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  1. What I really want to know is why the census numbers for other early issues of MTU (2-50) have not been steady increasing over the last few years. It’s been pretty stagnant even though prices have been going up even before this crazy time of price I inflation... FYI I do weekly census check-ins for a lot of the early MTU
  2. sure shoot me a pm when you know more! Thanks!
  3. Not looking to break the bank. I'm thinking 50-100 range depending on the condition of 19. Willing to negotiate.
  4. I am curious as to what people think a 9.8 would go for win auction though.... Anyone anyone HAHA. As I mentioned I was thinking 15-20K (pre insane comic prices). Not sure what one would go for in the current market though.
  5. I doubt someone will let a 9.8 go for 8k. I know of lots of people wanting one. At auction I bet one would go for at least 15-20k and maybe even higher with all the crazy prices nowadays...
  6. Too many humans in 2014 and KOTM and most of the fight since were at night.... Which I have a hard time seeing
  7. I thought the same but I can also image myself as a 8 or 11 year old and thinking it was the best movie ever made HAHA
  8. I have a few Turtle books that I am the original owner of, namely #5-7 that could use a press I'm thinking but was unsure if those covers were press-able... I'd be doing this just for myself and not as an investment or anything. Any suggestions?
  9. Show'em if you got them! depending on the condition looking to spend 50-100 but am negotiable.