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  1. Pearl Jam are finally hitting the road again, so I'm looking to move a handful of books to cover my tickets... Bought all of these raw off the boards back in 2006 and submitted them to CGC myself in 2018... Shipping via USPS Priority is included to US addresses... if you'd like it insured past the included $50, lmk - I'll find out how much extra that costs and lyk. I'm happy to ship internationally as long as you tell me how you'd like them shipped and cover the additional costs Payment via paypal, venmo, Cash app, check, cash... whatever works for you works for me. No returns on CGC graded books. Books are shipping from Charlotte, NC and will go out within 1 business day. Feel free to IM, but, of course ::takeit:: in the thread wins... All 4 books for $825 including domestic insurance... heading to another show tonight... if no takers on the lot by the time I get home, I'll offer them individually as below (feel free to ::takeit:: on an individual book before, but please note that individual books are not for sale until sometime later tonight (Dec 3)) X-Men #120 CGC 9.6: 90-day GPA: $507, your price: $450 X-Men #122 CGC 9.6: 90-day GPA: $113, your price: $100 X-Men #129 CGC 9.4: 90-day GPA: $226, your price: $200 X-Men #141 CGC 9.4: 90-day GPA: $123, your price: $110 Scans to follow... Thank you for looking! -jim
  2. Last one for now! X-Men #124 9.6 WHITE - $75 - SOLD pre-slab scan
  3. Weird War Tales #50 8.5 WHITE - $50 (Golden State - 1st "Spear of Destiny" at DC) This one was graded 9.4 from the dealer... Pretty sure I bought this b/c I liked the Spear of Destiny and its relation to The Spectre... No sales data for this really at all... another one I won't hate to keep... pre-slab scans
  4. Uncanny X-Men #142 8.0 WHITE - $35 - SOLD I felt like this deserved better than an 8... Grader Notes:light bends to cover light creasing to cover light spine stress lines to cover pre-slab scan
  5. Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. #4 9.4 OW/WHITE - $275 pre-slab scan
  6. Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. #3 8.5 OW/WHITE - $65 pre-slab scan (ok, I was obviously in a mood of only scanning front covers for some reason...)
  7. Marvel Premiere #5 9.2 WHITE - $350 (Don Rosa collection) This one's incredibly tough to price... a 9.4 sold for $300 earlier this year... not recognized by CGC, but arguably the first Shuma-Gorath... Won't be sad if I end up keeping this one... pre-slab scan... again not sure why I didn't create a scan of the back...
  8. Man-Thing #1 8.0 OW/WHITE - $75 Another dealer-burn... a different one this time though... he had this graded as NM+ Grader Notes:crease right bottom of back cover foxing back cover spine stress lines breaks color pre-slab scan (not sure why I didn't make one of the back...)
  9. Journey Into Mystery #122 7.0 OW/WHITE - $100 This one was also graded 9.0 by the same dealer as above... I think the front-bottom-right edge probably hurt this... pre-slab scans
  10. Journey Into Mystery #121 (Winnipeg copy) 8.0 OW/WHITE - $250 (This one was graded 9.0 by the dealer from whom I bought it, so I'm listing it at the price I paid... happy to hang on to this one) pre-slab scans
  11. Doctor Strange #1 8.5 OW/WHITE - $105 - SOLD pre-slab scans
  12. Just trying to clean up my collection a little bit... time to let go of duplicates, under-copies, and some things that just don't fit my collection anymore... Feel free to make offers, but of course, an "I'll Take It" in the thread wins... Shipping is from Charlotte, NC - happy to drop-off in person, otherwise I prefer to ship via USPS Priority ($15 for up to 3 books), but I'm happy to ship via whatever method you might prefer. And happy to work with you on shipping if any one person takes a bunch of these... Happy to ship outside the US as well... just work with me on the method and pricing, and I'll do my best. Everything will ship within 24 hours... Paypal, Venmo, Cash app, regular cash, check... if it's legal tender, I'll accept it! No returns on CGC graded books unless I've misrepresented something... If you'd like shipping insurance, just lmk, and I'll figure out the pricing. Thanks for looking! -jim I have a second thread running in the Copper/Modern section as well:
  13. I have a handful of Bronze/Silver that I'll post in another thread, but I've got to go get food and run some errands now... Will try to get that updated today if I can, but it will likely be tomorrow... Thanks again for looking!