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  1. Eclectic set of books with more than fair pricing...GLWS's!
  2. Solid set of games but you may have to pay someone to take that Superman game.
  3. Nice book but that spine stress is probably moderate so unfortunately 5.5 (on the LOW end).
  4. You start that thread and I'll be your biggest contributor.
  5. They play off of each other so well it literally looks like a real relationship (boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife).
  6. I'm with you on this. I understand fully Magneto is a cornerstone to the X-Men comic-book and movie franchise but there's nothing wrong with going with Mr. Sinister, MODOK, or hell, even Mojo.
  7. I saw 'A Sound of Thunder' ( in the theater when it came out and literally walked out after 25-30 minutes. While not the worst movie ever, it's in my top three worst movies of all time.
  8. I was worried this was going to happen; it switched networks seemingly 10 times and nobody wanted it for some reason (burned from The Inhumans?). It makes no difference but I'm a huge New Warriors fan, the Nicieza and Bagley years especially but when I heard this news, although I knew it was coming, I was pretty bummed.