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  1. I nominate my wife for allowing me/us to name our daughter Namora.
  2. I'm sure I could just Google this but someone may know right away: are there any territories that Endgame hasn't opened in yet?
  3. Maybe @Get Marwood & I can do an in-depth evaluation of this one?
  4. I second this. Visiting CGC online via Google on my Android is fast and flawless, no issues. An app would have the same exact information as the site currently does.
  5. Not sure if it's a good or bad thing but within the first 15 seconds you can tell it's a JJ movie.
  6. It should be a foregone conclusion that personal space and proper etiquette in a public setting would be respected. Alas, it almost never is. This, my friend, is why I can't stand people.
  7. Absolute degenerate - Stan Lee or not I despise people of this caliber.
  8. Wow...those are some tall rumors considering the movie isn't even going to start filming until 2020. Full disclosure: I'm ALL for these characters appearing (especially Quasar!) but reel it in a little.