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  1. Well not totally. As any store that tries to control their inventory would want to carry what it’s selling. If they’re selling 5x more ASM then Hulk they’d order accordingly (you’d assume). When they switched to an SBT model and were no longer responsible for their inventory, they could freely take anything sent without being fiscally responsible.
  2. Since I decided to read through all of the theorizing I ran downstairs and can at least help here.
  3. I haven’t read through the whole discussion but “heard” my name. I would doubt that even Barnes and Noble could truly clear up the numbers. Between UPC cycling and their change to an SBT system, it became less about what it sold and just how many issues in general were sold.
  4. Dan was great to work with, excellent buyer. Great communication and we made a deal very easily. Thanks
  5. I like this concept. As I get it together and start to sell off some of my extras, any feedback is appreciated.
  6. Just an update, I finally did something with some of these
  7. Showed up today! Submitted through someone, sorry for not more exact dates. mailed June 3rd received June 13th at my place July 20th
  8. He’s coming to Boston comic con again, I got a couple books last year. I will definitely try to remember this
  9. If ya can wait till August I’ll have a couple newsstand ones probably
  10. I had to email in, because I submitted through someone this time cause I had them pressed before sending. 25 modern received June 13th
  11. Stumbled on this chat and love me a good newsstand talk. Found this today when i took my dad to a flea market, couldn’t say no
  12. Thanks for all the input so far. General consensus so far is around an 8.0 which I’d be more than happy with. Higher grades I get, still learning the ropes with mid and below
  13. Love this cover. A lot of his work I prefer the B&W. This one I opted for color as I thought it read a little better. Either way dude is putting out straight fire