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  1. Hollywood Show?

    I looked around and even searched for anyone doing the Hollywood Show in Los Angeles but came up empty. Is anyone facilitating this one?
  2. Hey Kids, Comics! - New Board/New Name/New Thread

    Fantastic to work with! Fast and secure shipping too! Thank you!
  3. [CLOSED] DC Postage Stamp/22k Collector Panels

    Supergirl and Green Arrow aren't lurking around are they? Funny story, my in-laws picked up the stamp set and a few of the first day covers for me when these were new. My father-in-law was really looking for these for himself (heck if I know why) but never found them. I can't wait to surprise him with these!
  4. [CLOSED] DC Postage Stamp/22k Collector Panels

    All of the above
  5. BCW Has New Storage Boxes

    It is definitely for stability.
  6. BCW Has New Storage Boxes

    I didn't find another thread that mentions these so I thought I'd post about them. BCW has a new type of storage box. I ordered five of these. I only planned to order three but ordering two more got me free shipping and the two extra bins were cheaper than the shipping. They arrived yesterday. They are about as solid as milk/storage crates and feel like they are made of the same material, only slicker and glossier. They arrive flat in in pieces, requiring assembly with instructions provided on their site. They were a little difficult to assemble in that the pieces fit incredibly tightly. The rep in the video either has super human hands or the one he put together didn't fit nearly as tightly as mine. I used a rubber mallet to put the final taps on all of the parts. Once in place, I can't imagine that they will ever come apart through any normal wear and tear. I love these boxes. I love that they include dividers to hold books up in less than full boxes. I'll use them for a show in February and report more then. I'm not a dealer, just an attendee so I won't be able to attest to how they hold up to multitudes of browsing fans. My only reservation is the price. A milk crate can be had for $3-$7 and while there is certainly more material used in these bins as well as having more involved construction (at the manufacturing level), I can't imagine that these warrant three times the price. I need a minimum of 160 to get started in putting my entire collection into them. I'm thinking of ordering five per month unless I can score some kind of bulk deal.
  7. Celebrity Signed Books

    That book is genius! I wish I had thought of it!
  8. East Coast ComiCon 2018

    It's a weird idea to just send someone books and money but it works out here really well the vast majority of the time. I've been out of the trenches lately but will try to get the "Appearances" thread up and running again soon. It lists creators and facilitators in an effort to make it all easy for those that participate. The East Coast Comic Con has been a fantastic show for those of us that prefer the older creators and the lineup this year is no exception!
  9. Celebrity Signed Books

    What? You couldn't get any cool books? I'm hoping to get Momoa on the same book in KC next year.
  10. Signature Series End of 2014 Trade-a-thon!

    Just popped in for a minute....I'm in barring any conflicts with my time to participate.
  11. SS Submission Form

    Welcome to the boards! I am not a facilitator but what has worked for me in the past is to leave the "Date Signed" blank and list all of the signers that you want on one book on a single line. If possible, leave a little space between the names so the dates that they signed can be wedged in there if needed. With the exception of the "Handling Fee" each price is per book. The "Handling Fee" is a price per invoice, not per book. I want to say that the first three signatures on any single book are covered, starting with the fourth signature, there is a $5 per name fee. I'll try to get a sample up but it may be after Christmas as that will be my next day off... Hope this helps, just keep in mind I'm not with CGC and am just another fan that's been through the same stuff!
  12. DC Millennium Edition Spirit #1

    I now know that it is signed by Will Eisner! Any help is appreciated!