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  1. I should have added this in I guess: https://cosmicbook.news/spider-man-venom-canceled-marvel-comics ...and as the article mentions, Marvel did the same thing with Wolverine, the X-Men and the Fantastic Four not long ago.
  2. I dunno, if this happens and Disney/Marvel start cancelling Spider-related books (ASM, Venom, Black Cat...) I'm going to really take a look at the value this hobby adds to my day vs the petty move this would be. Not hard to imagine, Marvel did the same thing with Wolverine, the X-Men and the Fantastic Four not long ago. I am already struggling with what I see as the greed behind all the variant covers (I know, "buy what you like" and all, but it's still a snaky business model) and $4-5 books that take 8 minutes to read (how are some surprised that youth do not buy and read comics, what 10 year old can afford them?!). I feel that I am one dumb move away from dropping this hobby for the third time in my life.
  3. What are the other two issues included with the Black Cat #1?
  4. I use empty Funko Pop boxes, three different configurations to take up different volumes, they work perfectly, and contribute to the "genre" if you will.
  5. Well, 10 years (or whatever) from now we will be in a new "phase" and this "modern" era will have to be referred to as something - I think that "1992-20## - Variant Age" would be a perfect way to reflect upon the era.
  6. Thought I would update my room on this thread, added some new wall-spaces - please excuse the lighting in some shots.
  7. Challenge to CGC - GIVE US "SUPERIOR OPTICS"
  8. Here is a picture of the North-wall in my room - the older CGC's shown there are largely NR free (like the yellow-label X-23 #1 variant; the Campbell ASM run); yet the slabs from the last few years show some to a lot of "oil-stains" (Campbell "All-New", X-23 SDCC) - again, shame on me for continually buying into CGC's low-end product. Until there is an announcement and a change, I'll not buy another CGC slabbed book. I don't want to sound like a jerk, but I'm buying for display purposesin my PC, so I want to see "SUPERIOR OPTICS".
  9. Does CGC even read these posts? We are all, within this thread, so critical of them, and a response is never posted? Am I wrong? Shame on you CGC #shameonyoucgc
  10. ...I've attached a photo of the west-wall in my room to show I'm not a comic-flipper or hack, I've been in this hobby since 1983. I'm purchasing for my PC. The comics on the wall in the photo below are not for sale; those within the Canadian Variant years are Canadian Variants I bought as a kid at the gas station. I'm done with CGC. That's just me, but how long can this go on for? First-world problem, certainly, but our business keeps CGC from not addressing the problem. Our hobby is all about incremental degrees of quality; yet we allow CGC to ignore our wishes while claiming "Superior Optics" - superior to what? That's their MISSION STATEMENT - Superior Optics! Pfft - Shame on you CGC - or is it shame on us?
  11. Yes it was a test with a case I don't value (shame as it's a beautiful cover). I'm very disappointed with CGC; it's not their fault i marked up the inside of my case, thats on me - but shame on them - from here on out I'm not buying CGC comics (I have 20+ CGC slabbed comics [not a lot, i understand...], but all of my recent slabs have NR's of varying degrees - my purchasing them only adds to this problem). Shame on you CGC
  12. Did as described in the video (was not concerned about preserving the case, made some noises but it is held together well, quite a tough case...not to worry), but now I have these streaks. Some of the NR's came back within a few minutes along the edges where I didn't swipe completely with the backing board. I dunno, it's kind of an improvement but the streaks look terrible; I'm not sure what's worse. I'll try again later with a different board, maybe there was some on this board (very possible, I just grabbed a random one out of a pile of used ones - maybe a brand-new one would have been a better bet. I will update if I feel that a new one was better). As it stands, I don't recommend the idea as NR's would be easier to explain than all of these streaks I have now.