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  1. I was referencing the ones Kramerica list from High Grade Comics.
  2. The #8/16 (especially the #16) 9.8 has potential. A few months ago there was 1 with the only 9.8 run @Jordysnordy. It's up to 5 now! Prices will decrease I bet, there were a few of us racing to complete 9.8 run in the registry (#2 spot). I hope I'm wrong though. I mean I looked at The Eternals Registry, there are 2 complete 9.8 runs! Godzilla is a fun run to collect and actually the story isn't that bad either. It will never be a key series but it is an affordable 9.8 bronze age run to collect!
  3. Finally rented Birds of Prey today. I was looking forward to something new and WOW this movie was carp...
  4. Well this sucks. It didn’t expect them to shift everything but I guess it makes sense if they can’t film and what not. No word on the Disney+ shows though. I imagine they will have to shift them too now.
  5. Destiny 2 however I haven't played that much over the past year. I may try and get into it again. PVP is really fun.
  6. A owner on Heritage is accepting offers on one...
  7. I won some nice books on Clink tonight. The problem I think I did a little too well on some of them and feel slightly guilty under the circumstances...The seller is probably not feeling too well.
  8. I wasn’t the person I responded to was. I believe he use to work there. If you read all the response you would see the topic was cleared up.