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  1. Thanks for the heads up! Unfortunately I'm at a budget of 1000 in cash (should have added that to my post my bad) would be willing to trade some modern venom slabs if your interested in anything besides gold and silver to get near your asking price.
  2. Hey Guys Looking to add to my P.C. Lower grade is fine as long as it presents well. Would be interested in higher grades if trades are ok (mostly modern slabs) but I might be willing to trade some other stuff for the right book. Check out my Ebay (crowleyscomics) to get some kind of reference for me. Thanks!
  3. 12/18 Received still in received status Fast Track Modern
  4. Anyone have any Fast track modern books received on or around 12/18 I have a submission that is still in the received status and I've been getting conflicting stories from CGC this past week. Telling me its in the grading room then not in the grading room. Was told on Friday that it would be rushed and now I'm told its just in line to be in the grading room and ***might***be done by the end of the week. Just want to see if people that have fast tracks received around that time are in the same boat as me.
  5. That's Crazy! Congrats man. Definitely beat my 12/18 Fast track that's still "Received"
  6. That's Awesome! Was is Fast Track or Normal?
  7. Seems like your books should be at least in grading/quality control. Have you said anything to them?
  8. I have a fast track modern received 12/18 that's still "received"
  9. Would this glitch cause submissions not to update their status? I have a 4 book fast track modern that has not changed status. Sub #3762549 received on 12/18. I've seen submissions received on 12/16 be shipped out this past Monday. So I figure it should be at least in the scheduled for grading status. Thanks!