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  1. I contacted "the big" auction house last week, and spoke with Comic Book consignor. For my book that I mentioned, 25-30K$ book, he would waive any sellers fee. I inquired about getting some of the buyers premium if I submitted more value for auction. For 50K$ value, he would give me 5 % of the buyers premium. So, full hammer plus 5% to me, and then charge buyer hammer plus 20%. That may be policy, or maybe not. But it was offered without any further negotiating on my part.
  2. A character that my father and I both grew up with.. He listened, but I was able to watch.
  3. Evening, if there is a Reserve on a book, and I end up being high bidder but reserve is not met, does the site notify the bidder about the reserve price? I may want to purchase even if nobody is bidding against me if I know the reserve. Thank you.
  4. Is it something only a seasoned veteran can handle, or can a middle-aged newbie complete the tasks..?
  5. I was thinking moisture damage. Pages got too wet and old paper released glue before they dried out..ending up stuck together..?
  6. While going through a new find last year, I noticed that a few pages were sticking together at the very corners. It is occurring in a few different spots at the lower right section/corner of the book. Maybe as much as a 1/4" and as little as 1/16" in 5 or 6 areas. As many as four pages in those areas. I have been reluctant to try anything in regards to repairing or undoing this ugliness from my beautiful 3.5ish book, as I wish to do no further damage. Any and all advice is much appreciated. Maybe if I new proper terminology for this issue, I could find the info here or online which is undoubtedly available...Heck, maybe it is better in the long run to just leave it alone... Oh, the trials of the hobby. Thank you very much, Chief.
  7. Interesting idea.. Some books are quite difficult to replace, I'm sure, but I might have a couple that I can't afford to keep because of CMV. Allows me to buy other books that I could not otherwise afford to buy..?? Put profit to work a lil bit maybe..? Make a few new friends and connections along the way too.
  8. Recommendations for achieving a fair price for a run down book? As much as I like it, there may be another Baker enthusiast that likes it more..
  9. So how about that DC #2...? vs the HA copy up next month.?
  10. Still trying to learn the ins and outs of the hobby...wondering if you do this type of theory on all books or just certain books like this rarely seen item?... better page quality vs grade...? Thank you
  11. From one newbie to another, find yourself a site for pricing of comics, learn about grading, and have a little fun. Best way to get started...
  12. Spot on statement....just nice to be back into comics!
  13. My first comic I purchased in over 40 years..