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  1. If we were to see the highest graded Batman 49's, I figured it would be here, on the boards, sooner or later.
  2. Wow. Beautiful books. Such fun to come across something like this and be able to take them home.
  3. Local auction today... after purchasing, an elderly gentlemen came over to speak with me. Turned out to be the original owners grand nephew. He wasn't sure who the owner was until I pointed out the mailing address on the back cover. A couple of my older comics for sure.
  4. Never thought I would own Archie comics, but, here I am. Not a garage sale find, but another hot spot for bargains, first one this year for me. Stan and Roberta were great. I tried to be upfront and tell them what I thought the comics were worth, and made them an offer. Comics belonged to an Uncle of the 73 yr old gentlemen. Maybe a few were picked up along the way and added as a couple of late 60's, early 70's comics were present as well. I had no idea what could have been in the pile of freebies, Roberta's term, but a few stand out.... Love coming across original owner books. Hoping to find some in better condition.
  5. Tears, paper loss, edges add up to a 3.5 from this newbie.
  6. I finally scored my ASM 14, an 8.0 cgc wp... Did you ever upgrade as desired?
  7. I would have liked for it to have been a higher grade. Felt comfortable at 1.8ish with the damage.
  8. Here you can see it through the centerfold page
  9. Pics sent to persons requesting said pics for this book, and the others present. It was reported to be an original owner book, and offered via an auction. There were another 30-40 books there, but this was the main draw. Many other books were in much better condition, but maybe 2-50 bucks max. Guessing the boardie was looking for advice and was hoping to score an awesome book. There was a pre-bid amount disseminated to interested parties, from the co-owner of the auction company.
  10. The puncture goes through the entire book.
  11. I contacted "the big" auction house last week, and spoke with Comic Book consignor. For my book that I mentioned, 25-30K$ book, he would waive any sellers fee. I inquired about getting some of the buyers premium if I submitted more value for auction. For 50K$ value, he would give me 5 % of the buyers premium. So, full hammer plus 5% to me, and then charge buyer hammer plus 20%. That may be policy, or maybe not. But it was offered without any further negotiating on my part.
  12. A character that my father and I both grew up with.. He listened, but I was able to watch.