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  1. All that good work from him and you couldn’t be bothered to type his whole name out .
  2. I think I read 13,000 books. If he got say $45 a book (half the charge) that’s almost 600k for a few days of work, not to bad a haul. Todd is the real here .
  3. Apparently his hand is not cramped up from all the signings in that photo
  4. Don't worry, when they get back from CCS to CGC they get a new Received date.
  5. I might be interested in a ASM 328 9.8 if anyone has one...
  6. I did also and am not expecting them back until early to mid-Feb (best case scenario) so don't hold your breath. I hope I am wrong though!
  7. I thought I'd advertise this Youtube channel that I came across called Comics Explained. It's pretty good. I am particularly fond of his reviews of who's too powerful for the MCU. He pretty much explains everything you can possibly imagine (not just moderns but mostly). If you're bored and want to listen to or watch something in the background you should check it out. Kevin Feige should get this guy on his pay roll.
  8. It's the origin of Venom technically. I would consider it a Key but to each his own.