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  1. I'm not sure he'd be a reliable actor to keep coming back for the role.
  2. Looking for Conan's 10,11, 14, 20,21 and Annual 1. CGC 9.0's only, OW-WP only. Will pay FMV (GPA is behind on theses issues). PM Me!
  3. It's only for the 9.8's. I think the ones that can get good money are 6,8 and 14. Big money 12,13,18 and 23, REALLY big money 15,16,17 and 24. Just my . Anything else I'd say $100-ish.
  4. I think the only one I needed from him that was a 9.8 was the #6 and I got that one at least last night.
  5. I don’t think it’s his collection. I think he had the raws posted a few weeks back and also he said he would not break up the run (I asked). It was all or nothing, very picky lol.
  6. He lowered the price for me not you . I was just waiting for him to get rid of the shipping cost. Im hindsight I should have just bought it and not pay for it until he got rid of the shipping (which we had agreed too via email). And it sounds like I saved you $75! You owe me;-).
  7. That would mean two people (including the winner) above with higher bids declined To buy it in under like 20 minutes after the auction ending.... I’m not saying it didn’t happen that way but you have to admit it is odd.
  8. So how could I have gotten a second chance offer so soon after the auction ended?
  9. There must of been a bid retraction on the #12 because I got a second chance offer...
  10. I think I sold him one of my #24 9.6’s. If I knew he was spending that kind of money I would hav asked for more