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  1. What was your impression of the DS 30 price?
  2. 5.5-6.0 Great book... bright and glossy. bc tear is gonna hurt a little. Color break or tear @ the T of "sentinel of The" ...? Multiple color rubs along the bottom of fc? That is some heavy creasing on fc by the spine. How do the interior pages look? Would love to see some better pics of the spine where I think I see some rubs and wear.
  3. I know there are post code issues.. is there an abundance, or lots, or several, or few..?
  4. This is like asking me which grandkid I love more. More of a Batman fan.. so Tec 27.
  5. I am sure that there are very respectable folks on these boards, that offer a clean & press service, and can then send it in directly for you to the grading company. Unless you really need a paid membership for a single book
  6. 9.8's, in numbers like that? The barbarians would be storming the gates...!! You could supply 300 lots 3 separate times to small auctions that advertise well..?? idk, I think folks would be clamoring to bid on books such as these. Good luck
  7. I've just recently returned to comics. Missed everything before But, I knew right away how much I loved Golden Age.. still learning of course and enjoying myself and the few Coles I've been able to bring home.
  8. I find so little LB Cole, and when I do, I have such a hard time of getting highest bid. Maybe I'm trying for a bargain? Maybe I'm under grading? Maybe others are just willing to pay more than I even though we assign same/similar grades? idk... still trying to obtain more.
  9. What goes up, must come down? Money is cheap. Interest rates at lows not seen in decades, before I was born. Investments/profits for everyone with a 401k at an all time highs? Gov trying to give money away and rolling up that debt, folks stuck at home, discretionary income to spend on other things of interest... adds up to fun fun fun, until daddy takes the T-bird away.
  10. I like this idea... double, triple, quadruple....? maybe 101, 201, 301... on the first?
  11. Still pretty new to collecting, but wasn't SC4 touted as THE comic book that saved comics? There could be a strong case made for: Marvel SA grails may not exist were it not for this book, or certainly be much different than those that we covet today.