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  1. When I started collecting back in the early 80's Spider-man #1 (and all silver age books) seemed ancient. I stopped collecting around Spider-man 330 (which would be less then 30 years since Spider-man 1 come out) so now the difference in time between Spider-man 300 and 2020 is greater then Spider-man 1 and when I started collecting!!! It seems just like yesterday that Spider-man 300 came out.
  2. Cool, so I learned something 😂! That’s a military base star! Does CGC take points off for that?
  3. You probably saw this but their grading is pretty spot on. Note the black asterisk though. https://www.wwcomics.com/comicdetail.asp?Product_ID=FantasticFour_218_23685
  4. Not sure if this question was covered already but does anyone have any idea/guess what started this huge increase in demand? No real news of Venom in the MCU or Sony's Spiderverse I don't think.
  5. If this actually happens I think someone should write up a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for covert payment/shipments to avoid the wife's wrath....
  6. WOW, Just WOW!!! Another unbelievable MTU #131 White Rabbit sale... I don't get it... https://www.ebay.com/itm/SPIDER-MAN-MARVEL-TEAM-UP-ISSUE-131-CGC-9-8-NM-MT-1ST-WHITE-RABBIT-AMAZING/203117984536
  7. Damn it, I got distracted reading this thread and lost an auction on eBay. It went pretty cheap too!
  8. I never would have thought about the Postal Weight! That's some good Detective work guys, Batman would be proud!!
  9. Wow sounds like this might be a big issue if PayPal is pressing charges!?! Any lawyers here that can weigh in?
  10. That was fast!!!! HAHA Did I miss something?
  11. I think we should listen to @kav I believe he has experience in this subject matter