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  1. Thanks for the response, nice copy! Top of my budget for this book, (but within it), so going to give it a few more days to see if anyone else has one to offer before committing..
  2. Let’s see what you got! Not a rare or expensive book by any means, but just can’t seem to find the copy I want at the right price, don’t mind paying a small premium for the right copy, but if you want 2-3x GPA, well we probably aren’t the right match.
  3. Going to jump on the 4.0 bandwagon... but in my defense... I said 4.0 prior to scrolling through to see what everyone else said... I swear! On a side note... I'll trade you an X-Force 1 for it...?
  4. Results are in... tbh, despite having it cleaned and pressed, I wasn’t expecting more than what it came back as because of the chewing and stain, was more concerned with label color.. so I’m happy. :)
  5. I'm going 4.0-4.5 WP as is... but I think this is a good candidate for a clean and press.. just not sure how bad of a hit it will take for all the writing on the cover.. w/o that I'd say it could get cleaned and pressed to a 5.5
  6. 9.0-9.2 IMO. But I'm having trouble zooming in.. so maybe I'm missing something
  7. I'd say 3.5... maybe a 4.0 if the spine is secure (not split). I'm wondering if that bottom left of the back cover can be cleaned..?
  8. Well, it's on its way to CGC.. I personally am hoping for 3.0-3.5 range, will be very surprised if it's higher, and very disappointed if it drops below a 2.5. haha.. will find out next month and post the results!
  9. I purchased this book off of a FB group the other day, advertised as a 4.5-5.0... just got it in today, and I think that estimate is rather off. Not mad tho, grading is subjective, and even if it comes back at half that grade, I'll still make a hefty profit should I ever decide to sale (not planning on it).. but just curious what you all think for the grade. Inside pages don't have any major tears/flaws and a off-white/creamy color, book is complete. I am planning on having it cleaned, pressed and slabbed..
  10. That's a tough one... my heart would've said Cap, but my head would've said Bats...
  11. Yeah this was a Russia ebay account with 9 feedback on it for small stuff... also "sold" an AF 15, ASM 1 and a couple other books shortly after this... but no negative feedback on the account yet from these sales, so... too early to officially call it fake, haha...
  12. Was about to post the same thing, lol... on the flip side of the coin I just bought a very well priced one only because the ebay/internet sales tax goes into effect Jan 1st in my state and I wanted to get one back in my safe before that happened, saved me an extra 5-700$... perfect time to buy in the pre-holiday lull