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  1. I have made some purchases through some of the more common online comic shops and auction houses and have added the to GPA but those sale prices are not posted on GPA. Do both the sell and buyer have to post the sale before they are posted on GPA?
  2. I'm sort of surprised at how I can't seem to find a copy of this. I'm looking for Secret Wars #4 cgc 9.8 WP Blue label (cgc newer case). I'll pay $110 which is around the GPA 90 average.
  3. Will pay: #8 cgc 9.8 = 100-125 (depends on how much I like the book) #8 cgc 9.6 = 50-75 (depends on how much I like the book) #9 cgc 9.8 = 250 #9 cgc 9.6 = 100-125 (depends on how much I like the book)
  4. dcampbell07

    Conan the Barbarian 58 CGC 9.8 WP

    Theres a CBCS 9.8 WP at Comic Connect...
  5. First timer here and was wondering how I should hand off my books to cgc at a comic con. Specifically do I need to pre-prep the books for shipment (i.e. wrap them in bubble wrap of something) or will they do it for me? Thanks!
  6. dcampbell07

    Hulk Annual #5 a good investment?

    I hope someone out bids me now haha. I'm biding on one for $85 cgc 9.6.....
  7. Comic Link has a cgc 9.0 on auction right now.
  8. dcampbell07

    Hulk Annual #5 a good investment?

    I have that too. I did really well with Amazon stock also haha. This is more of a "fun" investment :-).
  9. message me if you want to sell! Thanks Dave
  10. Check your messages I found one for you online!
  11. I don't want to spend the money on Tales to Astonish #13 (1st App Groot) so I bought a nice copy of Where Monsters Dwell #6 and also eyeing the Hulk Annual #5. I was curious of what peoples opinion is if a "true" second appearance is a good investment?
  12. Please contact me if you are looking to sell!
  13. I having a similar situation. There are a lot of the issues that I'm interested in (Godzilla #15 there are only 3 cgc 9.8) graded at CBCS 9.8 so I bought them and sending them to get graded at cgc. Fingers crossed I hope they come back at a 9.8!
  14. dcampbell07

    See through covers

    Oh sorry, I get it now :-)