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  1. I still find this fascinating and thanks for the work. Curious, was this compiled zooming through the listings looking at pics, or were the issues specifically listed as newsstand?
  2. Lifesuggs

    This Week Back From CGC

    I do love the distinction on this. I got this issue signed at Boston CC and had to follow up multiple times cause it kept dropping off the status page
  3. My LCS does have one, NM- about im happy to grab it for you, but there’s cheaper ones on eBay right now
  4. If you’re still looking I’m pretty sure I saw the Netflix edition at my LCS the other day while i was filling some holes
  5. Did you find these? I have 8 if still needed.
  6. Well this seems like an appropriate time to come back in to the mix after being in and out of the state for the last month or so.
  7. Lifesuggs

    Book Error

    Yeah I would imagine for "missing info" there would be a reholder charge, especially not knowing what kind of time frame they have in updating their labels. And I think your assessment of "fanboy who wants their D list character listed" is slightly myopic considering in this instance it is information they routinely put on the books and there is entire threads located on this board for amending labels to include information. Again though, always good to know your options.
  8. Lifesuggs

    Variants within DC Newsstand Issues

    I work for an inventory company and many of the accounts, especially for periodicals and cell phone accessories, work on a SBT system. They only pay for them when sold, store carries more inventory as they are not responsible for them, vendor handles merching and replenishment. one of my accounts I’ve gotten some cool books off of them as when the display date was up they were just told to chuck them. Like sports tributes etc
  9. Lifesuggs

    Variants within DC Newsstand Issues

    I bought some books of a guy on Facebook that are over five years old. I like how everyone tries to make it sound so devious. If we want to get technical if B&N sold these books to the guy that would be against the rules. Rescuing from the trash is legal. Supreme Court California v Greenwood, the gist, no expectation of privacy to garbage , garbage public domain blah blah blah With that said, the point here was try to find out more about Newsstand vs Direct editions. There’s not a lot of info available out there and this is one of the few places discussing them. Good info from TonySquawk. The books are about 5 years after your work date I am curious if there was a change with the procedure possibly due to decrease in inventory or digital backend development. What was the comic stock/selection like while you were there?
  10. Lifesuggs

    Book Error

    Traded on a FB group didn’t know the label was not so much wrong as it is missing information. Saw the book and the grade and got it. I’m not overly concerned with it as I know what it is and I’m not selling it or anything, but being relatively new to the grading process it would be in my best interest to know all the procedures. the likelyhood of me mailing it off is minimal either way, but regardless of provenance if you had a wrong label wouldn’t you want to know what your options are?
  11. Lifesuggs

    Book Error

    Does the process include books missing information? For instance I have a teen titans 12 that doesn’t list the Batman Who Laughs? additionally, if it does, do you have to be the original submitter? (I traded for it) sorry if answered elsewhere, but terms are generic enough that it brings up waaaay too many posts
  12. Lifesuggs

    Variants within DC Newsstand Issues

    Well, I bought books off a guy with a good story. Can’t actually verify the provenance so I feel like I’ll get by. Either way I got a really interesting collection
  13. Lifesuggs

    Variants within DC Newsstand Issues

    Garbage man who draws rescued them