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  1. Fair point. At the end of the day, CGC just needs more graders. Even when paying for expedited services, takes way too long.
  2. A second location could house more graders,etc. therefore cutting down turnaround time. Maybe a west coast division that handles everything Texas and westward and Florida could handle east of Texas. Get those books back faster!
  3. Yah. Super-jealous! I'd say 1.8, maybe a 2.0.
  4. Check out my Hulk 340 Mark Jewelers Variant. Please note, it's hard to tell from the pics, but there is a faint fold in the "K" on the front cover that looks to be from manufacturer. Also, very faint rust on bottom staple. Would the MJV help in offsetting these flaws when it comes to grading? Page color is white and corners are in good shape. Feedback would be greatly appreciated!
  5. Sourced raw from a private collector that I've been buying off for years. 99% of his collection is newsstand he purchased off the spinner rack himself. Needless to say, was beyond happy when this came back.
  6. Have 3 books with CCS for pressing that were sent in early March. Still there. Seems like they'll never travel over for grading. Everything else that was sent in March was back late May (no pressing needed). I'm thinking, at this point, that my submissions in late July will be back before the ones sent for pressing.
  7. Interested to know if anyone has, or has encountered, a Mark Jewelers variant of Amazing Spider-Man 252. Especially since CGC only notes MJ insert on label and not in the census. Also, would it be considered as rare (or more so) as the Canadian price variant?