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  1. Yeah they were good last time they messed one up. I sent in a ren and stimpy signed by Slott that they missed the fact it had no black ink inside, sent it back for my green label!
  2. This came back today, little annoyed they noticed the color rub on the back but ignored the newsstand note
  3. Here's a few blind pulls and a couple I had sitting on top of the box. Sorry for the glare. I love the Justice League 3rd print
  4. Don’t mean to be dropping grails on you guys but...
  5. First newsstands were all comics really first direct market only book was Dazzler 1 (at least for marvel)
  6. Bought some random boxes on Facebook, turned out to have a cool story. and sure, feel free to message me
  7. Found a couple pics I forgot I had on my phone
  8. My NYCC books went to "Scheduled for grading" a little over a week and a half agoish. Was actually hoping they were going to post today and now it just teases and torments me.
  9. A little bit, but I think I’ll wait till the dad jokes start dropping!
  10. Yeah I get that, I mean the retailer thank you, high ratio variants etc
  11. If I put a $5 bill in my already signed book, will Todd pretend he signed it at the signing? also does anyone know why he won’t sign that specific short list?
  12. I know I have newsstands of SI I love NYC but thanks for giving me something to hunt tomorrow!
  13. I have a bunch of the venoms in newsstand, even multiples of 1 through to low teens. except that one, the one i wanted.