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  1. Yeah I saw the eBay ones but got burned on my last gamble.... I tried to get the guy to come down on the #7 but he would only come down $10. I feel like a blue label would be worth around $100-125 (my average purchase price has been around $90). I'm not sure how much $ a signed copy adds value but $225 is too much I think.
  2. I take it you never saw Stargate Atlantis or the Conan Reboot
  3. Xenosmilus

    Conan 23 cgc graded

    There is a 9.0 on auction now and 9.6 coming up on auction on 2/13 on Clink.
  4. Somethings gotta give
  5. Xenosmilus

    MCU Movie Speculation Investment

    One just sold for 2K on eBay. I picked mine up for 800 just a few weeks ago!
  6. I think one point we all forget is that comics in the early days were written for kids and were cheap. Your mom or dad wouldn't mind picking up a few issues. Nowadays the paper quality is too good which translates to higher prices for books and more importantly new books are not written for kids anymore.
  7. Xenosmilus

    MCU Movie Speculation Investment

    Maybe your right about the gamble, but I don’t thinks it’s a gamble. I paid the going GPA rate for 9.8 Cgc graded slab of a silverage popular book. It was/is a low risk investment.
  8. Xenosmilus

    Birthday Run

    I’m thinking it might be fun to collect a run of all the Marvel Comics on my birthday (I’m a Bronze Age baby ). Anyone know a source where one can look up all the comics published on a curtain month/year? Edit: I probably should have put this under another thread, sorry!
  9. Xenosmilus

    WTB Conan the Barbarian's CGC 9.0's

    Thanks but I’m just interested in graded books.
  10. WTB Conan The Barbarian's CGC 9.0's. I'm trying to complete a 9.0 registry run for issues 1-24. I just stated so I'll list what I DO HAVE. 1,12, 19 and 22. I chose a 9.0 run because the Conan #1 I still have from my childhood is a 9.0, I don't want to spend too much on this run and because of my OCD.... Looking to pay at or around GPA prices and would like to miswraps to a minimum. Note: I have looked around at all the normal websites but they are priced way over GPA's prices.
  11. Xenosmilus

    Savage Sword of Conan READERS

    There are a bunch of books on HighGradeComics.com that are a little higher than your asking price but you may try a get a bulk deal....
  12. Xenosmilus

    MCU Movie Speculation Investment

    There is a #47 CGC 9.8 auction now on eBay with 6 days left. It's already up to 1K
  13. I would have been happy if they skipped Luke, Han and Leia entirely and moved the time line out even further. The story line now is just a rehash of the old story lines. No creativity with the reboot is my big issue. Plus the acting was atrocious for even the older characters (Han, Leia and Luke). The nail was in the coffin a long time ago for me with Star Wars. I don't want to think about it how many Star Wars films revolved around the Darth Star/Planet either. Someone else can do the math on that for me,.....