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  1. Ok, this book is totally random and silly considering some of the major keys people are looking for on here, I know, haha, but also has proven incredibly difficult to find.. so anyway, looking for an Ultimate Spider-Man 152 9.8 with JSC’s sig.. May also consider a blue label. send me a message if you have one available and we can talk price.
  2. Hey, Semper Fi is a great seller, (have done a few deals with him, look him up on IG).. I remember seeing his post about this a while ago, when he got them the box was damaged on the way to him with like a dozen slabs all cracked at the bottom. It doesn't effect the book, but generally sellers offer discounts to make up the cost of getting it reslabbed…
  3. I’ve never really considered buying restored books (hard to move in a funds emergency)... but damn these are tempting! 😍
  4. Yeah, 1900-2000 seems to be the average, have seen a couple 9.8s go for a bit less in FB groups. I just think it’s a bad time for this book tbh, the comic series ended, and the TV show is pretty much over (i hear anyway, I stopped watching it years ago)... I think it will need another shot in the arm to maintain this price level, let alone pump it up anymore in value... will be interesting to see what happens with this franchise. Good luck with your sale!
  5. .. and here I thought I just initially misread the title
  6. Not in this thread, but yeah, he said he did 10 exclusives for this issue, 4 on his site, 1 on comicxposure, 1 one ssalefishcomics and not sure where the other 4 ended up..
  7. What is the current time from receiving he books before they are even processed into the system? CGC received some pretty high value books from me (standard grading tier) nearly two weeks ago and they haven’t even been logged in as ‘received’ yet... normally I see this taking around 5 business days, but starting to get concerned.. 🙁
  8. Not nearly as nice as some of the copies in this thread.. but with all the hype focused on GSX1, I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get into the club with its bigger brother. Have been eyeing this book for a while, and wanted to make sure I got it before it gets out of reach like so many other silver age key first issues. Of all of them I think this is the most undervalued, and thus has enormous potential... and even if that never happens, still happy to have it. 😂