I kind of want to read comics... I have one German comic (from who knows where), but I'd really like to find some German translations of Marvel comics so that I'll kind of already know what's happening. So... I'm hoping someone out there might have some reader copies of comics that have been translated to German that I could take off your hands...? Or native German comics for a novice... If someone has a nice copy of JiM 83 in German, I'd be interested... but for the most part, I'm just looking for cheap readers. Thank you! Here's the random German book I have...
  21. When you decide you want to but a particular comic, how to you go about searching for it online? Is there a comic-focused tool, like kayak, that will search multiple sites at once? I find myself going to ebay, pedigree, wwcomics, daleroberts, highgrade, reeces, metro, ha, etc, etc... typing in the same search over and over... Is there a tool out there that combs a number of sites at once?