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  1. No color touch. Thanks for all the replies. You guys rock.
  2. Thanks for all the replies! I was thinking 4.5/5.0. Higher would be great!
  3. Yeah I totally agree with you. I usually under-grade out of fear of over-grading. It’s very helpful to get other people’s opinions. I was hoping that it would be a 4.0 but that doesn’t mean it is. I’m not very experienced with the chipping on the side. Thanks for your opinions!
  4. Thank you both for your opinions! I was hoping for 4.0 at the lowest but I’m not sure how much the chipping affects the grade. Anyone else?
  5. I’m not sure about the pinkish spots. They are not visable when looking at the cover but show up in the scans. The spine is stressed but not splitting or tearing. I will add extra photos. thanks looking!
  6. Hey guys please help me grade my Avengers #1. The book is complete and attached securely at both staples. No rips or tears.I think I have a grade in mind but please give me your opinion.
  7. Hey guys please help me grade my Journey into Mystery # 85. I love this book and it looks great in it’s mylar. But I’m not sure how to grade it based on its right edge. I believe that is “marvel chipping” but I don’t know how it affects grade. Thanks! edit: book is complete and attached at both staples
  8. Thank you guys for your input. I was thinking 8.0-9.0. I will update the post if I get it graded.
  9. Hey guys! First let me say thank you for all the help you guys have given me this far. I feel more confident in my grading after getting your feedback. Please grade my Batman #155. The book is complete and attached at the staples. It is one of the nicest looking books in my Silver Age collection. I’m thinking it’s a higher grade but not sure how high. Thanks again for your input!
  10. Hey again guys. Please help me out again with my Detective Comics #298. the biggest problem here is a 3in vertical tear on the back cover. Thanks again for your help!
  11. Hi! I’m a long time collector but still a little unsure of my grading skill. I have some silver age books that I’m looking to sell or possibly slab. Thanks in advance for your opinion! Please grade my The Flash 139. It is complete and secure at the staples.
  12. I’ve always loved this cover. Thanks for your help!