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  1. Grading/Quality Control: 8/5 Finalized /Image/Shipped: 8/7 I live in North Carolina does anyone know how long it should be till I get my book back? I'm in S.C. and it normally takes 4/5 days. For whatever reason, my shipments go to Charlotte and sit there a day or two before coming back south.
  2. Appreciate it. Sometimes you eat the bar and sometimes the bar eats you. Gotta prep for my next send.
  3. Only ended up refreshing about 20. They transferred to F/I/S. Results? A mixed bag/ letdown.
  4. Finally moved to G/QC this morning. Wonder how long this step is going to take...
  5. Feel your pain, man. I've (STILL) been sitting at SFG since 6//23. Maddening.
  6. Congrats, man! Still have 7 sitting on SFG, since 6/23. I didn't FT, but geez.
  7. I’ve been sitting at SFG since 6/23. Taking their sweet time for sure. 😎
  8. Sort of the same thing here. Been stuck at SFG grading since 6/24. Called on 7/6 and was told they were in fact already graded, but waiting to be moved over to be encapsulated and "not to worry, as we're still within the 22 business day turnaround time." When I pressed as to what the hold up was, it was relayed to me they were, at that point, just encapsulating books graded in mid-June. Maddening.
  9. That's good news! There's hope yet. I must say, was very happy with grades of the 2nd batch. If the first grade out as good, will be well worth the wait.
  10. Second batch flipped to F/I/S this morning. First batch still sitting, waiting in SFG purgatory.
  11. You are not alone. I called at lunch and got no real definitive answer on how this happened. Just a line about how the graders must have wanted "a little more time" with the other books & they're still within the listed allotted turnaround time.
  12. Same boat. The batch I sent in first (three weeks before 2nd batch), has been stuck in SFG for 2 weeks. The 2nd batch came over from CCS on Monday (7/6), hit SFG yesterday and G/QC today. They'll be home first, it looks like. All the while the first batch sits, waiting...
  13. So, finally got charged for the books. But they're still sitting as SFG (6 business days now). Anyone else been waiting this long to see them switch to G/QC? Patience really is a virtue...