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  1. Going through the reader box, so a couple of hurried pictures
  2. Thank you to the folks that created this site. Making this possible. Thank you to the folks that manage this site, and all of the threads each day. Thank you to the folks that buy/sell/auction/want/pgm/and all the rest. I've learned a lot over the past few years, and still have lifetimes worth of learning still ahead of me. Thank you to the folks that gave me solid advice, helping this newbie way too many times. Thank you the buyer, that bought my Batman #66, making me smile and very happy. And lastly, Thanks Mark! I've asked tons and tons of questions, and you've always offered your insights and skills without question. Thanks for helping to renew my interest in comics and to find a hobby that is so much more than I ever imagined. You're the best, BigHaley21. Sincerely, Lorne
  3. Awesome book. Wish I had a couple just like it. But, what does CGC think about spine alignment on ASM's? How much of a deduction? How is interior? Can't see corners too well, but they look solid. 9.0-9.2
  4. That's terrible. These bikes are still fun to ride. Pretty inexpensive as well. I hate to say it, but more fun than a comic?
  5. Still trying to gather other fun things from my youth
  6. Putting up one book tonight. Normal rules apply rules all but will listen to your PM's. I accept PayPal check or MO. Shipping is on me, to CONUS only. No returns on graded books... 2nd time trying to sell comics here, lol, still learning how to take a decent picture. Apologies.. fc shows reflection, and my poor attempt to stop such things. Added another pic Batman # 66 from 1951. 4.0 cr-ow pages. $550.00 shipped
  7. I wonder how long it took him to collect every issue? I hope you got his contact information...