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  1. I might make it down for the show, as it's looking better than Planet this year. Regardless, is anyone accepting subs?
  2. I know he doesn't do CGC, but I thought this might still be of interest given that he rarely makes appearances...
  3. Originally, I liked the first print but then I found this cover and liked it more than the first print. It's just a really nice image.
  4. I probably should have checked in a week ago, but if any of these are available,
  5. Time for the collective face palm! I've got a couple of books that I would love to get done at SDCC but I only found out today that one of the creators would be attending. Steve Niles announced on his Facebook page that he would be there. I would like to get a couple of books signed and CGC'd by him and Kelley Jones. I know the show is next week but I can overnight books on Monday if someone can help. A second option would be to have someone pick up the books I'm hoping to get done and take them. I know it's not easy and I don't expect it to be free but if you can help, please let me know!
  6. Still looking for Sam Kieth or a direct contact. It's a weird situation...
  7. Generally, the special guests are available for signings. They're not quite as available as most creators who maintain a booth at the show, but still available.