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  1. Ugh. I managed to set my alarm to go off 30 minutes *after* the auctions instead of before. Was hoping to get one of those Curators. C'est la vie... Congrats to whoever picked those up!
  2. I can't answer your question, but that stinks. I really like the light gray short boxes! :-/
  3. One of these two... I posted these in the "Your Favorite Copper Covers" thread too... Two of the first (if not *the* first) comics I bought off the stands, I think. I believe I got them at a gas station or something at the bottom of Sugar Mountain when we were going to stay up at Sugar Top, during the summer for some reason... I read them both so many times and just LOVE the juxtaposition between the covers.
  4. I'd be happy with the current sales model if they just reduced the output to something manageable... Not counting any of the stupid variants, reprints, collections, or non-MU material (Spider-Man game, Marvel Tales, Star Wars, Conan...), the pre-order discount price to order 1 copy of every MU book is $199.50. That's with just under a 40% discount, so newsstand is nearly $400. Ridiculous. Not even going to pretend that the exercise of counting up everything with the variants is worthwhile...
  5. Wow. There are some amazing books in here... I only have one double-cover issue, and it's nothing overly special... here you go though!
  6. I see it... do you not see an image at all? (Shock Suspenstories 1)
  7. Looks like CC takes care of this easily! "Thank you for letting us know, we’ve removed the listing."
  8. Just found this scan of another one from decades ago... Wish I could find the original! (I don't remember which issue, but I was trying to draw an image from LegendLore)
  9. I'm just sitting on my thumbs waiting on Jack himself to get popular before someone manages to find a 9.8 copy of MS2...
  10. So... similar to this thread regarding ComicLink: I just found a book that I've owned for nearly 6 months for sale on ComicConnect for more than double what I paid for it. (I bought it as BIN on Ebay) I assume this is the same kind of situation mentioned in the previous thread (and I emailed CC to get it taken down), but is this a widespread problem? Seems like sites that just act as middlemen should be able to do more to ensure listings are accurate and books are actually available. I like the idea of having sellers have to actively refresh listings after [x amount of time], and although that wouldn't fully solve the issue perhaps it would help. Guess we'll see what happens with the CC email... I felt like I should have sent a picture with today's paper or something though. My little hostage ransom note!
  11. Can't afford to sell this one since, as far as I know, it's one-of-a-kind, and I doubt if someone paid me what it would take to separate it from me I could ever afford to pay them enough to separate it back!
  12. Thank you! If the above doesn't work, I'll consider reactivating FB and travelling down that rabbit hole again. I might have to warn all my ex-girlfriend's first though.
  13. Maybe I'm just being a bit impatient... I tried that a couple of days ago with no luck, but I'll give it another shot on Monday. Do you happen to still have the email you used? Their website is strange... It has 2019 dates, but 2016 in the links. Maybe I had the wrong address?
  14. I posted this book in a Comics General thread asking about "Surprise Signatures..." The short of it is that I somehow came to own this book where the previous owner was attempting to have all the creators sign it. I'd like to finish the project... I'm in Charlotte, but no one is coming to Heroes this year (so far), but I found that Sal is doing the Legends Tour for Desert Winds Comics... I was going to send it over, but the submission form link is broken, and they haven't responded to my emails. Does anyone know if this is still an active event? And, more importantly, how I can get this book to Sal? I'm going to actually try to get this done now and plan to keep this thread going until I get everyone... If anyone could offer any help getting any of these sigs, I would super appreciate it... (I'd like to get verified and turn this book into SS, so even getting Steve or Art again in an SS setting would be awesome) Thank you! This is the notecard I found inside the book And here are the sigs obtained by the previous owner... (I'd like to get the rest of the sigs on the cover...) Again, thanks to anyone who could help... I'd really love to complete this project
  15. finally got an order back full of books that I've had raw in my collection for years... All-in-all, pretty good! Couple of bummers, but mostly pretty happy. (I thought that 37 would have pressed up to at least a VF...) This WWT is the Golden State copy... WW Comics had it as 9.4, so this was pretty disappointing... (I bought it b/c I wanted the first appearance of the Spear of Destiny) Boo on this Chew... was sure it'd get 9.8 Hoped for a 9, but that's fine... Very ouch on the 411... I thought 9.0 at worst... missed cover staining, apparently I thought this one was 9.0-ish as well, but I also missed staining on this...
  16. I agree with all of that. I'd love to keep reading Spider-Man and X-Men, but there are too many damned series, too many horrible covers, and I really miss self-contained issues. I used to have a pretty long pull list that leaned heavily Marvel. Now I basically only buy DD...
  17. ah, yeah... thanks... I found some more threads about this and did some more reading... Sounds like it's going to be nearly impossible to tell from scans or pictures and difficult enough to do even with the book in hand. It's a reading copy anyway, so I'll probably just suck it up.
  18. I can't believe he got a 181 for that stuff. I would have pulled that trigger in a hearbeat.
  19. I just got to the part where Robinson showed up... that's pretty cool