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  1. Open arms to all the young boys out there
  2. Actually I just saw the full title. Brother of the Universe!!! Disney should make a Thor, Hercules and Francis buddy movie! Maybe have James Gunn direct it....
  3. I image she gave you those as presents. You kindly took them and then tossed them when she wasn’t looking.
  4. I'm looking for nicely wrapped/colored Conan The Barbarian CGC 9.0's OW-W or W issues 2,6,9,10,11,14,15,16,17,20,21 and Annual #1. If you have some to sell PM me!
  5. I just thought the name was funny. Sort of like donkey punch haha.
  6. Long shot but does anyone have the Second Printing CGC 8.5 #1161847001? I was the original owner and want to buy it back!!!
  7. It would be nice to finally have the book. I bought it in September and have had problems with the purchase the whole time. I think it has only been in my possession for about 2 weeks since September.
  8. They could have just gave it a 9.8 to cover their butts...
  9. Guilt, if I ever want to resell it I feel like I would have to make a note of the issue
  10. My grading skills are not that good. Would you still consider that a 9.8?
  11. I got some news back. I think they pressed it to get most of the damage out. The dealer/auction I bought it from offered a refund also. I not sure what to do honestly, i.e. take the book or get the refund. I do want the book but... The first picture is after book was reholdered (the case was cracked during shipment after purchase, note the damage was not there prior to reholdering, luckily I had photo documentation). The second picture was after CGC "evaluated" the book. They MUST of pressed it to get the damage out. There still is a little damage though but they must of regraded it if they pressed it, correct? It still is graded as a 9.8.