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  1. Ugh so I just got my #20 grade from CGC. I was way off HAHA. That's it for me trying to grade TMNT. I thought worst case it was a 9.4. I was shocked by the graders notes too. That book was flat, I have no idea what they are talking about! My grading isn't great but I can tell warped from not warped!
  2. Wow, I have to say I'm a little surprised by how long it's been for some of you. Hopefully there is something out there that you'll find one day and it will be a very special day.
  3. Just to be clear. You're still collecting, it's just the the ones you need/want are not coming up for sale. I guess for me since I started collecting again in 2018 I was buying a lot since it was a new collection but I finally hit a wall.
  4. For slabs that is? 😂 It’s going on like 4,5 months for me. I do the rounds every day looking but nothing. There are 2 on this months CL auction that I hope get me over this dry spell.
  5. Do the TMNT press well? I mean, the cover paper seems heavier/harder than "normal comics" DC/Marvel comics. I also noticed that the spin on the books breaks color a lot when folded. Not to be confused with a condition issue but just a normal property of the paper. I was concerned that pressing might actually break color on the covers?
  6. If we knew the answer of when to sell and not to sell, I'd be a rich man. I sold my Tesla stock too early twice now!
  7. I'm thinking this might be a 9.4/9.6. Thoughts? A press may help? There is a slight spine role that's hard to capture on the photo. The bottom left (front cover) is a little worrisome. It looks like a color break in the photo but it's not, just the lighting. From what I have been told this is a tough issue to get a 9.8.
  8. Damn, maybe not a 9.8. I didn't notice the bottom left corner (front cover), press may get it out (no color break, it's the lighting). The back looks OK to me though!
  9. Thanks guys! I try and put up a photo of the back cover later tonight to see what you think. I find the turtle books harder to grade because of the paper...
  10. Not really a flip. I’m the original owner and not really collecting TNMT anymore.
  11. I just looked and I have a high grade (probably 9.6/9.8) #16. Is it worth getting graded and slabed? Looks like there isn’t a lot in the census. Is that because it’s hard to find or no one wants it? 😂 No recent sales on a 9.8 either other than an SS one in 2018, any ideas on what one would go for?
  12. Maybe start with the first issue you bought off the shelf and go backward and forward from there?